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    TH400 swap

    My 2016 Gt is under the knife for twin turbos, OPG, TG and fuel system. I ordered the car as a base manual car and am looking into doing a reverse manual VB TH400. has anybody done an S550 car? I know the 11-14 cars have been done but havent really seen any 15+ cars. Any help would be greatly...
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    Front Sway bar

    I'm trying to see if others have removed their factory front sway bar? I don't DD the car but will occasionally drive it on the street with street tires but was curious how much it effects these cars. I have taken them off on my foxbody and sn95 cars, but I know these are a lot heavier and...
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    Hoosier Bias Ply Front Runners

    Ok so I pulled the trigger and bought some 17"x4.5" and 17"x9.5" Racestars with 27.5x4.5x17 bias Hoosier Front Runners and 28x10x17 Hoosier slicks for my soon to be Twin Turbo 2016 GT. Obviously for the rears I will start in the high teens for pressure and see what works the best. My question is...