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  1. hitmix300

    misfire coil issues

    some bad information on my first post. i made the mistake of telling ya'll that i had ground all the time @ the coil wires. i was wrong; the red wire when the key is on is alright with the proper power. nevertheless; four of the 8 coils on the car appeared to not have the ground trigger from...
  2. hitmix300

    misfire coil issues

    hi i just picked up a 2004 mustang gt 4.6 for a super good deal of 200 bucks. basically the car has a new fuel pump and timing chains, it starts right up, but it has some hard misfires.. i started looking into it and it appears that when i unplug the coil wire(s) to cylinders 5,6 & 8 the engine...
  3. hitmix300

    UPDATE :: Return of the Pushrod | Ford's New 7.3L Engine is Actually an OHV V8

    The Godzilla motor will be a super duty engine; that's the only intentions for this product's development. I can't wait to see how it handles boost. I wonder if the rotating assembly will be strong..
  4. hitmix300

    Adjustable upper control arm

    who needs this thing? lets get it out of my garage please!!!!
  5. hitmix300

    Adjustable upper control arm

    ttt make n offer thanks
  6. hitmix300


    would like to know if there is a glass roof option.
  7. hitmix300

    Adjustable upper control arm

    bump 140 shipped
  8. hitmix300

    Strange single adjustable rear struts

    make a offer
  9. hitmix300

    Adjustable upper control arm

    I have a upper control arm for sale Pm me if your interested. Would like to see 160$ shipped obo About 8000 miles on this. I replaced it with new spherical
  10. hitmix300

    Strange single adjustable rear struts

  11. hitmix300

    kooks axle backs

    make an offer, happy new year
  12. hitmix300

    kooks axle backs

    tree fiddy happy holidays
  13. hitmix300

    Forced Inductions S88 T-6 Turbocharger

    sold thanks for looking Selling the S88 off my car. The S88 is a great turbo for those of you who don't know. The car ran a best of 8.62@157 with it a few years ago. It's good for 1000whp all day long. 1.32 A/R exhaust housing. 88mm compressor wheel. 96mm turbine. T6 flange. Thanks!
  14. hitmix300

    kooks axle backs

    Not really sure how they got scraped up, but you can't really see them since the tips are mostly covered by your rear bumper cover. Thanks for the offer, but I'm not really interested in going that low.
  15. hitmix300

    kooks axle backs

  16. hitmix300

    kooks axle backs

    for sale are my kooks mufflers. i had them on my 2013 mustang gt for a year before i went all crazy and focused the car towards strip only. the mufflers sound great and are boxed, ready to ship. asking 400$ obo paypal SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKIN
  17. hitmix300

    Blew Oil Seal on Another Precision

    ya dude this happened to me three times in the last 1.5 years. i rebuilt the turbo's myself from a 40-50$ rebuild kit off ebay. one time the bearing housing got damaged though and that was a little pricey. what size oriface are you using for the feedline? lack of lubrication is typically the...
  18. hitmix300

    need coil covers

    pm me or post here if you have some coil covers for sale thanks
  19. hitmix300

    Steeda ultralite lowering springs

    Asking 180 shipped obo. Good condition and car looked real good with them. Selling because I changed setup Pm or text 2139156205...
  20. hitmix300

    New 5.2 Voodoo intake manifold

    bolt on some HP to your 2015-2016 GT. this voodoo manifold kicks ass. My company ordered this directly from the ford racing warehouse. I thought a member here would want it but he ended up ordering from else where. Now I need it gone. Selling it at cost. Let me know if you want it... thanks...
  21. hitmix300

    valve cover breathers

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 upgraded to a catch can and no longer need these. they worked good and never left oil on my coil covers. they're about 25 each from summit. give me 30 shipped paypal for the pair. i'll even include the worm clamps.
  22. hitmix300

    new exhaust lifters

    i have a set of exhaust valve lifters for both heads. whitebear lake ford shows 16$ each that's roughly 260$ asking 150 shipped obo. they're brand new and fit all ford 5.4L 32v cylinder heads. :pop: part number F77Z-6500-AB
  23. hitmix300

    WTB: stock exhaust cams

    let me know what you have. they must be in good shape no drastic grooves or anything nuts. pictures required. they are 108 & 94 new let me know what you have thanks. Joe #213-915-6205
  24. hitmix300

    FS Camshaft phaser solenoids

    i have all four 2014 coyote solenoids for sale. these bolt to your timing cover and have a pin that actuates the phaser detent. br3e-6b297-dc asking 200 shipped obo
  25. hitmix300

    for sale vmp plug n play boost a pump

    asking 250 shipped paypal obo call or text anytime thanks Joe