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    Ford GM Stellantis UAW Strike

    Have you seen a Tundra? They need one…..
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    Riding lawn mower advice

    Zero turns aren't great with hills. I've got a tractor with a fabricated deck and mulch kit. They don't draw a vacuum great to lift grass like a cast deck plus they have many nooks and crannies, square corners to trap clippings. I've got a sand based lawn and needed the durability of...
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    Table Saws?

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    Ford GM Stellantis UAW Strike

    Strangely STLA stock was up on the day. Also strangely, Stellantis' market cap is almost 50% higher than GM's market cap currently.
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    Ford GM Stellantis UAW Strike

    Most buy HD trucks for work, I think?
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    Ranger Raptor versus Bronco Raptor pricing

    Are you saying the BRaptor MSRP went up $30K? It seems there is a big gap between the similar platforms. A Wildtrack with a slightly detuned 3.0L with quiet exhaust would and increased tow rating would fit the bill for many.
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    Ranger Raptor versus Bronco Raptor pricing

    Using the Ford price configurator for a 2024 Ranger Raptor shows $59K for a loaded Ranger Raptor. The configurator for a 2024 Bronco Raptor shows $98K. 37" tires, suspension and hard top aside, almost $40K difference for the same 4 door body on frame platform, same powertrain, similar interior...
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    Ford GM Stellantis UAW Strike

    Not once/if the Cybertruck ever gets released. Also no V8, though arguably not a pickup.
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    Ford GM Stellantis UAW Strike

    You really think that Tesla auto workers are going to sit back content and watch UPS and UAW union workers get a substantial salary hike while they continue to assemble Tesla's in Austin and Fremont for the richest man in the world? The trickle down impact will reach far with this.
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    I just ordered a 2023 Genesis G70 3.3T. I'm psyched!

    Only Lexus/Toyota had some success with an offspring ‘luxury’ brand. Infinity/Nissan fizzled. It’s humorous to me that Tesla was once referred to as a ‘luxury’ brand.
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    RIP GM Bolt

    Luxury how, price tag?
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    Yet another reason that the end of ICE is fantasy

    The same way renters fill their cars with gas.
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    RIP Tesla cybertruck

    Diesel tow trucks.
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    Ford sees $3 billion pretax loss in its EV business this year

    So if 30 years of ICE cars, trucks and SUVs didn’t move the stock, let’s see what happens with EV. Early Ford EV hype did take the stock to $25 briefly, let’s see if it retraces as Ford EV growth shows up in their new financial report out format over the next several years (Ford Blue, Ford...
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    Ford sees $3 billion pretax loss in its EV business this year

    Never thought I would own a turbo 6 F150 but now I’ve owned 2. Wouldn’t go back to a V8, even after 3 cam phaser replacements (yep, TWICE in my 2018). 170K miles between the 2, best tow vehicle I’ve owned. 4 things before I bought a gen 2 or 3 Lightning: 1. 10% to 80% charge in less than 10...
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    Full Bronco Raptor Towing Review | Maxxed Out

    How wide is the trailer, 8 foot? How did the Braptor side view mirrors work with that?
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    Let's talk Bed Liners

    i think it’s very rare to have to remove a pickup bed for service other than an accident at which point the bed is getting replaced anyways. I‘m less comfortable with a ‘tech’ at line X removing correctly torqued factory bolts and then replacing them for no apparent real world value. My 2011...
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    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    Race him for pink (feminine color) slips and show him who the ‘man‘ is…..
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    Bourbon draw. Your first pick?

    Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is a winner, big time.
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    Ken Block Died

    Boondocking high HP sleds out west is a young man’s game. I don’t care who you are, 55 year old agility and reflexes aren‘t what they were at 25, only the sleds are much faster now. No matter how much powder is under you, a 600+ lb sled dropping on you from ?? (10 feet, 15 feet after a vertical...
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    Toyota: "**** EVs"

    Tesla is worth $473B. Toyota is worth $192B.
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    What is the modern definition of making “Big Money”?

    Not a sin, but not smart.
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    Small parts powder coating in Southeast Michigan.

    Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced small parts powder coater in southeast Michigan? I’ve got a couple of trailer frame brackets I need powder coated gloss black. Thanks.
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    Make No Mistake - The Goal is the Elimination of Gasoline and Diesel Powered Vehicles

    Wish that 2017 Tesla semi would actually launch so I could see my first EV gas tanker truck.
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    Is this a symptom of the downward spiral of Ford?

    Don't fall for the Rivian 'accounting' games.