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    Which mass air meter

    Yes right know I have a stock meter with a mafia but I don't want to run a mafia with the vmp combo. I was trying to use my 95mm housing but the meter would have to be a stock style.
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    Which mass air meter

    I guess what I'm after was will a vmp 3000 small footprint tonsil style be enough. I don't want to have to buy another housing if I can use my 95mm.
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    Which mass air meter

    so I'm about to go vmp with 3.0 upper and 4# lower on e85. I already have a 95mm Mac chrome mass air meter housing with a stock meter and am wondering if I can use that housing. I would prefer to not have to use a mafia. All of the adapters I have seen are weld on to convert to a large tonsil...
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    building a stock mach 1 rear

    so I'm about to build my rear that has surprisingly lasted me about 8 years of abuse. My set up is basic 2.8/4# with a 100 wet. I'm wondering how important is it to have a rear cover brace as in the brace that goes from cover to tubes to prevent deflection. My tubes are welded and I'm also...
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    lightbar brake light relay

    So I searched with no luck but what I am looking for is a scematic or place to buy the relay for the lightbar brake light. It will make the brake light on the lightbar no work with the top up. Thanks
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    Cat monitor

    Ok so I am wondering if there is a monitor for my cat that can be turned off in my tune. The reason for the question is I had my tuner retune my car and he thought that I didn't need to go through emission and turned off my rear 02s. Once I figured it out I went back and he turned then back on...
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    radio static is driving me nuts

    Are our stock radios really this bad. It has been like this for a long time so I always have to listen to cds. The antenna is hooked up but this sucks. I get literally one station and ofcourse its what I don't listen too. Interference from wideband or other gauges maybe?
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    Mechanics alt pigtail

    MECHMAN NOT MECHANICS! I am trouble shooting my non charging issue and was trying to rule out the pigtail and somehow managed to pull the 2 wires out of the pigtail that goes into the alt. I really hope my maybe 1k mile alt didn't take a crap but it's looking that way. I have battery voltage at...
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    SOS gauge pods

    Ok so buy any chance does any of our venders have any dual pods for our cars? I'm not a fan of auto meter pillars and I'd prefer to have SOS dual pillar pods.
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    Alt issue?

    So I'm curious if I have a ford reman alternator problem. My combo is 2.8 4# lower and a 3.2 alt pulley. Normal driving I see anywhere between 12.5 -13.6 never 14 and never 11. Now at wot it doesn't always go to the higher side of the scale but also doesn't go lower either just always somewhere...
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    C16 nitrous question

    So I'm curious to know how many people use leaded c16 with no problems. My set up is 2.8/4# and want to hit it with a wet 150 and was curious about using c16 versus 109 that's unleaded. Do I need to use c16? I'm looking to be around the 650ish mark.
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    14-175 with stock struts

    So I'm curious to see some ride heights with this setup. This tall of a spring has me wondering if I can still have a lowered stance and still use my stock vert bilsteins. I have upr k member and coil overs and when I have the stance I want I have crappy feel.
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    where to find just upper Idler Bracket

    I need to find just the bracket I have 3 pulleys and just need to bracket because the pulley has play and it isn't the bearings which cause a squeak. I know that kit is only like 150 but I have plenty of pulley's already
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    chrome bolt kit?

    I am trying to find if by any chance someone makes a chrome bolt kit for cobras. I have had all my timing chain cover, coil covers, pulley cage, and tentioners painted dsg along with chrome valve covers and was looking to find if anyone made a chrome bolt kit. But it looks like I might have to...
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    So I finally got a garage to put the cobra in

    And it came with our first house. I looked for almost a year for a house and ended up getting the first one that I loved. It's in lovettsville in an awsome neighborhood. 2 car garage that's 22x21, house has a finished basement and awsome master bath. I can't believe it finally came true. It...
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    awsome catfish

    Man my cousin just sent me these pictures from him fishing on the potomac and check out the size of this catfish. He cought it on a 6 inch largemouth. I'm not sure what he cought the carp on.
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    tensioner pics

    I need closeups of the tensioners for our cars. One has a alum.coller on it and one doesn't. When I put it all back together my back tensioner hits my newly painted timing cover. Something is on wrong. Is all of the part #'s for the non ribbed idlers all the same? Any pics of info would be...
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    So I hit a deer in the cobra

    Actually it isn't as bad as it sounds at all. I hit it goin MAYBE 20 mph. The only damage that it caused was behind my driver side headlight where the fender meets the bumper there was a dent and the paint cracked. I get pricess at cost from ford so I was like the hell with fixing this fender...
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    about my mac longtubes

    I have there ceramic coated lt's and I was wondering if anyone elses look like ass! they are almost rusted to bare metal. They went from being nice to flacking gold to these pieces of crap in only 1 year tops. does anyone else have this problem?:shrug:
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    need some help choosing pulley color

    Ok I am about to get a billetflow makeover and can't decide on what color combo to go with. I was thinkin to get either the black idlers with the silver non-slip 2.8 or just all siver everything. Lets here your thoughts here is my motor shot and if you can't tell I have the timing cover, coolant...
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    show me your headlights

    I am looking for the black headlights that look like angeleyes. I have seen them and didn't think that they looked bad and would like to photoshop them but can't find the pic
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    look @ what I just got from the painter

    I hope this is goin to look awsome with my new chrome valvecovers, and yes I know that I am missing the other side of my coolant tube. It had a spot on it and he wanted to touch it up for me. :banana::banana:
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    couple new pics of my car from today

    Hope you like!
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    me against a 1000rr

    Is it even possible to hang with one with my mods? I got to race one last night with my top down from a dig. All I know is that he had a pipe. We take off and I hear him rip it in first so I goose it spun like hell in second even with micky's, pulled third and he was maybe 1 car maybe 1.5 cars...