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    SOLD!!! This set was purchased directly from Shelby as New takeoffs. I never installed them as I sold the car. Absolutely prestine, no wear or blemishes. $950
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    Looking for leather with harness, sensors and bags intact. Thanks
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    Common issues with the 13's and 14's ?

    Wow! Not one thing on your list you can't fix yourself. 65000 on my '13 GT and no issues that weren't a quick dyi.
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    Full length jacking rails

    Steeda has them in the chassis section.
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    Mustang PP2 wheels on the 11-14 cars

    Totally different offset.
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    I have 19x9.5 and 19x11. Tire choices suck.
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    To those that have painted calipers

    I used G2 3 years ago. Still look perfect. Left the calipers on the car and cleaned the hell out of them with break cleaner and a new wore brush.
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    TPMS in a tube, myth or reality ?

    Absolute myth. Several have tried over the past couple of years, including me. It does not work. There is very little information on how the sensors and the system work. Lots of unsubstantiated opinions makes it more difficult. I say let it go. That's what I finally did.
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    Those who removed that in cabin sound tube from the oem intake??

    Lowes used to carry it. Metal leg insert or patio furniture insert
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    Does anyone know how to remove it? I'm talking about just the pad itself. I know it comes off. I just don't want to damage it. Thanks
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    Do yourself a favor

    No need to take off a bunch of parts. The drains are directly behind each head, on the firewall. Easy to clear the drains with your fingers. Make sure the engine in cold.
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    Finnished my IPad mini intall

    Finnished my IPad mini install I have a '13 GT with Shaker 500. Already changed out all the speakers and added a sub. Now I'm going to disable the factory audio and add a single din head unit, an IPad Mini slider mount and keep the factory climate controls. The head unit will go as high as...
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    Color codes for all painted parts/surfaces

    I found this after searching like crazy. Its a color manual from Sherwin Williams auto paint. You can find the color codes for the different parts of your Mustang including wheels and interior by looking at the body paint code on pages 113 to 115. I wanted the color code for the center...
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    V8 Sound/Exhaust Piped In?

    I had no idea Ford was doing this. I know other manufacturers have been piping engine/exhaust sound into the cabin for years. Now the Mustang Ecoboost has Active Noise Control - a noise cancelation and enhancement system. The only way to disable it is to pull a fuse!
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    Conversioin to power seat worth it?

    I have a 13 GT with Recaros. I just looked at the cost of the power seat base and other parts necessary for the conversion on Tousley. Since I would just do the driver's side it's almost $500. Is it worth it?
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    Wtb - oem rear calipers and brackets

    Looking for low mile rear calipers and brackets. Prefer 12-14. Thanks
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    TPMS in PVC tube on a 2013 or 2014

    Anybody do this on a 2013 or 2014 successfully using new sensors? If so, please give us the details. Thanks.
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    2013 brembo wheels $675

    Set of 4 with original perellis with only 4000 miles. Includes sensors. Wheels look new. Not a single blemish.
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    Fyi - scissor jack

    My '13 GT came with the air compressor and can of sealant instead of a spare tire and jack. I bought a wheel that cleared the brembos and put a scissor jack in the trunk. Had a flat in a rear tire yesterday. My car is lowered and the jack could not fit under the side skirt with the tire flat...
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    Hellion Twins on Boss 302

    I just saw my recorded episode of Engine Power. They featured John Urist from Hellion and Chris Groves from Dyno Edge. Both from here in Albuquerque. Wow-900+hp! Nothing else to say!
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    Carb'd n/a Coyote does 590 hp on dyno???

    Carbureted Coyote Pulls 590 Horsepower in First Dyno Test - EngineLabs Somebody tell me how they did it and how much it cost.
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    Arh first engine mod for 2013 gt na car?

    You guys just kill me with all your great mods. I have read many mod threads. I have a limited budget. My conclusion is the best bang for the buck on a '13 is long tubes and a tune. I really don't see the benefits in doing a CAI, throttle body or intake. I don't pushed it up above 5k rpm...