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    2018 intake & tune

    Porting is worth 5-10hp. Just don't watch that VMP video and expect to keep up with an equally modded cobra jet car because you won't lol.
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    Will 6 piston Brembos fit 4 piston prembo setup?

    You don't need 6 pistons for that anyway. 4 pistons and good track pads are all you need. Then maybe add cooling ducts if they still get too hot. The 6 pistons are a ton of added weight.
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    Car spins terribly after installing bmr springs and stickier tires

    The coilover tire clearance issue is why many opt to not run a true coilover in the rear, and many kits just give you what's needed to run a coilover spring in the stock location with a height adjuster. If a torque arm really offered the best traction, I think more drag racers would be using them.
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    Porting Boss Intake Manifold

    I'd just have it done professionally. Bret Barber does a great job. I've seen too many DIYers who don't know what they're doing butcher their manifolds.
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    Anyone use Eibach R1?

    A friend of mine road courses his car on the R2 set. Car is on rails and he loves it. The R1 should be pretty similar in performance.
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    Car spins terribly after installing bmr springs and stickier tires

    I imagine it didn't have 20s stock. 20s are always going to be harder to hook on. Even though the tires are wider, they could actually grip less due to being a 20 with less sidewall. Width isn't everything. Which hole are the relocation brackets on? That could make a huge difference as well. The...
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    2013 2014 Replacement Headlight

    I'd first try to fix the one you have. Nothing aftermarket is going to be as well-sealed as oem and most of them will have worse output. Make sure the O-ring on the cap is still good, and clean it if it's dirty. The cap could also not be fully seated correctly, pretty easy to mess that one up...
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    Generic Shorties on Ebay?

    I'd still worry about rust because $150 headers. They can say it's whatever type of stainless they want, doesn't mean it's real or high quality. You also don't know if they used the right welding material to keep it all stainless. That being said, unless you're installing a turbo kit, shorties...
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    2014 Mustang Street N/A Build.

    I agree with this. Not really worth touching anything else until you have longtubes. NA builds are often disappointing without them. You can probably hit your 400 mark without them, but I wouldn't expect to be much past that.
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    Mcleod vs spec

    Those are two very different clutches. I have not heard any good experiences with the street extreme, most go with the RST or RXT. The Spec 2+ is more comparable to the Street extreme and will have better drivability than the 3+. Of course, it would be better to tell us what you're working with...
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    Car has a bad miss at high rpm.

    If you still can't figure it out, try doing a Crank Relearn with an x4 or ngauge.
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    2017 Stock Intake Manifold on 2011 GT

    No worthwhile difference, don't bother. A 2018 manifold is a bit better, but the Boss, Gt350, and Cobra Jet manifolds are still all better than the 2018.
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    Can you tell by dyno sheet if this is F150 or GT?

    Higher torque than hp says f150 to me. But it could have also just been dyno'd incorrectly.
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    Good set of shock/struts?

    Konis are "okay" on stock springs. They should never be run on full soft or full stiff, it wears them out much faster. With lowering springs, they also tend to wear very quickly. I had a set on for maybe 20k miles and all 4 were varying levels of dead. Swapped to Bilsteins and enjoy them MUCH...
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    CJ / PMAS TB fit

    The pmas is not garbage or internet hype, it's the only intake we can get that is actually computer modeled for airflow, and the flow bench tests back it up. That being said, it doesn't fit well with the twin 67 tb due to the larger actuator, and you may need a piece of coupler hose to get it on...
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    Another tuning question

    You actually don't need a handheld for a lot of dyno tuners btw, check with the tuner first. Data logging, despite popular belief, is not just as good as dyno tuning. The dyno gives the tuner immediate feedback and allows them to fine tune things like cam timing better than could be done via...
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    Pad/rotor opinions

    Get centric blank rotors. Drilled are no bueno, especially power stops. Their pads are ok though. Nothing great, just ok.
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    Boss 302 Cluster Swap

    Mileage change, PATS relearn, and i believe you need asbuilt data flashed correctly. I'd look up some base to premium cluster upgrade posts/guides, that's basically what you're gonna have to do. Oh and you'll lose control over all of your mycolor lights, the boss didn't have it.
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    H-pipe for after cat and with cat deletes

    I wouldn't waste time on an after-cat H, you already have one of those. Removing the cats is where any midpipe makes it's power. Lethal OTAs (or even just having the resonators chopped out of stock) and gt500s make for a great sounding combination.
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    Are auto drivers still running the bama 93 race tune daily?

    The race tune isn't really any faster, it's just meant to feel faster and more "racy" Throttle map is more aggressive, shifting is harder, etc. Power is going to be the same. That being said it's fine to run it daily if you can deal with the decrease in drivability.
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    A Different CAI Approach

    I think the reason they don't put the filter in the tube is probably surface area. These tubes are no bigger than 5" diameter, most much smaller. That just isn't much filter area, and would be a huge restriction compared to a big cone filter. You would probably lose far, far more power from the...
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    Rear shock Install.

    You'll know if you didn't tighten them enough, you'll hear a nice metallic clunk in the back when you hit bumps.
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    Lightest factory 2011 GT car

    Spoiler delete is tough to find for sure. Brembo car is a toss up. It might be lighter because it doesn't come with a spare and jack, but those brembo brakes are a fair bit heavier than stock brakes. Plus you can always pull the spare out of a non brembo car for extra weight savings. If you're...
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    2018 intake manifold

    I'm still not convinced it's better than the gt350 manifold. Doesn't make any sense considering Ford said the new Bullitt was getting a gt350 manifold as an upgrade
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    Mustang tail happy rep! Source...

    Inexperienced drivers + easily obtainable power