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  1. Beaubear

    Full bassani exhaust header back

    My car is sitting in shop collecting dust waiting for me to gather stock parts for my car to trade it in. Only thing I haven't taken off my car yet is a set of bassani long tubes with no more then 300 miles and a bassani catless back with bassani mufflers (10k miles on those). I'm seeing if...
  2. Beaubear

    80lb injectors, Steeda cai, ported bbk 65mm TB

    A set of frpp 80lb injectors- 250 shipped A ported 65mm bbk throttle body(professionally done not by myself) 250 shipped Steeda cold air intake- 225 shipped I also have aero force guage which can be seen in the interior/exterior section
  3. Beaubear

    Aeroforce interceptor with vent pod

    I have a aero force gauge with blue light, black and white face and svt badge. I bought the whole kit from lethal performance including the 3.5 bar boost/vacuum system, wideband afr/ sensor kit, the Roush vent pod and finally the single gauge that can read two things at once. This kit is...
  4. Beaubear

    WTB stock blower/injectors

    Sadly the whipple took too long to sale and I came to my senses about the twin turbo setup. So I'm just going to put my car back to stock. Need a stock blower with elbow and bolts. Need stock 07-12 gt500 injectors. I have 80lbs frpp injectors if anyone wants to buy or trade their stock with some...
  5. Beaubear

    Sct x3 and Steeda cai

    Going turbo route and no longer need these $550 shipped or trade for diablo intune call or text 9546551257 for pics. I'm hardly on this site so pm might take longer for me to respond. Tuner is unlocked/unmarried and cai came off 09 mustang. So I think it fits 07-09
  6. Beaubear

    2.9 whipple for sale

    [/URL][/IMG]Whipple sold still available is a ported and polished bbk twin 65mm throttle body ($275 shipped) and Steeda cai($260 shipped) It was on my 09 gt500. 9546551257 Here's a dyno vid with it and my building process Gt500 whipple 2.9 dyno plus build and previous dyno - YouTube
  7. Beaubear

    Keep whipple 2.9 or go twin turbo

    I'm having mixed feelings on what to do. I recently just did work to my car and put down close to 700rwhp on 14psi with my whipple. Now an opportunity came up for the TT setup. This may sound childish but I've always wanted a turbo car just for the blowoff noise lol. Should I keep my setup or...
  8. Beaubear

    Bassani headers

    Is anybody running bassani headers? I got a set on but it's rattling a hell of a lot. I think its from the collector part. How did/do you stop it the vibration. Thanks Beau'
  9. Beaubear

    2009 gt500 clutch question

    I got the tsb clutch install about a year and a half ago. I don't know for sure what they put in there but i think its a 2010 clutch. I recently upgraded power mods and am schedule for a dyno. I know it's gonna slip hopefully not explode and I need to upgrade. Question is can I get an...
  10. Beaubear

    Twin 60mm throttle body

    New in box throttle body that came with the tvs blower. Will work with an adapter plate from bbr. Can email or text pics. 9546551257 $100 shipped
  11. Beaubear

    Changing fuel rails with whipple and afr hookup

    I was wondering if anyone has any tricks of putting on new fuel rails without taking of that blower. Because the back bolt was hard to get to. Also the install of an aeroforce guage with the air fuel wide band. Do I need to drill out a new hole for the bunge or can I just use a pre existing hole...
  12. Beaubear

    WTB whipple 2.9 egr tube

    I know this is far out there but does anyone have an egr tube for a whipple? I was shocked when I called whipple for it and were going to charge me a butt load.
  13. Beaubear

    Tvs takeoff problem

    Hey guys, I bought a tvs 2013 takeoff blower on the market from this website. Did the modifications on it for the elbow, installed it but never cranked it on because I got a new whipple later that week. I sold that tvs to a guy and installed it for him. He's telling me the front if the blower is...
  14. Beaubear

    Gt500 supercharger and more

    Up for sale is a: stock gt500 supercharger with a 2.59 pulley 350 shippedSOLD L&M plenum 180 shipped SOLD Frpp 80lb injectors 300 shipped Sold Stock 47lb injectors 100 shippedSold BBk ported and polished 65mm throttle body 300 shippedSold Stock 60mm throttle body 110 shipped Will sell...
  15. Beaubear

    L&M plenum ported and polished

    Bought this plenum never used. Was going to use it but I bought a new supercharger. 220 shipped. I'm doing this off a phone so I can't upload pics. I can send them through email or through text 954-655-1257. Will be posting other parts in a few days after I get tuned and I don't need anything...