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    N/A Build

    380 crank horsepower should be relatively easy to obtain. The last time I dyno'd my 99 cobra it was 321 hp and 319 tq at the wheels which is around 370ish at the crank. All I had on the engine were as followed, JLT Ram intake, BBK throttle body, mild porting on intake manifold, intake spacer...
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    Bay area mustang cruises

    Are there any regular mustang meets/cruises in the south bay area? Moved to San Jose a year ago and am craving some good meets or cruises with other mustang folks. I know there is Stang Up Fam in the bay but besides Facebook its hard to find info on meets. I drive a 99 cobra that has a...
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    Need brake advice from those who track their cobra

    First off.....yes I have used the search function and have done a lot of research about my issue Heres the deal, Ive been running 2000 Cobra R brembos on my 99 cobra, I track the car heavily in northern california. The last track day at thunderhill, temps around 90 degrees, I over heated my...
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    California SMOG regulations

    I just moved from Seattle WA to San Jose, Washington's emission laws are pretty relaxed, they test via the ODB 2 system so I am able to run with no cats and no EGR with the computer tuned so ODB 2 reads just fine. Any tips on getting my car smog inspected down here? Im guessing I will need...
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    San Jose/Bay area mustang clubs

    Just moved to San Jose from Seattle, WA, trying to find out of there are any mustang clubs or mustang meets in there area. Thanks,
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    Modular engine builders Northwest area

    Going out on a limb......does anyone know of any modular engine builders that are in the northwest? Im located in seattle and really dont want to send my motor states away for a rebuild. Thanks
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    N/A Build questions, stroker kit worth it?

    Im in the process of laying out plans for a rebuild on my 99. Im doing to do a simple rebuild, stock compression, forged internals, new 99/01 heads with some mild porting, just want to build a solid reliable motor. My question is, am I stupid to think about adding a stroker kit to it...
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    Thinking about a rebuild

    Ive got a 99 cobra with just over 130k miles, Ive starting getting smoke on start up as well as smoke while driving. Did a compression test and it came back good, not great. So I think my valve seals are leaking as well as my rings might be starting to go. So, Ive been thinking of a rebuild...
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    Custom tune tailpipe smoke

    Ive had my cobra dyno tuned a little while ago, ever since I got the tune I get tailpipe smoke when I come to a stop after driving on the highway at speeds. The engine also drops the rpms and almost stalls and then its all over, no smoke and no rpm dropping. The strange thing is that it only...
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    OBD2 Readiness Test not complete, help

    I have a quick question, I am trying to clear code P1000, OBD readiness test not complete, so I can pass emissions. Ive done a lot of research about the ford drive cycle and have driven over 300 miles etc etc and still p1000 does not clear. Ive returned my cobra to its stock tune, reconnected...
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    HP gain after longtubes/prochamber and SCT tune

    Im trying to guess what my cobra will put down once I install MAC longtubes, MAC prochamber and get a custom tune on the car. Current Mods -JLT RAI -BBK 65mm TB -port matched upper manifold to TB -3/8" intake spacer -O/R x-pipe -Magnaflow catback -4.10 gears -suspension -etc etc...
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    Found something very wierd on my engine, WTF!

    While changing the oil on my 99 cobra I noticed something very very wierd, on the driver side motor mount the rear bolt is missing and there is no hole in the block for a bolt to go into. WTF!! Is this some error in manufacturing, this cant be normal, anyone seen this before?
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    1999 Cobra sway bar removal

    Am I able to remove my sway bar without dropping the IRS? From the looks of it, I think the answer is no. My sway bar is bent and it needs replacing. Thanks
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    Help! Rear Sway Bar link touching axle IRS

    I have run into a very strange problem that I need some help with. My rear sway bar link comes in contact with my axle/halfshaft while hard cornering or going over large bumps. A few weeks ago while changing my rear brake pads I found my driver side sway bar bushing braket was broken in two...
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    PHP Ported/polished 99/01 intake manifold

    I found a PHP ported/polished intake manifold for sale in my area for a decent price and want to know if its a good deal. The upper intake has been hand polished and the lower has been extruded honed instead of being cut open, ported and polished and then welded back together. I would think...
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    Rear IRS sway bar bushing braket broken

    While working on my rear brakes yesterday I found a surprising discovery. The sway bar bushing braket on the driver side was broken in half. Dont know when or how it happened but was shocked when I saw it. The was broken right next to where the hold down bolt goes through. Has anyone ever...
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    IRS subframe/diff and control arm bushings

    On my list for spring projects is to get my irs subframe/diff and control arm bushings installed. Ive been doing a lot of research online but have a few questions. First, I daily drive my cobra, always enjoy hitting some corners on the weekends and still havent been to the track yet but would...
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    New rims on the cobra!

    Got some new 18x9 cobra rims for my cobra, cant be happier with them, they look great. Also have new 03/04 cobra side scoops on the cobra as well. Next I want to get clear fog lights, and darker tint on the windows. I also have some custom cobra center caps that arent installed yet on the rims.
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    2000 Cobra catalog?!?!

    I was searching ebay today and came across this very strange auction for "2000 SVT Cobra Catalog"....but they never made a 2000 except the cobra R. 2000 MUSTANG SVT COBRA Dlx Catalog CONV'T Mint FORD wow : eBay Motors (item 200436735166 end time Feb-13-10 13:40:45 PST) Take a look at...
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    Pics of black cobra with black rims

    Im trying to decide on some new rims for my 99 cobra. Its black and I am looking into getting black rims with a chrome lip on them. Ive seen a bunch of pics of black/chrome lip rims but not on black cars. So if you've got any pics please post them up. Thanks
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    Need Help, stock brake rotors stuck!

    I need some help and/or some input, Im upgrading to some slotted/drilled rotors but cant get my stock 1999 rotors off. I think that the 10 years of rusted has bonded the rotors to the spindles. I spent most of the day today trying to get it off, used about a whole can of pb blaster and a lot of...
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    1999 cobra rear ABS sensor help!

    My ABS light came on a while back, I tested the two front sensors and from my results I found that the front passenger side was bad, I tested using a multimeter and spinning the wheels at 1 rev per second, the volt readout for the passenger side was bad. SO, I put the new sensor in today and...
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    IRS Upper control Arm bushing, question! help!

    A few weeks ago my passenger side rear suspension on my 99 cobra started to squeak, I thought it was my shock. I took the shock out and it was fine but then saw the problem that was making the squeak. It was upper control arm bushing on the outer side, right above the rear wheel spindle where...
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    NEED HELP!! 1999 cobra clutch 10.5" or 11"

    My clutch on my 1999 Cobra took a dump yesterday coming home from a show and now I am stratching my head trying to get a new clutch kit for it. I have even called ford tech line but am still confused. What size clutch do I need for my cobra? 10.5" or 11". Ford says that the 99 cobra with a...
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    4.10's or 3.73's

    I am sure this thread has come up time and time again. I am going to get new gears for my 99 Cobra and want some input. Heres the details, I drive my cobra on the highway and on surface streets about the same amount. Dont want to kill my MPG but still want to get a good over all gear. I...