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    Wheel Q: band style TPMS with FRPP 19" Wheels?

    Hey guys, quick q on Track Pack style wheels. I have searched the forums, but I want to get my 2007 band style TPMS to work with these I need to buy new bands, or can I transfer my current system over? I will probably buy the tires at Discount and have them install. Thanks in...
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    Twin 2.9L Whipple Superchargers

    Nope--not on a speed boat: New addition the family, my wife's 2013 blown raptor. Read more about it here: SVT Perf FI forum link The (original) 2.9L crusher on our 2007 GT500: Needs more sticker:
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    2013 Raptor 2.9L Whipple Install!

    Whipple Supercharger Install! Say hello to the 2nd 2013 Raptor Whipple! Got the truck back Thursday afternoon from Gearheads Performance in Arlington, TX. The truck was there for a little over two weeks total. The install was done pretty quick, but there was an issue with the PCM which...
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    2.9L & the 2013?

    Guys, has anyone put a whipple 2.9L twin screw on their 2013 yet? I am thinking about ordering a 2014 but want to keep my 2.9L...essentially swap it over. What I don't know is if this is a direct bolt on--all evidence points towards yes but I was hoping someone slapped one on already. The...
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    need some help: filter size

    Guys, does anyone know the filter size for the whipple intake kit (ie the whipple intake)....I know it is a 9" S&B filter, but don't know the intake diameter...thanks a ton!
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    2004 SVT Focus Euro loaded, Recaro's, HID's etc.

    Your Location: Dallas Item Description: 2004 SVT Focus ZX5 CD Silver European Package Asking/Offering Price: $6,200 Pics: see below, all pics taken on 10/20/12 Contact: post in the thread or PM I have my 2004 SVT Focus ZX5 for sale. It has been a great daily driver and highway commuter...
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    Just an FYI: low mileage SS and KR in Dallas craiglist

    Crazy low mileage cars...a little high on the price of the SS, but the KR isn't too bad. And I have NO interest financial or otherwise in these cars... 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 *** SIGNED BY CARROLL SHELBY! WE SHIP!!! Nice ---------- 2008 FORD SHELBY GT500 !!! only 608 miles !!!!
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    Replacement filters for Whipple CAI?

    Anyone know which filters work the Whipple CAI? I had a spare, but since we moved from San Diego I cannot for the life of me find it. I'd been swapping the two...need to order one ASAP thanks for the help.
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    Who here is NOT getting a 2013 GT500???

    So who here is NOT getting a 2013 GT500??? Reason I ask it I have been discussing this in detail with my wife. We currently have three cars. I drive a 2004 Euro package SVT focus for a daily driver (great car, but getting long in the tooth and under-powered), and my wife drives an 2006 Audi...
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    Anyone running E85

    I was wondering if anyone is running E85? It it pretty big here in the 03-04 cobra community, and a lot of people are making the switch. Has anyone done so for the GT500, and if so what kind of modifications are needed? Fuel lines and injectors?
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    Chevy's Response Letter...burn baby burn!

    Camaro Nation: As you know, the blogs lit up with the announcement of the new 650-horsepower Mustang GT500, and I wanted to give you my perspective on the latest challenge from Dearborn. The Mustang has been playing catch up since the moment the fifth-gen Camaro arrived in 2009. Since...
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    For Sale: KR shifter stick and ball (black) -- used

    For sale a KR shifter knob and black ball, used but clean. Goes for $140 new, I will sell it for $70 shipped. thanks!
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    New clutch/shifter installed

    I finally had time to go pick up my car today! Installed items: 1. Mcleod RXT 2. MGW (set @ 5) 3. Amsoil tranny fluid 4. Amsoil diff fluid 5. new spark plugs Obviously I haven't got on it yet BUT I drove 10 or so miles tonight. Some thoughts: Clutch: light pedal action, high...
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    New clutch...when can you flog the car???

    Post says it all...immediately, 500 miles when? And what is the best reasoning for breaking in the clutch???
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    New Clutch and Shifter on the way!

    Well, its bonus season! Spent part of the bonus today...New Mcleod RXT/lightened steel flywheel and MGW shifter on the way for install. Hopefully get them put in next week! While it is there will be having the Amsoil tranny and diff fluid installed, should be awesome! I'll post some...
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    Anybody with a Griggs setup in Dallas / NTX?

    Anybody have a Griggs setup in Dallas or area, or north Texas? I would love to take a look at one (ride if possible)....thinking of new suspension to freshen up the car!
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    KR mufflers: x vs h pipe

    I have a 2007 and one thing I dislike is the exhaust tone. The KR's are a definite upgrade over the stock, but compared to my buddies 2012 Boss it sounds weak. I've been considering switching to an H pipe; having listened to a bunch of clips hard to tell how different it is. Anyone done this...
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    What would your next mod be?

    I have the mods below, and am planning on a new clutch (McLeod RXT) and MGW shifter. But I need some other ideas. Winter bonus is coming soon, and my car is 4 years old. Needs a little refreshing...I was thinking either a ford racing suspension or heat exchanger & radiator. Other Long term...
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    Any advantages in a single clutch (vs twin)?

    Anyone have a good handle on advantages of a single vs twin clutch besides cost? I am really trying to make the right decision on a clutch, and while I am leaning to the Mcleod RXT twin disc or the Ram twin disc, I was wondering what others thought...
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    JLT Oil separator: Passenger or Driver?

    Which one is worse as far as daily/weekly/monthly collection? Driver I assume? I'm looking into getting one...but I would think the driver is the only one necessary.
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    Weird noise, clutch slip?

    Noticed something weird the last few times I have taken the GT500 4th gear at low RPM, when I put the peddle to the floor I hear a strange whirring noise from my right ear, and a "woomph" (best way I can describe it). It fairly loud, and each time I immediately take my foot off the...
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    New plate for 4th birthday

    Ordered some new plates for the Shelby's 4th birthday! All my surgeon friends think I am referring to the pancreatic cancer surgery haha. Also added Huper Optik ceramic tint. Makes a HUGE difference in the 100 degree weather. 22K miles, still looks great after a wash.
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    Coming up on 4 years of Ownership...Maintenance Q?

    This October will be four years of ownership for me, and other than change the oil out pretty regularly, I haven't don't much for maintenance. Now, I can read the manual like everyone else, and I have...but I was wondering what everyone else recommend? -transmission fluid change? -fuel...
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    Ford Racing SVTPP Wheels...anyone have em?

    Has anyone bought the FRPP SVTPP 19" wheels yet? I am curious about the color, if they are darker or lighter than the SVTPP wheels. They look a little lighter to me online...
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    2007 GT500 Torch Red, 2.9 whipple, extras

    I'm selling my 2007 Shelby GT500, after three great years of ownership. This has been a great car, and has had no mechanical problems whatsoever. The only reason I am selling it is that it is my third car, and that I am so busy at work it really isn't driven much it might have to...