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  1. medicdroid

    PRK eye surgery is AWESOME!

    Anyone who is on the fence about doing this should get it done!I had awful vision, was completely dependant on glasses to function....and just a few weeks after the procedure I'm already better than 20/20 in both eyes.The actual surgery was gnarly, but very fast. If anyone has questions, I'm...
  2. medicdroid

    2011 Mazdaspeed 3

    Wife gave me the green light to get back into a muscle car so I'm looking to sell the speed3. 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 32,500 miles....will go up slightly 6 speed manual gearbox, turbo I4 GT, tech package (bluetooth, navigation, mp3,aux in, 6 CD , adaptive HID headlights, etc) Only modifications are...