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    For sale : 2010 GT500 coupe Kona Blue w/silver stripes 852 whp

    wonder what the cost is to get it back to the states and compliant.
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    2012 GT500 $30,000 OBO

    Where'd the pics go?
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    WTB: Stock lower caged pulley and balancer

    WTB: Stock lower caged pulley and balancer
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    WTB stock Lower caged pulley

    I need one too, along with a stock balancer as well.
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    5.4 motor build parts

    Total Seal Piston Rings CS8264 NIB - $170 5.4 Standard Bore Block - $150 Navi 5.4 4v Heads and Valve Covers - $300 ARP 2000 rod bolts NIB - $125 Custom Coated JE Pistons NIB - $700 5.4 Lightning Crank polished 0.010 - $140 I am in houston, tx if you're interested in any of the items not easily...
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    FS: 2004 Ford Focus SVT, EAP 5-door, 1 of 110, Houston, TX

    For Sale: 2004 Focus SVT Eap 5-door, Black Located in Houston, TX. ~108k on the odometer. New motor with lightly ported head New luk flywheel and clutch kit new water pump new coolant temp sensor new battery new rotors new pads new cv axles new IAC valve tires in good condition...
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    Big and Little Bogart D10's with Tires

    These are off a terminator. Front skinnies and rears with full slicks. Light use. I haven't cleaned them up yet but wanted to get them on here. Wheels only new run about $1600 checking online. $1350 picked up in Katy. Rears are Hoosier slicks. All tires have real good tread. Will try...
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    17x10.5 Rear Chrome 03/04 Cobras

    One is completely brand new in a box and never run. One is lightly used. No tires Looks like they're about $400 new. $300 picked up in Katy. Also will get better pics later. Too much rain today to try and clean them up. email: [email protected] if interested as I'm not on...
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    Wtb: svt focus

    I am in Houston, TX so the closer the better. Wanting a svt focus for a new daily. Don't have a color preference and don't really care if 3 or 5 door. Really just want one well maintained with good service records.
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    Thursday Joke of the Day

    A young guy from North Dakota moves to Florida and goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job. The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says "Yeah. I was a vacuum salesman back in North Dakota." Well, the boss was unsure, but he liked the...
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    Cop hits 110lb handcuffed woman while yelling racial comments
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    Thug who breaks in a home gets surprise My only question is how on earth did he only get one shot off?!
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    Help picking out cams?

    Car is going to be a 5.4 with navi heads. It is going to have a 6R80 behind it. I am trying to get the car up and running n/a, so I can drive it. However, the end goal is somewhere around an 88mm turbo with a 3000+ stall converter. Id PREFER to finish the motor up for the end goal...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    our dog is too....wont even respond to her name
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    2011 GT500 tuning info needed

    What all parameters do you change to disable traction control, advancetrac and torque/clutch protection? I have SCT PRP for the car and I am tired of trying to press buttons all over the place to run at the track.
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    Avoid user: fak3r (lying thief)

    Here is the original FS ad: In it he described the car as: "I have added/changed a number of things on the car to make it even more perfect." "looks like a legit 10k...
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    Props to Sheriff Jimmy Jones! boom! terminated!
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    Ethanol percent AFR Conversion table

    Just put this together and figured someone else might be able to use it. where "combined" is stoich AFR and "WOT AFR" is based on the standard 11.5 gasoline AFR for WOT.
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    Misc parts off my terminator

    All of these parts were off my 03 cobra $150 shipped can have it all. Gauge cluster surround 2 gauge pillar pod Auto meter mechanical boost gauge New Bosch 02 sensor Pro-m 95mm MAF for 39lb injectors Full EGR setup Intercooler pump Idler pulley Posi ported plenum Boost bypass valve Plenum to...
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    Border Patrol Agent Causes Accident..blames civilian

    but just so happens the civilian had a dash cam! another case of our stand up law enforcement at work
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    9 month old arrested for murder

    Its not just US cops. Cops everywhere are ridiculous. You need cops to collect on a gas bill?! note: i lol'd at the lawyers name being Butt
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    WTB: 4V Pistons

    Looking for mahle or diamond preferable. -2CC dish at most but would prefer flat tops.
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    Cops kill Tosh.0 Production Assistant Cant even be innocent and try and help people in danger anymore without getting shot and killed
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    RIP Mickey

    Such a good classic actor.