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    iPhone 8 & 10

    I'll probably get an X in Oct 2018 when the X2 (or whatever) is the new hot phone and the X is "reduced" to around $500. The 8 is really just the 7s, but I guess they are going to ditch the "s" iterations.
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    Two killed in Hellcat Challenger speed/test run at Colorado airport.

    Terrible to hear, but I'm glad it didn't happen during a WGF or similar organized event.
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    Southern Indiana Cobra Owners Out There?

    I'm in Indiana in the Louisville area. Shameful how little I've had my car out this year though. I've been to exactly zero car events of any kind this year.
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    Anyone else making 700+rwhp bored with their car?

    Let someone you trust that can handle the car take you for a ride. It's like adding 25% more power IMO, it will get that rush back. Also, be careful - if that much power feels tame, you might be losing sight of just how fast you are eating up the pavement in front of you and get into a bad...
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    Any Overwatch Players (PC or Console)?

    I'm about to buy a new gaming PC just for this game. I've developed a slight obsession lately with watching game play videos of it on YT, I must now play it for myself lol.
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    Official 2017 Formula 1 thread

    That was back when they used to have ENGINES and not "power units" :(
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    It keeps getting better

    If serious about a car you should get a carfax and autocheck. I saw things show up on one and not the other several times when shopping for a used SUV a few years ago. I'm sure there are still things that go unreported and don't show up on either though.
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    C7 ZR1 @ the pump! (Look at that front end!)

    As with the base C7, not a fan. I would without a doubt take the keys to a zero mile C6 ZR1 over a brand new C7 ZR1.
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    Found these, any opinions

    No chance I would put those on my car - go with a a known brand if you want to get drilled rotors.
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    Procharged S550 vs HCI 383 stroker Camaro

    Nice runs. I think it's more fun to reel someone in and pass them the way you were instead of just leaving them off the hit.
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    2003 Terminator 10th Anniversary

    Not surprised, hope you held firm on your price.
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    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    Found this pic below while looking around on google. This is the closest I've seen that actually shows what I thought it looked like IRL. Haven't seen a video yet that does it justice.
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    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    I can't say I exactly noticed that, but I had read about how just before and after totality, the atmosphere plays tricks with the light and makes shadows "dance". Right after totality I made sure we turned around to see this, we were on concrete and it was like fast moving waves of light on the...
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    First Bronco test mule spotted

    Whatever it is its fugly. Why have the body sit so high? Looks like a rollover waiting to happen.
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    Here We Go Again

    Car looks great for 39k. Definitely one of the most sought out colors, should hold it's value well.
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    Some New Mods Delivered While I Was on Vacation

    Damn, can't believe the bags didn't blow. I would be calling Ford. Glad to see the belts and chassis did their job.
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    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    I ended up about 45 min south of Knoxville in 2 minutes of totality. I had read how being in even 99% wasn't like being in 100%. I thought it was exaggeration, but didn't want to risk it. Now I get it. The view with glasses and without is completely different and you can only get away with not...
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    Tick Tick.....BOOM

    Seems like the best option short of a big custom build...
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    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    Still heading to Eastern TN, about to leave now. South Carolina looks like a bust, nothing but clouds. The area I'm going to is showing clear as of now, but it's sketchy, will have to decide on a final location in the morning I guess. Found an app called Flowx that shows the eclipse path and...
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    Hagerty article on 5 most collectible Gen 4 Mustangs

    Nope - they were right there at #5 - regular GT's Seriously - awesome article except he blew the Terminator production number. He was only off by about 11,000.
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    Anyone else recently upgrade your cable modem and Internet plan for a BIG speed increase?

    What he said - make sure to use CAT 5e or better cable and make sure you have a router than supports gigabit ethernet and hardwire it. As far as routers - sky seems to be the limit anymore. Never thought I would see $400 routers. Nighthawks are probably the most popular high end routers, but...
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    1998 Mustang Cobra Vs Camaro Z28 SS | Retro Review

    Why did the Cobra wheel fitment have to be sooo bad from the factory back then. It's hideous.
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    Value of TR 03 Anniversary with 105k

    Condition and miles are what set the prices, not mods. 5k in nice mods will get you maybe 1 or 2k max on a high mileage car that shows it's miles.
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    Anyone else recently upgrade your cable modem and Internet plan for a BIG speed increase?

    To be honest, unless you are streaming several 4k movies, you shouldn't need more than 100mb\s. Netflix 4k stream is 25mb\s. 1080p is only around 5-10mb\s. The errors were more likely due to signal issues, which could continue with the new higher speed service. Please post back in a month or two...
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    Got caught speeding

    Over a hundred on the ticket is serious business, get a lawyer like yesterday. Your insurance premiums for years will be impacted by that ticket as it stands now, you want that thing reduced. Find a lawyer with an office next to the court house, one that specializes in traffic and minor...