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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Waiting for the funny treyvon pix
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    GoPro fun

    Did some flying over the weekend with my roomate (we both own SeaRey Amphibians made by Progressive Aerodine here in Central Florida). Decided to put my Gopro to some good use. i know its cheesy with the gopro music but it seemed to fit. enjoy Real Searey Flying - YouTube
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    need clutch advise

    i have a friend with an 03 mach 1, he needs a new clutch. he doesn't want to spend over 350 uninstalled. what would you guys recommend? :shrug: I've been out of the game for a while!
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    nice find

    mustang svt cobra seems to be a pretty good deal if anyone is interested
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    check this out

    may be a repost, but if its not, check out how he has his spoiler set up. very cool concept YouTube - Black Snake Blown
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    walking on water

    these guys are nuts and its not fake YouTube - Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)
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    Devestating day yesterday

    For those who know me here in Orlando, I am a pilot. This week was the Sun n Fun air show. I did not fly down this year because i knew the weather was supposed to be shitty so i drove. Around 12pm we encountered weather that not even the computers predicted until it was too late. An F-1 tornado...
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    Route 66 Extended Warranty?

    hey guys, i just bought a used 60k miles 2005 silverado z71. my credit union offered me this route 66 extended warranty. From the brochure i got, it LOOKS like it covers just about everything and anything besides tires and oil and things of that nature. has anyone dealt with these people? any...
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    anyone in orlando with a catback or mufflers?

    i have a dynomax catback and i need something different. anyone have anything?
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    nice find mach 1

    found this locally and thought i would share 2004 Mustang Mach 1
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    spacer thread

    Haven't seen a thread on rear wheel spacers yet. If you have them post them up and specify what size you have!
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    04 cobra hood.

    needs to be painted. will trade for a torch red gt hood or other parts
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    lightning fast thumbs!

    Ford : Mustang - eBay (item 200573332630 end time Feb-26-11 15:20:49 PST)
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    01-04 saleen spoiler

    torch red, excellent shape, hasnt been on the car for even 8 months. has 3rd brake light. authentic saleen wing
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    FS: 01-04 saleen spoileR

    Fits all 01-04 mustangs torch red in color, make offer excellent condition with 3rd brake light.
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    2003 torch red GT

    For sale is my 2003 torch red GT. The car has black leather thats in great shape, exterior is in great shape too. 71,xxx miles. Daily driven. Have had the car since 50k miles and have never had a single problem. Always change oil every 4k miles with royal purpal. (just changed at 70k with new...
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    Florida online registration renewal

    Hey guys have any of you renewed your registration online? I'm asking because I know I won't get my new sticker right away but will it go into the system as I am up to date? I'm mostly worried about getting pulled over after I do it online. Thanks
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    2004 Mazda RX8

    2004 Mazda RX8 GT now has 50,000 miles on it. I bought the car with 6,000 miles and one other owner before me who was a ford exec. Sense I've had the car I've added a 7" indash DVD, 18" konig afterburner wheels, brand new BFG tires, Greddy catback exaust with burnt tips, stage 2 clutch, brand...
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    hey guys im looking for a photographer to shoot a calender shoot for me. if you know anyone text or email. david [email protected] 4079201930
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    well i dun got drunk

    started talkin smack to a guy with a turbo scion in my GT.. it was just funny to mess with him because he was taking the bait :)
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    muscle car meet on the 24th

    i went to this place off 1792 and lee rd and its all american muscle. they are having a meet on the 24th of this month which is a friday and its free with food and music. its where the old subaru dealer used to be. 6 pm - 10 pm lets get a list together and meet up and ride out together
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    cobra tail pipes

    i have a set of 01 cobra tail pipes if anyone is interested.
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    99-04 gt springs (stock)

    about 50k miles uncut. make me an offer
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    stock gt springs FS

    50k miles uncut. make an offer
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    Took Some Pics of My GT

    took some more pix this afternoon i love the way it sits with the new HR SS springs.. im no pro at taking pix obviously but i thought i would share.. o and the dog was a neighbors dog barking at me lol