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  1. Torched_03

    KB with MPH inlet help!!

    Anybody running a 2.6H KB with the MPH Behemoth inlet? If so I could use some pics of how yall have the vacuum lines on the back of the blower. Also mods and power so I know what to expect out of this set up. Thanks Cheyenne
  2. Torched_03

    Comp Cams with hardware

    BNIB Comp Stage blower cams, with steel retainers and springs. Also come with ARP cam bolts. Everything you will need for install. 1500$ for everything. Add3% for PP Text for pics. Ill try and get some up this afternoon. 501-590-3126
  3. Torched_03

    NIB Comp cams, 2400 SCT, Inj

    NIB comp 3 cams with steel retainers. 1100$ Obo 2400 SCT MAF 150$ Obo Stock 42# Cobra Inj 150$ Obo Make an offer Might also trade the cams for 18" chrome wheels, Tubular K-Member, Big Brake Kit..Etc
  4. Torched_03

    Stang Hi tuning?

    Anybody use Stang Hi in Baton Rouge LA for there tuning? Im looking to get mine tuned and there a few hours from me. Thanks!!
  5. Torched_03

    When to upgrade the fuel system?

    How much power will the stock fuel line and rails support? Im gonna be running a KB 2.6H with Behemoth inlet at 18-20psi. 2 GT's with Modded FPDM, and KB BAP, 80# inj with 2800 MAF, Comp 3 cams, Kooks 1 3/4 LT's with 3" X and CB. 93* Tune for now. Im looking at getting the Lethal P...
  6. Torched_03

    RedFire 100mm pulley and RF Shift knob F/S

    I have a BF Redfire 100mm pulley F/S 60$ Shipped Also have a UPR Red Fire 6sp Shift knob 20$ Shipped Came on the car and swapped them to black. Perfect condition. Ill get a pic of later today!
  7. Torched_03

    Need some K-Member help!!

    OK...searched multi areas of the board with limited finds. Im looking to swap to an aftermarket K member over the winter along with LT headers. Its an 03 Vert. Its just a toy...not a DD or pure race car. It does see the drag strip 6-10 times a year. Road course 1-2 times a year and 5-6...
  8. Torched_03

    Need Help Picking a set of Cams

    Im about to start the 2nd phase of my car. Cams, Long Tubes, K-member, cage, KB/Whipple, e-85 Looking for a wicked sounding set with ok street mannors. Its 6sp car with 3.55's still. About 50% street car/ 50% track car. Not DD at all!! Thanks!
  9. Torched_03

    Afgan with a contract company?

    Anybody been deployed with any of the common contract companies? Looking for good and bad info about being in country!!
  10. Torched_03

    E85 on a stock eaton?

    Looking to swap to e85. 6# lower truck with the C&L intake and filter. I have a 2600SCT Maf, 50# inj's just laying around. Will the stock pumps support e85 or will I need 255's? Anybody else done the e85 swap?
  11. Torched_03

    WTT BF Idlers

    Want to tradea Red Fire BF 100mm pulley for a black 100mm BF pulley!
  12. Torched_03

    Trade 8# for 6# lower

    Have a brand new MotoBlue 8# lower ring. Looking for a 6# lower! Thanks
  13. Torched_03

    WTB 03-04 Vert Guage pod!!

    Looking for an a-post or the one that replaces the dash bezel around the stock guages. Thanks!
  14. Torched_03

    Single turbo with A/W intercooler

    Tossing around the idea of doing a single 72 turbo set up and keeping the A/W intercooler to keep the cost and ease of fabracation down. Anybody do this and how did it turn out?
  15. Torched_03!

    OK...did a google search and have searched a few import sites and havent found any info on it. Anybody else have any luck?
  16. Torched_03

    Wtb sct x2

    Looking for a SCT X2 tuner. Thanks
  17. Torched_03

    Wtb sct x2

    Looking for a SCT X2 Tunner.
  18. Torched_03

    Vert top and freeway pulls!!

    Has anybody has issues with the vert tops getting messed up from high speed pulls. 40-140 ish. Mine has started pulling away from the crossbar closest to the back window. Can this be fixed or will I need a whole new top? Thanks
  19. Torched_03

    Picked up a Termy!!

    Found a one owner bone stock 03 vert. Sold the M1 and picker it up! A few days after I got home. Only mods sofar are the Air box mod and MT ET DR's And now. Lowered, wheels, tires, Catted H with weld in bullets and a 10" K&N Filter
  20. Torched_03

    CarFX eats it at Hallett

    Mustang Crash Gallery Holy crap is all i can say...two very lucky people!!
  21. Torched_03

    Mach1 vs LT1 vs Pro Charged v6 vs SI

    Mach N/A vs LT1 A4 CAI, Rockers, LTs with ORY...40-120 Mach N/A vs Raiden SI...40-missed 4th Mach Spray vs V6 Auto Stang P1SC 10psi LTs..40-120 Mach spray vs V6 again vs 6spdZ..LTI, C,I,LT,Tune..40-120
  22. Torched_03

    Riser Ford Show pics

  23. Torched_03

    Mustangs on the Mountain..24 may..AR

    Mustangs on the Mountain car show is coming up on the 24th. Its on Petie Jean Mt. Theres a group of us meeting at 8am in conway to drive up!
  24. Torched_03

    Boosted Civic vs Sprayed Mach 1

    Dont know the details about the civic other than in made 410/310. Mach has bolt os +100 shot. 60 roll 40 Roll
  25. Torched_03

    F/S 2003 Mach 1

    The time has come...2003 Mach1..92K miles..will vary because it does get driven a few days a week. I am the second owner of the car. Bought in May2007 from a couple in Baton Rouge LA. with 60K miles on it. Since buying it I have added Flamed JLT CAI, UPR O/R X, Bassani BX CB, Cut GT springs...