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    The I want it, who has/had

    I owned 4 of them. Fast as hell and they ride great were very reliable for me. Downside was the air shocks which made them ride great but were expensive to repair and the spring conversion made them ride way rougher.
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    Bronco Raptor stock performance

    That’s awesome congrats!
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    Bronco Raptor stock performance

    How bad was the resale on the Bentley? Were you able to get a decent deal on the braptor?
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    Ugly car corral

    The prowler
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    WANTED: Oxford white/Sonic blue Tx

    Yeah the undercarriage on that car is really rough.
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    Finally looking at getting a Cobra, but wondering about price.

    Correct my bad I thought op said it was an 04.
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    Finally looking at getting a Cobra, but wondering about price.

    But even on BAT the prices are pretty consistent with what people are telling you here 30-35k. An 04 redfire with 23k miles sold for 32k and an 03 with 12k miles sold for 40k. Any of the higher priced ones are the more sought after colors. I’d offer her 30k and see what she says. Does the car...
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    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    Could this be the one?! Last one with lower miles on eBay sold for low 50’s I think...
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    WANTED: ISO Coupe

    Not mine. @LS WUT i would’ve posted this to your wanted post but doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for.
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    WANTED: looking for a 98 chrome yellow cobra or 96 mystic cobra

    Not mine. This ends tomorrow on BAT.
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    WANTED: Looking for Ngauge (Lund)

    Sorry idiot most people don’t create an account then respond with nothing but pm and an email address. Sure smells like a scam to anyone who’s been on the site longer than a day.
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    WANTED: Mystichrome Coupe/Convertible

    In your last wtb thread from a year ago you said you wouldn’t pay over 30k for a sub 10k mile car mystichrome included. What exactly changed your mind?
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    WANTED: Looking to buy 2015-2022 mustang gt with supercharger,

    Not mine this is listed on bat.
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    03 Sonic Blue Cobra Show Car FOR SALE!

    Whoever bought it owes @Murderedsvt a beer for steering this thread in the right direction and saving them $14k from original price and most important of all hopefully they know the history on the car and seller.
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    03 Sonic Blue Cobra Show Car FOR SALE!

    Is he banned or not? It says he logged on yesterday at 11:34 am? I thought he said he couldn’t defend himself here.
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    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    Not mine this just posted yesterday.
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    FOR SALE: 10 Mile Original Running Mustang Emblem

    Who knows maybe it was sold to the same person who paid $50k for the 26k mile cobra that supposedly sold in the for sale section.
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    FOR SALE: 2003 DSG Cobra FS

    Is it still in North Carolina and still 50k?
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    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    You never know that 1200 mile coupe only sold for 50k and that was April which was peak of the market. That was also all stock which usually gets a bit of a premium. But you’re probably right with the buyers fee.
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    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    10k mile coupe just listed on bring a trailer.
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    FOR SALE: 1996 Mystic Cobra

    Was this on eBay recently?
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    Another Six Figure 00R Sale

    106k for an 7k mile 00r WITHOUT the black binder. Granted being from the Paul walker car collection adds value but I don’t think it negates the binder not coming with the car.
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    So, are values rising???

    That car was at $57k when you posted that. Total at the end was $70,500+ auction fees $74k total!
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    Looking to get into a CTFP GT500 but ADM?

    A heritage edition just listed on BAT it will be interesting to see where the market is for them.