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  1. shoracer

    WTB Kooks Side Pips

    Looking for a set, do not need to be perfect, prefer ver2. PM, email or text works for me. ehorsley27 at gmail(dot)com 7one3___4four3___6four70
  2. shoracer

    Made a little mistake, would love some help, setting timing.

    So I f-ed up the timing. Was installing the billet oil pump gear today and everything was going along smoothly, other than a dampers that was glued on with silicone, yes all in the key way and made it much harder to get off. That was until I messed, got the timing all back to my marks with help...
  3. shoracer

    SHO vs S2K

    Lined up Saturday with new M3 and S2k and ran from 40 mph to about 120 mph. M3 took me by three cars and I took the S2k by one car length. Then ran a Golf 1.8T with modds and walked his ass and this was after he watched me beat the S2k. Sunday on the way to dinner some guy in an older style...