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    TW: Black 04' Cobra iForged wheels

    Sold! This is just a feeler... Would probably sell if someone was serious enough and persistant about it. I'm not in a hurry or am hurting to sell it. This is a great car and have enjoyed owning it and modding it. I'll try and list all the parts but I might miss a few. Car runs and drives...
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    Black 04' Cobra with fully polished iForged Aero's

    Car has sat for a year and a half. I'm almost done with it. It needs a full detail badly. Here's some quick pics of the new(used) wheels. The pics don't do the car/wheels justice. Looks so much better in person. Susupension is H&R Race no front ISO's and both rear ISO's in place. Fronts are...
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    Street race from a dig - LSX Camaro vs G Body

    This is my friend's car also who works on my car... Can't really say the specs but it's a LSX of some sort with nitrous and a glide. Pretty much every single piece of BMR suspension you can put on it and a cage. Don't know the specs of the G body car but obviously nitrous. Both were on slicks...
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    American Racing headers experience...

    For the longest time I've wanted longtubes on my 04' Cobra. From previous Mustangs I've had that had longtubes the sound is awesome not to mention the gains are usually good. So I've been looking at vids of other Cobras on youtube with longtubes and they were all of Kooks and Mac. I found a...
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    AFS reps and Toyo R888's... A few questions/opinions?

    I'm ordering AFS 18x9/10.5 setup so I've searched thru multiple threads... Just looking to get some opinions. The pics from the threads didn't help much. On the front I want the R888 to have no bulge and not quite square... So my question is since they run wide should I run a 255 in the...
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    Track day prep/cooling....?

    Just like I stated in my other thread... "I'm in the process of putting my car back together and upgrading parts. I plan on doing a track day next month with some friends." Still on stock ported blower with 2.76 pulley. I had some cooling issues last year during the summer in slow and dead...
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    Track day prep....?

    I'm in the process of putting my car back together and upgrading parts. I plan on doing a track day next month with some friends. My suspension in as follows... H&R race springs, stock Bilsteins, and rear diff brace. Ordering AFS wheels with Toyo R888 all around. I'm about to buy all...
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    Finally got the wheels I wanted... :D

    Ha ha! NOT!!! Cars been sitting on jack stands for a year. Finally getting around to putting it back together. Needed some wheels to get it towed to the shop so I borrowed these.... LoL The long debate has been what wheels to buy... I change my mind like 10 times a day. No matter what I've...
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    UPR offroad x pipe $100 Covington, GA

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    Black Cobra wheels(03-04' Style) with tires. $500 Georgia

    Black Cobra wheels(03-04' Style) with tires. $500 Covington,Ga Black Cobra wheels(03-04' Style) with newer tires. Have about 1,500-2,000 miles on them. 17x9 fronts with 275/40 Sumitomo's and 17x10.5 rears with 315/35 Nitto DR's. Slight curb rash on the passenger side wheels. not bad, barely...
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    Cobras Playing

    This video never gets old... Sorry I know it's a repost but I can't help it. They just sound so good. cobras playing
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    Rear pinion seal??

    I've searched.... How hard is it to replace while the rear diff is still in the car? and is there any "how to's" around that would be helpful? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I've already had the IRS out a few weeks ago and really don't feel like pulling it again. :rollseyes...
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    Eibach Pro Kit 03-04' Cobra

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    Eibach Pro Kit 03-04' Cobra

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    What size 19" tires?

    I'm looking at doing a 19x9.5 front and 19x10.5 rear setup on my 04' Cobra. What would be the ideal size for these? I don't really want the stretched or bulged look up front but would't mind a little bulge out back. I was thinking 265/30/19 fronts and 305/30/19 rear.... What's your...
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    Procharged Box Chevy vs KB GT500

    Ha ha! Box Chevy be movin!! :burnout: sZmZSQ4TwG0?hd=1
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    Just ran across this on Autotrader... 5 mile 10th Anniversary Cobra

    :) Cars for Sale: 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe in CALHOUN, GA 30701: Coupe Details - 292728006 -
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    Sick ASS Vette Twin Turbo

    Might be a repost.... But it just never gets old. Corvette Twin Turbo '05 Dyno
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    Koffebean gets a new stance.... 04' Cobra

    So.... I've been contemplating about what springs to get and what drop I want.... blah blah blah... Here's what I've come up with.... I cut the stock springs... I cut 1 coil plus 1 inch on the front left the upper stock ISO in place and no bottom ISO. I cut 7/8 of the coil off the rear...
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    Need help finding a vid.....

    This vid was way back when blades vids were coming out..... It was a sonic blue Cobra with a S281 rear spoiler, I think it had fr500 wheels.... can't really remember... but in the vid he had the trunk popped showing the nitrous bottle and then moves up front to the motor..... I think it...
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    04' Cobra and 07' GsxR 1K

    At Reynolds on street tires..... Useless and pointless! Spinnin thru the 1/8 I ran a 12.9. Mods: Intake, catted x-pipe, 3" cat-back, 2.9 pulley and a tune.... 471hp and 469tq I think her ass is sexy..... LoL Decisions decisions...
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    FS: 96' Cobra - Black on black

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    96' Cobra Black on Black...... Darkness

    I got rid of the Evo about 2 months ago and I went back to what I always enjoy.:rockon: It's definitely not as fast as the Evo yet..... but I do have plans for this one..... I love turbo cars... :rockon: The car is pretty simple right now. I bought it with just a C&L intake, Dr. Gas...
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    "Blades Vid" Old but good

    I got tired of people always askin for it so it's on streetfire now. Here you go Click here to see Video