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  1. Bad500Chris

    Maintenance Schedule 07-09 GT500

    It's pretty easy to tell if the brakes need a flush, the reservoir fluid should look clear. If it's dark or has a tint to it, just flush it. Also, I'd recommend pulling the spark plugs and replace them if needed. Cheers.
  2. Bad500Chris

    Man opens fire at a clinic.

    This is no joke, and it's only getting worse with all the lock-down type governments and the continued push for non human interactions.
  3. Bad500Chris

    Who’s in on AMC?? STONKS thread

    Alright, in case this hasn't been discussed, but I'm sure it has somewhere. The point of GME is that they were so massively over-shorted that they had to squeeze, blah blah blah, by know you know what it is. AMC is not the same, yes it is over shorted, but not to the extent of 140% (now 119%)...
  4. Bad500Chris

    New F150 Reveal Tonight at 8PM

    Some of the features look cool, others meh. Overall I dig it.
  5. Bad500Chris

    Dow is Down 900+ points Today 2/24/2020

    Good times to have some cash on hand. Get your stocks on sale!
  6. Bad500Chris

    Dow is Down 900+ points Today 2/24/2020

    Uhh, I don't know where you are getting the info about California hospitals... I work at one that took some of the first patients from TAFB. It's business as usual, minus the million phone calls we get now about how "My dad's-cousin's-friend's-sister was a patient there 6 months ago, is it...
  7. Bad500Chris

    Dow is Down 900+ points Today 2/24/2020

    Every day it's gone down over the past week I've been slowly moving in about 2-3% of my savings into my investment account. Especially into the dividend aristocrat stocks that have been seeing over 5% dividend yield as the market goes down.
  8. Bad500Chris

    Anyone built a cobra kit car?

    I've also been thinking about doing the factory five build. @railroad When did the build process start and how long has it taken you to get to this point? For me it may still be a year or two off, but maybe I'll start looking for unfinished projects like you suggested.
  9. Bad500Chris

    TOP GUN: Maverick

    Found the raw footage of the tower flyby. Don't spill your coffee.
  10. Bad500Chris

    TOP GUN: Maverick

    Agreed ... and here is your tower flyby. There is a short video of it floating around on the interwebs. But 2 Super Hornets buzzing the tower:
  11. Bad500Chris

    Any Dave Ramsey fans in here or financial gurus? Need advice..

    I agree with what Dave says until it gets towards the end. (IE don't go into unnecessary debt.) ROTH IRA, don't sell the car, refi out of the PMI and consider a 15 year fixed. You are on the right track, keep doing what you are doing.
  12. Bad500Chris

    Rivian R1T Electric Truck...?

    The truck looks awesome from the stats, hope it performs well. While it doesn't have the 600+ mile range of my F150 with the large gas tank, with a proper plan for the trip I think one could have some pretty epic adventures with the range it has.
  13. Bad500Chris

    Stupidest Thing About 2020 GT500!

    Ford GT has the same thing. People don't seem to make as big of a fuss about that one.
  14. Bad500Chris

    GT 500 Details

    Car sounds great from the factory, also has some impressive stats. ...but that rotary dial shifter is terrible... also remember the Ford GT has the same thing. I'll be keeping my old boat of a GT500.
  15. Bad500Chris

    Opportunity to relocate to another country - California

    Riverside really isn't great. Not bad, but not great. Fire-arms- don't bother trying to register Dog- dog is good, the county might need some paperwork on the dog (just in case it gets lost they know who it belongs to), very easy. Cobra- not going to pass smog 3000GT- not going to pass smog Taco...
  16. Bad500Chris

    Ford Ranger Configurator - Build & Price

    So we will likely see 50-55k for a Raptor Ranger. Might as well spend a bit more and get the Raptor F-150
  17. Bad500Chris

    E85, VMP Gen3, or Whipple 2.9

    Convert to E85 if it is easily accessible where you are, you won't regret it and it may increase the life of your motor.
  18. Bad500Chris

    2008 GT500 or 2014 Mustang GT

    Add whipple to GT500. You wont regret it.
  19. Bad500Chris

    2008 Shelby purchase

    6 months later: Also, congrats!
  20. Bad500Chris

    Gen 3 2.9 Whipple

    I'm interested in the results
  21. Bad500Chris

    What mileage did you get out of your '07-09 GT500 OEM clutch?

    I beat my stock clutch pretty hard. 30k miles, multiple drag passes, road course, all at 550+rwhp. Started slipping and got replaced. There was even at TSB for this clutch, but never used it. I think it did just fine. Treat it weak and it will be weak.