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    Looking for a 99 01 Cobra 03-04 Mach 1 EGR tube

    Did more searching. The part number is: XR3Z-9D477-DB
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    Looking for a 99 01 Cobra 03-04 Mach 1 EGR tube

    I think that may be for a 2v? The 2 small pipes come off the right side on a Cobra/Mach 1 and left on a GT
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    Looking for a 99 01 Cobra 03-04 Mach 1 EGR tube

    I'll take one for sure
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    Looking for a 99 01 Cobra 03-04 Mach 1 EGR tube

    I am 4v swapping a 99 GT and need a 99 01 Cobra or 03-04 Mach 1 EGR tube at a reasonable price. I have a delete kit but would prefer not to use it and have a CEL because the tuner will not turn it off
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    4R70W MVB back to factory VB questions

    If I install a full manual valve body with trans brake on my 4R70w in my 99 GT for use at the track, can I remove it and reinstall the factory automatic valve body for automatic use in the winter? Is it no return after going MVB? Would I need to have 2 transmissions? I searched. Only found...
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    Marijuana, what say you

    If anyone voted no and then compared weed to any other substances you have to change your vote. By comparing it to anything else that is considered bad is a automatic admission that weed is bad.
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    Marijuana, what say you

    Medical use has nothing to do with the slob on his way to work smoking up at 7am, then noon, then on the way home, then after dinner ect. Those people are damaged.
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    Marijuana, what say you
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    Marijuana, what say you

    I have much distain for it. I've seen it's long term effects in friends and family such as non functioning. Examples; Lack of motivation to be self sufficient. Anti everything. No independent thoughts. And the people who use it always regurgitate the arguments in favor of it that they heard...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I once drove a loaded beer truck with 5 speed and 2 speed axle while eating McDonald's pancakes because I was hungover from the previous night.
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    WANTED: 99-04 GT Air filter housing & Intake Tube

    I have a full stock setup off my 99 GT.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Vinyl wrapped it. Zoom in close.
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    01 Seats Converting to 03/04 Foam and Covers questions

    I converted my 99 GT seats to 03-04 Cobra from TMI (vinyl and suede). Couldn't be more happy. In my case I did have to buy a set of Cobra head rests. I found a folding set for cheap. I would follow most of the advice from above. I would not do away with the power adjustment personally. And I...
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    WANTED: Set of 8 connecting rods.

    Looking for a set of 8 stock Terminator rods or other forged set that is useable in a 2v build. Price has to be well worth buying used.
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    WANTED: 4.6 Windsor aluminum valve covers.

    Looking for a good set of aluminum valve covers for a 4.6 Windsor 2v. 13/14 bolt. Let me know if you have a set you want to sell for a mentally sane price please. I'm also interested in a Mishimoto front mounted intercooler and PI intake manifold for 99-04.
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    Apparently there is a dude buzzing LAX via homemade jetpack

    Some are saying it's a drone. Head is drone with some coveralls hanging from the bottom
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    Discount Tire Current Promotions

    @Discount Tire I need 2 Firestone FIREHAWK GT HP 235 /50 R18 97H SL BSW GM item #33337 for my daughters car asap. She wants to stay with original equipment. Any help would be appreciated, and thank you.
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    Worth changing the stock intake at all?

    I would definitely go with the Bullit if you found one for 350 no doubt. At that price I hope you already bought it. If you don't I will lol. Last time I saw a Bullit for sale I think it was 900 plus. I have seen a few noname aluminum stock replacement manifolds on ebay for a couple hundred but...
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    Worth changing the stock intake at all?

    I did a lot of online reading on this subject a few years ago. The consensus was just use the Ford Performance PI intake. The bullit was to expensive, added weight, and the gain was not worth either. If you are crazy modified then use the Edelbrock setup.
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    WANTED: Oem low mileage 24lb injectors

    I have a set from a Mercury Marauder 86k.
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    Let's see those Two wheeled Death Machines!

    What I normally ride. May sell it also. I'm looking at getting a sport touring.
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    Let's see those Two wheeled Death Machines!

    I finished putting this together last month. It's for sale locally
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    Battery dies after a day of not driving

    I had a similar problem. After many hours and hours of reading and testing it turned out to be the driver door ajar switch going bad. Replaced it and problem solved. Edit: my overhead light would stay on sometimes also. I just didn't notice it in the daylight
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    FOR SALE: 03/04 Cobra R/C car body

    I'll take the other