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    Forgestar F14s/Bridgestone RE-71r setup for sale

    How much for the wheels
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    Forgestar F14s/Bridgestone RE-71r setup for sale

    Would you be willing to ship?
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    '15 Focus ST Detailed -- Magnetic Metallic

    My buddy just bought this over the summer, and asked if I could give it a good waxing for the winter. Just a quick vacuum and wipedown on the inside, windows with Sprayway. Outside washed with Meguiar's Shampoo+ and Dawn, dried with a Water Sprite Waxed with Meguiar's #26. Tires dressed with...
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    LF: AFS 03 Cobra Reps -- 18x9/10.5 Machine Finish Only!

    Looking for a staggered set of machine finish AFS 18' 03 Cobra reps. NO CHROME, these will be powdercoated. That having been said, they don't have to be perfect, just free of bends and curb shots. I have a set of 17" OEM 10th anniversary wheels with matched 275/40-17 Nitto 555's available for...
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    2014 GT500 Detailed

    This is my buddy's car, he usually has me come out every few months to freshen it up. It's a 2014 in Ruby Red, 5,xxx miles. Paint is really clean save for a few rock chips here and there. I clayed it a few months ago so this time it was the following: Wash with Meguiar's Shampoo+ Wax with...
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    Axle Seal Still Leaking After Replacement

    Had a pretty good leak from my Pass. Side axle seal (flinging all around). Stock 03 IRS. Popped the axle out and replaced the seal (with the bearing/seal kit from American Muscle). Lubed the seal with diff fluid before re-installing the axle. Drove the car about 150 miles so far and I still...
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    Headed out to Philly/King of Prussia Next Week

    Gotta go out for work for a day next Tuesday will be looking for somewhere to grab food and a beer. Taking my Cobra out, anyone in the area wanna grab a beer! Reply here or shoot me a PM. Thanks! Dan
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    FS -- 17x9" OEM Chrome Cobra Wheels

    Set of Four (4) OEM Chrome Cobra wheels -- 17x9" No flaking/pitting, very very minor blemishing on two of the wheels that you cannot see unless pointed out. No curb shots, no scrapes, excellent shape. ~67k on them. Do not come with the SVT center caps. Selling because I'm staying with the...
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    Gonna be in S. Fl next week...

    Hey guys gonna be in Ft. Lauderdale area for work next Monday-Thursday. Just seein if anyone is down that way and may wanna grab a beer or something. Lemme know! Dan
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    Name change request.

    Please change from: dannythekid to: ColorMatched Thanks!
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    FS: MGW T56 "Cobra" Composite Shift Knob

    Hey guys, I had this knob on my shifter when I bought it, but I switched it out for a stock 03/04 knob which is more comfortable, so this is just sitting around. I believe it will fit T45 and T56, and it's got a hex lock nut to keep it secured. It's in like new condition. MGW wants $44 plus...
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    FS: T56 "Cobra" Composite Shift Knob

    Hey guys, I had this knob on my shifter when I bought it, but I switched it out for a stock 03/04 knob which is more comfortable, so this is just sitting around. I believe it will fit T45 and T56, and it's got a hex lock nut to keep it secured. It's in like new condition. MGW wants $44...
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    WTB: (2) 275/40-17's

    Hey guys, looking for 2 275/40-17's, maybe someone upgraded to 315s and wanna dump off their stock sizes? I'm looking for something within 2 hrs or so of Pittsburgh PA. Let me know what ya got! Thanks Dan
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    WTB: PS Door Handle 99-04 DSG

    Needed: passenger side door handle for DSG Stang. Let me know hwat you got shipped to 15211 Dan
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    Wanted: (1) 03 Satin Cobra wheel

    Hey guys looking for a 17" 03 Cobra Satin wheel, can be OEM or rep and have damage, I want it for a project I thought up today. Let me know if you have anything laying around and hopefully close to Pittsburgh or somewhere between here and Detroit since I'll be up that way for Woodward. Not...
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    About time I introduce my Terminator...

    I haven't really been on here much, but if any of you have seen my posts you'll know I have been looking for an 03/04 for a LONG time. Well, thanks to SVTP, I finally tracked one down and was about 95% what I was looking for. I am the 3rd owner of this 2003 DSG Coupe #6009, which has been...
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    Wtb: 01-04 s281

    I have another thread in Terminators, but that seems to have dried up/people going back and forth about selling or not, so I am going to expand my search options. I'd also like to find an 01-04 S281, Coupe or Convertible doesn't matter, preferred an SC car. If anyone has one or knows...
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    WTB: 03/04 Cobra

    Been looking around on here for a few months, now I'm at the point where I'm ready to start the process on buying a Terminator. Here is what I am looking for: Oxford White/Mineral Grey/Dark Shadow Grey Coupe or Convertible, don't matter. Minimal mods (exhaust, intake, pulley, no KB or...
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    Looking For: Rio Red Body Parts

    Looking for: 99 Cobra front bumper Passenger side fender and door. Prefer Rio Red. Anything local or within 100 miles or so of Pittsburgh, PA. Let me know if you guys have anything or know of anything. Thanks! Dan
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    Few Terminator Parts F/S

    All parts have 53k miles. We ordered a drop out for a kit car and these are the things we did not need/use. I can/will get pics for anyone interested. All prices are BO unless otherwise marked. Pedal Assembly - Gas/Brake/Clutch/Dead Pedal, good condition, some of the rubber peeling off where...
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    Need help with PATS system

    Hey guys I have been searching quite a bit and cannot seem to find what I am looking for. MOst of the answers I have found about the PATS system requires tuning it out, which is not an option for us at the current moment. What I need to find out is a digram of the PATS and what all is needed...
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    Power Steering Delete Kits.

    Hey guys, I did a search for this before but it was pretty limited on my search terms. I am looking for a Power Steering Delete kit for the Terminator. We're doing this swap into a Factory Five car with manual steering and no A/C. I found an AC Delete on, but didn't see Power...
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    Website Test Please!

    Not trying to push any parts or servces (for now). I just need testers. 1. Goto 2. Tell me what you see. 3. Tell me what Anti-virus and what browser you are using. 4. If any errors, let me know. I am having some issues updatign the site and I think...
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    1GB iPod Shuffle Silver BNIB

    Brand new in box, still has the seal on it. 1GB (250+/- songs) iPod Shuffle Silver. Got it in exchange for some computer work I did, and I have a 30GB Video so this is of no use for me. They're about $49.99+tax pretty much anywhere. Get this one for $45 shipped anywhere in the United...
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    FS 5.4 Lightning block and crank

    SVTP, I have a 5.4 Lightning block with ~25,xxx miles on it for sale. It is in really good shape visually with a little bit of machine work needed in the bores. My buddy is thinking a .030 over bore would do the trick, so this block is perfect if you want a low mile block to build off of. The...