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    WTB 99/01 Cobra Bumper

    Looking for a 99-01 cobra front bumper in good condition. If anyone has one in black that would be nice but any color will do. Thanks!
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    Comp Cams 4.6L 2V Unopened

    Just as the title says. I bought these directly from Comp Cams they are still in the box, wrapped in the plastic from the factory. I only have the cams, no valve springs or lifters. I believe these are stage 3 cams so they give the car a nice chop but its not over the top compared to the stage 4...
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    FS: 2004 Black GT Stock

    It's come time to let go of my GT. It really depresses me that I can't keep this car but better things are to come. ;-) This car is almost bone stock. I put 18x9/10 FR500's on but everything else was done by the previous owner. I never got around to lowering it so excuse the 4x4. An aftermarket...
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    Should I buy this one?

    So I've found a 2003 Cobra that's close to home and it's pretty much what I'm looking for. Today was my first time I've ever driven a terminator. :D It is amazing. The guy wants 21,000 but I think he'll come down to 20. I just want some opinions on the car and if it's worth the money. Here's the...
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    WTB 99-01 Cobra Tail Lights

    Looking to buy a pair of tail lights from a 99-01 cobra with wiring harness. Will pay top dollar.
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    How to make more than 700hp?

    I'm getting my first terminator soon. I've looked at the different superchargers and engine setups. I for sure want to go with a kenne bell super charger. I don't want to use a twin turbo system but I'm looking to clear 700 horsepower. What will I need to accomplish this?