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    2010+ Race Star direct drill set

    I have a set of 2 15's with 28" MT radials and 2 17x4.5' race stars with radials and lugs for sale $900 I don't want to ship and I am in Augusta, Ga
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    Which car seat fits?

    I am going to have to buy a rear facing seat to replace my Greco infant seat. Since there are so many I wanted to know what everyone else uses. Space in the rear of these cars is very limited, so I am looking for one that doesn't require the passenger seat to be pushed forward too much and is...
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    WTB: Boss LS front splitter bars/struts

    I am looking for the two bars used on the Laguna Seca front grill. I never see anyone using them so someone has to have a pair laying around. I dont know what to call them or how they are mounted, but I need to find a remedy for my sagging bumper and I think these might be the ticket. I if...
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    2010 Saleen parts

    I was in a fender bender so I would like to upgrade! The old parts have been temporarily discontinued and I am having a real hard time finding someone who has a couple left. Anyone know where I can buy a rear Saleen bumper?
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    side skirt choices

    Earlier this month someone rear-ended me so its time to upgrade! I am going to have a Saleen rear-end bumper put on, but to make it flow I need new side skirts. My options: Painted stock Painted stockw/roush Street Scene Saleen Are there any others that will flow with the Saleen...
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    Floor MATS

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    Cat-back exhaust system

    I just bought header/mid-pipe and want to sell my old setup. This cat-back system was on the car for less than a year and is in excellent condition. Its an Aluminized 3" cat-back, with an H-Pipe, and resonators. It will hook up to any 2.5-2.75 axle back and is noticeably lighter. Prefer to...
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    Barton shifter and bracket!!!

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    FS- Pypes 3' Cats

    Unused still in the box for 170 plus shipping. Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    Roush Axle-Back exhaust

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    CAM specs

    I am trying to get my GT tuned and forgot the cam specs are on my bump sticks. If anyone can help me out or remembers what the N/A VT stage two cams are, help me out!