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    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Hello Twin! Let the Mods begin! I need some tires first. Is good to be back in a Cobra.
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    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Picked this '13 up last week.. 2K miles.
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    New DD...keep my Cobra warm for the winter

    2013 Get some! :coolman:
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    Pike's Peak Drive

    Moved to Colorado Springs. LOVE IT! I had my Cobra down due to the PATS system going nuts. Got it retuned and drove it the next day up Pike's Peak. 14,100 ft at the top. A dream come true. I am aware my tail pipes are stupid long. I have a pandhard bar ready to go on and it will get fix...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

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    Cooling fan issues

    I recently had an EGR delete done so I got my car Dyno tuned for the check engine light and my new 91 Torco gas mix. I notice my fan running more than before with the new tune but didn’t think much of it because it was hot as hell. A couple of month later my radiator fan died. After...
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    I need a how to R&R a Whipple

    I need a how to R&R a Whipple. My 2 Gen Whipple is consuming oil and I need to remove it to send it in. Can someone guide me to the instructions? Can’t find them!! Thank you.
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    New DD

    Traded in the Old 1998 BMW 540i For a 2004 Marauder with 25k miles. All maintenance records. I wanted one since 2003. :beer: Man I will modify the hell out of this MM!!!!
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    The cobra still cleans pretty good

    Great day out!!! :beer:
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    First Project Done on new daily driver

    My first project is completed on a long list of upgrades to come. I powder coated the rims. Here is a very dirty 1998 BMW 540iA with 55K miles.
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    CCW Powder Coated, Whipple, SA Silver 03

    Got bored and took some pics. Enjoy
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    Were can I buy.....

    I have a Solid axle and I need to buy the pinion snubber bracket. I tried junkyards but no deal. Does anyone have a part number? Help...Thank you
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    CCW black on Silver Cobra

    They are 18x9 18x11. They need to get the black center retouched but you get the idea.
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    Bassani SS Catback for 2003-2004 Cobra

    I went with a solid axle and have to sell my Bassani stainless steel 2 1/2" diameter tube, dual 4x8 mufflers, with 4" single wall slash cut polished stainless tips. I have the baffles. $500 shipped
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    Complete IRS -with out rear brakes

    I went with a solid axle 40,000 miles, resealed by Ford and a Billetflow cover. The IRS is located in Hampton VA. PM me offers
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    I got me some CT-R Wheels

    Thanks to spray175 for the wheels!!! CT-R 18x9 and 18x10 with some Nittos up front and some Nittos DR out back.
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    Steeda Tri-ax for Cobra T-56

    I have a Triax for sale......who wants it??? PM me offers ARod
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    Eaton with 2.80 RR, Throttle body, plenum and Steeda T56 Tri-ax

    I put a whipple on my car so I got: Stock eaton with a 2.80 RR pulley Stock throttle body and plenum Stock Cobra injectors Stock MAF Steeda Triax for T-56 PM me and offer. Buyer pays for shipping and 3% Paypal fee
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    Got my whipple on

    I got my Whipple installed at RWTD. Great group of guys, very informative and helpfull. Everything went great. It made 597hp and 551tq. This is the mod list. Whipple with 3.5 upper Single blade throttle body SCT 2800 60 lb injectors and BAP evenflow head cooling mod 4 lb lower, UPR...
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    My wifes new wheels!!

    I was a great day yesterday so me and the old wife went out to the Ford dealer and traded in her 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a Lariat. This think is nice. It makes my DD Bronco look like a toy truck. Enjoy!!
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    A $1,000 Dollars Winter Beater

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    My passenger side window?!?!?!?!?!?!

    My passenger side window; well it just stop working. It made no sound, it just stop working!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Has this happened to anyone? Any Ideas on WTF is going on??????????
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    My Birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife got me a Lightning Force Performance Heat Exchanger. I can’t wait to hook it up! Here are some pics.
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    Spec 2

    I went over to buy a new clutch for my Cobra. In my speed shop they recommend me to go with a Spec 2 because they say it has better drivability than the Spec 3. They are telling my that if I am not drag racing it and just daily driving it that Spec 2 is better. Can I get folks input on this...
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    Are you Ready for WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    Just Click!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!