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  1. sam92lx

    Paxton/procharger/vortech guys

    What converters are yall running? Going from a 258mm 2c to a 245mm 4c. Hopefully get that needed 60ft.
  2. sam92lx

    For those who know...HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!!!

    Only the OG's of this board will understand. Still building the cobra but this is my new play car. Don't rip me too bad :D:D
  3. sam92lx

    any jt-b cars??

    mods? hp? times?
  4. sam92lx

    AutoMeter Lunar Boost

    Only couple months old $75 Dog not included.
  5. sam92lx

    FS: Ev6 80lb injectors

    Less than 200 miles. I'm located in Jackson, MS $350
  6. sam92lx

    FS: 80lb Ev6 injectors

    Less than 200 miles. I'm located in Jackson, MS $350
  7. sam92lx

    Back from the dead.....

    Well well....if it isn't the good ole Pics and Video section! Where the OG's posters?? I haven't been on here in a couple years.....This place has changed. Been changing things up on the ole car. Should have some more current pics later this month. For the those who remember. I'm still...
  8. sam92lx

    Fs: Upr pro series coilovers

    Less than 300 miles. 14" 130lb springs. $200
  9. sam92lx

    Fs: Upr pro series coilovers

    Less than 300 miles. 14" 130lb springs. $200
  10. sam92lx

    Air bag delete

    Who makes the nicest one?
  11. sam92lx

    99/01 cobra throttle cable

    I have a 99/01 cobra throttle cable for sale. Bought it last week and don't need it now. I paid $140shipped and that's what I'm asking for. I'm told It has a crack in plastic but it's covered with tape. Pics when I get home. Thanks
  12. sam92lx

    FS: magnaflow SRA CATBACK.

    Selling bc going turbo $425 shipped
  13. sam92lx

    ABS delete

    Who makes them now?
  14. sam92lx

    Attention: AUTO cobra owners.

    Post pics of your auto shifters. I know there is an old thread but can't find it. I had a 4r70 auto controlled with stock shifter. I've got a th400 and looking at my options. I'm not opposed to the plate that everyone uses just curious if anyone has other ideas? I'm currently looking at...
  15. sam92lx

    WTB: 550-600rwhp LOW MILEAGE Cobra.

    Looking for a friend. Car must be under 30k miles. He's looking for kb/Whipple/vmp cars. No turbo cars!
  16. sam92lx

    Aftermarket Supercharger Coolant tank Mororso or Canton??

    Aftermarket Supercharger Expansion tank Mororso or Canton?? Who makes one?? Need part numbers. I was told the GT500 tank moroso would work but it doesn't. Need one stat. Thanks -Scott
  17. sam92lx

    RR MANUAL Tensioner

    I'll get pics this evening but still on car. $285shipped.
  18. sam92lx

    FS: Metco DB Idlers.

    Going turbo so selling these. Have less than 300 miles, few little nicks had them Professionally painted blk to match my Whipple setup. $450/Oboshipped.
  19. sam92lx

    Single turbo guys.

    Sold my 3.4 crusher and going turbo. Anyone running CG single T06? How large of a turbo could you run without modifying radiator or anything else? Any tips or tricks I should keep an eye on?
  20. sam92lx

    Feeler: 1st Gen Fore Hat with Twin GT pumps

    I have a fore hate with Twin GT pumps that I'd like to sell. Still in the car and don't wanna pull unless I have a buyer. Pumps are in good working condition and have about little over 12K miles on them. Just looking to updrage and will not spilt. Thanks. $500shipped. Scott
  21. sam92lx

    Piece of RARE HISTORY!

    My friends dad just bought a ALL ORIGINAL 34k miles 1969 BOSS 429!
  22. sam92lx

    2013 VMP S/C Auto GT track night!!!

    The car is a stock motor/trans with BMR rear suspension on 19" M/T radials with a VMP 11psi blower. Not my car but a friend who lets me race his cars ( sweet gig lol) but my buddy Kyle (oneredstang) tuned the car!! Future mods: Circle D converter, 1-piece drive shaft, and some race wheels...
  23. sam92lx

    80degrees during the day.....

    30degs rainy, cold, and snow the night/morning. The ONE day I leave it outside on the trailer from coming home from the track. I've learned my lesson, no matter how late it is, unloaded the car off the trailer and put it in inside. Yes, it water logged my motor.:( It whole front piece...
  24. sam92lx

    Aftermarket Intercoolers.

    I'm sure there is a thread but I need hard proof data! Are they better than factory?
  25. sam92lx

    Couple pass in a 2014 GT!!

    A customer let me drive his 2014 GT with a VMP 2.3L blower. Stock motor and trans. 604rwhp@ 11psi. Cant say times bc owner wants to keep them to himself but these are fun cars!! Test run in my 2013 GT 5.0 - 2 - YouTube Test run in my 2013 GT 5.0 - 3 - YouTube