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  1. ram150

    Winter is coming...

    @03cobra#694 Is this dude seriously trying to compare a snow storm to a hurricane ?? :rolleyes: Where is the storm surge with snow ?
  2. ram150

    Built engine time.

    What happened to the Shelby 1000 hood you had made ?
  3. ram150

    Advice needed: upgrade to a VMP 2R or 3R?

    Your horsepower goals will largely depend on how comfortable your tuner is with pushing your engine with that many miles. A Gen 2R can get you to 700rwhp but again will come down to what you tuner feels is safe on 93. Also if you can still find a Gen 2R. Not sure about the hood clearance , I...
  4. ram150

    FOR SALE: 2014 Shelby GT500

    Damn Thanksgiving has brad up early lol
  5. ram150

    Kong vs Jokerz S/C Porting

    I think @Klaus said he used kong for his ZR1 and they screwed his up.
  6. ram150

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Picked up a Springfield HellCat compact to replace my Smith & Wesson Shield for EDC. To be fair I keep at least 3 guns in my car. 11+1 and 13+1 magazines
  7. ram150

    11/09/2022 PowerBall Pool

    That’s the end of that thread.
  8. ram150

    UFOs : who can explain this ?

    UFO theory out the window. Still pretty crazy to see.
  9. ram150

    UFOs : who can explain this ?

    I’m driving to work this morning and I look up and see what I think is a plane . 0530 with heavy fog so it looks like the plane has lights on through clouds but it’s flying backwards not forwards and super bright. Then it explodes starts flying backwards but makes no sound then I start...
  10. ram150

    I didn’t think it could get worse but I was wrong .

    This thread has potential! In before smack down. Although the first 5 pages are kinda confusing.
  11. ram150

    Two Florida Men

    Sounds about Florida.
  12. ram150

    No Voting No Vucking

    What the **** is that thing singing ? Jesus Christ,
  13. ram150

    They caught Tezz, ya’ll!

    I got my weed card yo lol :ROFLMAO: Went straight drill instructor mode on him
  14. ram150

    Hurricane Ian

  15. ram150

    Hurricane Ian

  16. ram150

    Hurricane Ian

    #WheresBrad hope everyone made it out ok
  17. ram150

    Z06 spotted leaving a Ford Facility.

    I’m surprised someone didn’t see a Camaro coming out of the plant when they got done using it for the S650 platform.
  18. ram150

    S650 Dark horse...Price?

    Looking like s550 and below is the way to go from here on out. At least as far as tuning and after market support but definitely not for much longer.
  19. ram150

    2024 S650 Mustang | The Cover is Off | Full Details Inside

    So they locked the ECU and didn’t bother to mention it ? Or did I miss that. Your gonna take this 500 horses and your gonna enjoy it !. No mods for you !
  20. ram150

    SOLD: 03 Cobra Twin turbo 1200whp

    Sweet looking cobra! GLWS. Just need rule #7 of the market rules. Alot of guys on here don’t have Facebook.
  21. ram150

    The hatred for California....

    **** commiefornia and all the libtards that move away and bring that shit to other states.
  22. ram150

    Lost Faith in Humanity

  23. ram150

    13 GT500 Super Snake on BAT

    @2011 gtcs when you getting that 2022 grabber blue GT500 ? :ROFLMAO:
  24. ram150

    Spy Shots: Roush P51-B Widebody Mustang Caught Undisguised

    Adds bushwhacker fender flares = WiDeBoDY kiT. Who’s in charge of the widebody kit they gotta go.
  25. ram150

    2007 GT500 Super Snake Widebody Hole Shot

    @Vinnie_B knows all about the hole shot GT500s