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  1. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: 18” AFS cobra reps

    I have some but I'm in florida
  2. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: Injectors

    I have some id1000s id sell
  3. tc3nitall4


    @thatglockguy do you travel to Tampa area at all?
  4. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: J2fab upper turbo intake manifold

    The 03/04 Cobra manifold, this lid lets you go t/c or centri blower and utilize the factory s/c cooling system.
  5. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: CCW wheels

    i have a 65k mile longblock
  6. tc3nitall4

    SOLD: True Forged Mach 5’s

    Thank you sir, nice meeting you aswell. Can't wait to get tires for them.
  7. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 10th Anniversary Shift Knob and License Plate Frame

    @99SALEEN/COBRA would you take 200 shipped for the knob?
  8. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: Silver 10th Anniversary

    Looking to see if anyone that has a silver 10th ann coupe that is interested in a trade deal for a tastefully built 04 OW coupe.
  9. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2017 GT350 Lightning Blue

    No longer available, thank you
  10. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: 03/04 Coupe/s

    No longer looking, thank you.
  11. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2017 GT350 Lightning Blue

    Thank you, I enjoyed it but I'm a new edge guy at heart.
  12. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2017 GT350 Lightning Blue

    I'd still love to get your cobras sir lol
  13. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2017 GT350 Lightning Blue

    Admins, I will post #7 when I get home from work, thank you.
  14. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2017 GT350 Lightning Blue

    2017 Lightning Blue 9850 miles 3rd owner Orignal Gen1 Engine Ford Extended Powertrain Warranty good till 48000 miles or 7/22/2026(verified it is transferable) Recaros Electronic Package Factory Stripe delete/Black Roof Option Ford Performance Air Filter Element Smoked Front Turn Signal Lamps Led...
  15. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: 03/04 Coupe/s

  16. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: Caged 4lb Lower Set Up

    Will you consider 650 shipped? If so ill take it
  17. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 03 Sonic Blue coupe 80k miles 35k OBO Miami, Fl

    clean SB, don't forget rule #7, GLWS
  18. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 1996 Mystic Cobra

    Wish it was still in florida lol
  19. tc3nitall4

    WANTED: 03-04 Cobra coupe in Florida

    There was a silver 04 in fort myers i believe for 25,000, it had a kenne bell on it. he posted it on a few fb groups.
  20. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: Fuel parts

    80s still available?
  21. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2004 Redfire Coupe 24k Miles Eastern MT

    If my 350 sells this will be what im looking for.
  22. tc3nitall4

    FOR SALE: 2020 GT500 maisto 1/18 scale diecasts

    Did they make a black one for us release? I thought they were all china edition?