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  1. RedlineHP

    Ford Racing CJ twin 65 TB, CJ 123mm MAF tube & Pauls HP modded fuel pump

    All parts New and unused Ford racing Throttle body- M-9926-cj65 (dual 65mm TB) Ford racing mass air tube M-9600-cj (cobra jet 123mm) 2008 GT500 Fuel Pump Modified by Paul's HP with larger pumps (310 lph I believe) same pump that came in the Ford racing 725 hp Whipple kit. I'd like to sell as...
  2. RedlineHP

    ? about 3" Bassani and JBA exhaust

    I'm thinking about changing my exhaust, don't want to do headers. I'm looking at these for some future added boost. From what I've seen these two are the main options for 3" off-road X pipes connected to there 3" catback systems. What I'd like see if any of you have any experience with these...
  3. RedlineHP

    EPA now approved E15 use in GT500

    Just read that the EPA has approved E15 and wondering how this is going to effect the tunes and potentially damaging effects on our boosted motors. I've already seen some of the downside to E10, so not looking forward to this! Any tuners care to share some thoughts. EPA allows 15%...
  4. RedlineHP

    anybody running the MRT H pipe?

    I know there is a thread about getting an h pipe made, but this company makes one, so... Anybody got any feedback on these pipes. I'm thinking about running an offroad version.
  5. RedlineHP

    True Forged hood vents installed

    Just posting a few pic's of my installed set, satin black with the inner baffle piece left milled aluminum with a clear coat. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    2008 now with 2011 power

    Mirrors... Can't swing the coin for the new one and be one of the cool kids, so I took the best part off the 2011:dw: and added it to my 08. I'm stoked how these came out, the apperance is much cleaner I think and the rear vision with the 2011 having built in small convex mirrors is much...
  8. RedlineHP

    Ordering from AutoAnything

    Just thought I'd check and see if anybody had any experience ordering from this company, good or bad.
  9. RedlineHP

    True Forged wheels

    Took a couple quick pic's of my new wheels. Thanks to Steve @ True Forged Wheels, they are a work of Metal Art! These are 18" diameter, I prefer this size over the 20's. 18x9 and 18x10 tires are the stock GY's in the front and the KR GY's on the back. I plan on getting some better...
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    pic test