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  1. Malern28us

    Next design for the Mustang?

    I would think weight loss would be a priority for Ford. Lighter weight makes it seem like more power to offset stupid EPA regs. It would also handle better and get that almighty increased gas mileage. I don't design cars or pay Fords bills So mine is a wish.
  2. Malern28us

    Suspend the coach for winning by too much?

    I would really love to see the team that lost so badly step up if there is a second time. Teams that press somehow seem to not be as dominate when pressed.
  3. Malern28us

    Suspend the coach for winning by too much?

    Why forfeit? I have personally seen basketball teams down by 30 plus points come back and make it a close game. You learn a lot by losing, even if it's an ass whooping.
  4. Malern28us

    Do we make it another 100 years?

    I keep hoping someone nukes Washington DC while it's in session but it's only a wet dream.
  5. Malern28us

    Suspend the coach for winning by too much?

    I totally get where you are coming from but you don't HAVE to do it. Wonder how some of our new day pussies would look at those old killer UCLA, IU and Duke BB teams. You don't want to get beaten down? Practice, practice, practice.
  6. Malern28us

    Suspend the coach for winning by too much?

    Can't believe so many are even entertaining the idea that this is bullying? For Pete's sake. The team got beaten badly, that is all. Just as bad as some damn socialists bitching that someone makes too much money....
  7. Malern28us

    GM Releases ZZ632 Big Block | 1,000HP on Pump Gas

    Can't even imagine how fun that would be....
  8. Malern28us

    Whipple Superchargers NMRA World Finals | Holley Intergalactic Ford Fest 2021 Recap/Review

    I really am getting into the old Ford trucks lately. I never know when these things come up anymore. BG is only a few hours away...
  9. Malern28us

    Truck tires

    I ended up going with Cooper Discovery Rugged Trek. I am limited to stock 22 I ch wheels though. 5k miles in and I like them
  10. Malern28us

    Just my kinda luck....

    For anyone asking, it was an $8k mower 7 years ago when I purchased new. I want a new stand on/ behind mowers but those are salty AF
  11. Malern28us

    Just my kinda luck....

    I did 6 months ago. Trust me when I say it was on correctly.
  12. Malern28us

    Just my kinda luck....

    Ita a Simplicity Cobalt 61 inch. It's not a throw away and buy another type mower.
  13. Malern28us

    Just my kinda luck....

    Well...yesterday was an adventure. Went out to mow my lawn in the heat. Finished 99 percent of the mow and heard something snap. Then I heard something that sounded like golfballs in a coffee can. Shut off the mower and went to investigate. Imagine my surprise to see the rear of the mower...
  14. Malern28us

    SVTP is Going Offline | We’re Moving | New Server News and Software Updates

    Just need to know where to send it....
  15. Malern28us

    SVTP is Going Offline | We’re Moving | New Server News and Software Updates

    I went to re up my membership but it only gave me the option to cancel?
  16. Malern28us

    I will miss you Ellie

    Made me tear up just looking at the pictures. I went through the same situation a few years ago when my dog had cancer. I blamed myself for months. It literally made my heart ache. Glad you had such a good friend for 12 years.
  17. Malern28us

    Trade 2013 for SC'd 2017 ?

    What did that cost. Seriously considering getting a Dynavin
  18. Malern28us

    Trade 2013 for SC'd 2017 ?

    A 2013 in my neck of the woods is considered a steal at $21k right now. Your getting hosed.
  19. Malern28us

    What else can go wrong?

    You should've seen the shit a contractor tried pulling on my 70 year old parents. I was ready to kneecap some people.
  20. Malern28us

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    It's painful when you spend a lot of money and stuff isn't perfect. I can relate. Hope you get it all fixed correctly and thank goodness it's under warranty! I tend to buy used so if it isn't perfect, I try to get the price down. Makes me smile from ear to ear cause I am not out to impress...
  21. Malern28us

    Solo Road Trip

    Way out of your way but..... Everyone goes to Glacier National Park and takes Going to the Sun abroad to cross the park. There is a road that travels around the southern part of the park and heads north to Canada. Basically the long way around. There are switchbacks that would make Tail of...
  22. Malern28us

    OTA pipes - high temp insulation tubes/wrap?

    If your fuel line plastic covers are still intact, your biggest risk would be melting those. I have the Borla and have had no problems.
  23. Malern28us

    The cross road state Indiana

    What part of the state is the job located? I live in a small town outside Ft Wayne and love it! 15 minute drive to Ft Wayne, low cost of living, and limited number of douchebags. Firearms laws aren't the best but not bad. Property taxes are going up but nothing compared to NY.
  24. Malern28us

    New Vehicle Prices...

    Just in case if you are a first responder, you should get an additional $1k off...