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    2011+ clutch

    What's everyone's opinion on the best afternarket clutch for these mt-82 cars besides a McLeod? My car only has a few bolt ons and is daily street driven with the occasional drag strip day
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    2013 5.0 and the 8.8

    Need some feed back from the 8.8 rear end goro's out there. I pretty much trashed the rear end in my 2013 at the track. The pion seal blew and the car was driven dry for about an hour. The seal was replaced and the fluids topped off. Wasn't long after the rear end went to s$&t. So far the...
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    1 piece ds pinion angle question

    I'm trying to understand the correct way to set the pinion angle on my car with a shaft master 1 piece ds and UPR adj upper control arm? Shaft master says to set it "0" or stock. I have no reference to this as my car is lowed 1.5 inches and the stock springs are long gone. I've been told 2...
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    2013 8.8 rear end and dealer issues

    I have a 2013 5.0 m6 that's is my daily. I have a few mods but nothing extreme. I am having a lot of clunking and whine from the rear end. Took it to ford and there trying to deny coverage because I have aftermarket suspension parts (springs, shocks/struts, phb, and lower control arms). They are...
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    8.8 rear end mods/beef

    Looking to beef up the rear end in my 2013 5.0. At the moment it's stock w/ 3.31's. bare with me here as I have no experience with the ford 8.8! The car is/will be sporting full bolt on and a 100 shot. What all is recomended to beef up and keep the rear end in check when running slicks/dr's at...
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    SCT live wire help

    I'm trying to understand some things with the SCT data logging software. I'm trying to determine if my car is pulling timing up above 4600 rpm. Ive tried to get info from my tuner and have sent them several data logs. But the car seems to be detonating at 1/2-3/4 throttle starting at 4600 rpm...
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    2013 5.0 1/4 mile and trap

    Went to the track Wednesday after changing a few things. First time out the car was locking out of 3rd real bad. On the 1 clean pass I made I went 13.1 @109 w/ a 2.0 60ft. My question is what RPM are ppl shifting at with the stock intake mani? This last time out I had major traction issues and...
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    E85 question

    There's a few new gas stations by my house that now sell e85. I was wanting to get an E85 tune and switch? Those who run E85: can the stock 2011+ 5.0 fuel system support e85? Are you guy just switching back and forth from e85 to gas or are you leaving e85 in all the time? Did you have to swap...
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    Zex nmu

    Is anyone really familiar with the zex nmu/tps box? I have everything mounted and wired. I've had the kit working in the past but today it's giving me fits. I unhooked everything to clean up the installed. Today I turned the system on and checked the WOT operation and make sure the box was still...
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    2013 5.0 clutch issues

    I have a 2013 m6 5.0 that I recently added a JHR clutch line and NGW shifter. When pressing the clutch at high RPM (anything over 6k rpm) there is a vibration/pulse feeling in the peddle. Also with the car running in neutral with the clutch out there is a slight howl. Pressing the clutch makes...
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    2013 5.0 clutch questions

    I'm sure this has been brought up on several different occasions? I don't have time to scroll through 500+ pages of posts I have a 2013 5.0 with about 13k miles on it. I purchased it new in December of 2012.the car is daily driven with 1 attempt at the track. I only made a few passes because of...