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  1. Rare40th

    What would you trade or sell your current car for?

    Well not really, I dont give it the love it deserves. It's actually been a great car and for some reason better than the 2015 I had a few years back. Just hit 61k miles on it, however by 35k miles it had the catalytic converter replaced under warranty and I counted a total of 12 CEL's before...
  2. Rare40th

    What would you trade or sell your current car for?

    I drive a beater '21 wrx but I would give it away to have my Uncles 94 Rio Red Cobra and my old 40th anniversary GT back honestly. Outside of that Subaru sends me those idiotic appraisal "we want your car" things and if they were serious on their number I would sell it for what they keep sending...
  3. Rare40th

    Avid golfers, how often do you fall into a slump?

    I feel like I fall into slumps here and there, it's just natural I believe even pros have off days. Especially early in the year because I don't practice in the winter. I also play softball so occasionally I get that alternate swing that just boogers everything up. I did reach out to a guy that...
  4. Rare40th

    Serious question: Who lives where it's NOT turning into a shithole?

    North eastern CO in Keenesburg. Grew up 20 mins south in Brighton and watched that blow up into a mini Denver. Sure it's got some nice amenities but for those of us that lived there our whole life it's turned to straight garbage. In Brighton they are building banks, gas stations, tire shops and...
  5. Rare40th


    In my opinion I am, even to my baby that just turned 1 but I feel its a part of learning since she is my first. The oldest is a step child so parenting in a household that has structure is a chore and a half. Considering how the other "household" "parents". A good chunk of days I do see the...
  6. Rare40th

    Which car sounds better: My full exhaust Shelby GT500 or the full exhaust supercharged C6 corvette.

    I'll say the gt500. Just can't get past the sound of the DOHC mod motor. However, if your buddy puts a cam in the c6..... I may just consider it
  7. Rare40th

    Golfers, Step In

    I play regularly, dealt with a slice issue for a little while. What I did wrong was stand up straight too much, keeping the shaft and club head sitting straight up as well, causing an outside to inside swing path. I then changed my stance so I would drop my hands causing the shaft to be a...
  8. Rare40th

    How far can a new F150 Lightning pull a 6000lb travel trailer?

    I'm pretty familiar with this route. The elevation increase is very subtle, not a lot of ups and downs. And they missed a bunch of traffic, which seems unusual as i-25 from Thornton through Denver and again around the AFB is miserable throughout the day
  9. Rare40th

    Get Your Blood Pumping

    That is not how I expected that to end
  10. Rare40th

    Colorado Fires! WOW

    I was playing golf about 20-25 miles south east or so from there. It was crazy how fast it started and tore through the neighborhoods. I don't even think an hour passed that our phones got news notifications for evacuations in Boulder county and such. Winds were gusting about 60 where we were...
  11. Rare40th

    2000 BAB GT Makeover

    Man your brother would be proud. That thing is gorgeous the way it is
  12. Rare40th

    Any avid golfers in here?

    You are not kidding but man seeing a ball just take flight and hang in the air for what feels like minutes is something of a beauty. Longest I've had was 434 and that was at elevation in Vail.
  13. Rare40th

    Any avid golfers in here?

    Pretty avid I would guess. I just recently got fitted and switched to Callaway Mavrik Pro's. And just picked up a PXG driver in 9* and a 3 wood. Handicap is a 4.3 but I enjoy playing in general. Never had a personal lesson except when I picked up clubs at the age of 8, pretty much self taught...
  14. Rare40th

    New driver woes

    Watching my folks live across the street from a school, I can not count how many times middle aged people took out their mailbox and their neighbors. Glad there wasn't a kid standing there. Sorry man but this was quite funny. The sound when it comes off of the small ledge almost had me in tears.
  15. Rare40th

    The Strid (Worlds Most Dangerous River)

    Looks like the type of river you'd find 3 buddies searching for lost treasure at. "What are you a class 4 or 5 guide?" "Mhm try putting those numbers together. That's right I've shot a class 45 before and I've never lost a man" I think I'll stick to small ponds and lakes with our kayaks
  16. Rare40th

    New wheel/tire post (19x11 square)...

    I may be wrong but I believe @tones_RS3 had a wheel setup like that at one point. I really like the setup
  17. Rare40th

    Damn TX!

    sad truth is a good chunk of that could have been prevented. Problem is todays modern "super trucker" thinks they only need a massive headset, 4 different gps tools and their instagram to get them around. The CB is essentially a waste of space in modern trucks.
  18. Rare40th

    Top Fuel engineering...really cool vid

    Clay Millican has his own youtube video and does a lot of in depth coverage of what goes into them. Sitting at the top of Bandimere is enough for me, I can't imagine being the crew or any track members that sit near the starting line
  19. Rare40th

    Some very special cars...

    29 years of being on this planet and I just now learned about the side panel for storage/luggage
  20. Rare40th

    03 Cobra w VMP Gen 3R 2.65L Supercharger - Stick Shift - Best 1/4 Mile 10.6 at 133.5 MPH

    Love me some OW Cobra action. However that black 03 has me thinking I could own one in that color
  21. Rare40th

    2000 Cobra R #111 Build Thread

    Looking good!
  22. Rare40th

    2000 Cobra R #111 Build Thread

    Been following on IG but this thread is awesome. Love the R in stock form but as you said, its your money, go wild with it. If we want to see a virgin unmolested car we will look back at your photos in the first few posts.
  23. Rare40th

    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    Never picked up or touched a welder but my god that is like art work
  24. Rare40th

    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    Like the 1748594 times before just waiting on the first cold start again and seeing where this goes next.
  25. Rare40th

    How many of us have children?

    1, he's 4 and my inherited one from a previous marriage. Starts Kindergarten this year. Must admit with all that's going on it's definitely made things tough to try and keep him informed and progressing to understand everything that's going on. Keeping a mask on him is practically a job itself...