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  1. Blackoyote

    Metalcore Returns!!! - All That Remains - Divine

    Metalcore didn't go anywhere, been soooooo much good stuff in last couple of years! Hell even ATRs last album I thought was a banger, Blood I Spill and **** Love were the shit. If you haven't been following Polaris, look into them.
  2. Blackoyote

    Bank rate survey finds: 56% of Americans cannot cover a $1000 emergency

    A few years ago I remember a study from one of the large institutions that said 64% of households couldn't cover a $400 emergency honestly hearing this new study isn't a shock and honestly surprised it's not worse than that. So many people are just bad at saving money...
  3. Blackoyote

    2005 Acura RSX A-Spec | Retro Review

    Hey I'd take an FD over a DC5 all day lol...but yeah the old DSMs were also the shit. I briefly had a GVR4 back in 2001, would love a clean one now but in reality I want a clean basic bolt on 1st gen AWS Talon TSi. Then again since I got my 911 I'm 100% out of space, so that's a problem haha.
  4. Blackoyote

    2005 Acura RSX A-Spec | Retro Review

    Always loved these cars, got to spend a lot of time in an 02 Type S that a friend got when we were in high school in 2003. I've been trying to get a white 05/06 Type S for years for a reasonable price & now I regret not pulling the trigger on the clean 100k mile ones that were $8k years back...
  5. Blackoyote

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Thanks! A GT3 is definitely in my future, but the NEXT car I get will be a GTR or a 997.2 Turbo S (or 991 Turbo S, see how market is in a few years on them). I've got a feeling I'll have to keep this car as I'm realizing everyday more and more how rare it is...darn haha. Also I ordered OPGs...
  6. Blackoyote

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    After a long time searching, I found my first P Car - grew up sweating 911s pretty hard. With all of my cars being white I had to keep that up, it was a hard search as Porsche doesn't make a lot of non-GT cars in white. Even harder, I wanted a 997.2, and to put the cherry on top I wanted a 3...
  7. Blackoyote

    Swing of emotions

    That's ****ing AWESOME dude!
  8. Blackoyote

    Best Sportsbike 600cc and up

    Depends man, what will you be doing with it and how much do you want to mess with ergos? Mostly just commuting with a little excitement? CBR Mostly just for fun, go out and hit some canyons and you're 6' or taller and don't want to mess with ergos? GSXR or ZX6R Straight up track machine...
  9. Blackoyote

    Rimac vs GP KTM vs supercharged Busa

    That's exactly it, the president of KTM issued a statement a few years back about their responsibility for consumer safety.
  10. Blackoyote

    Rimac vs GP KTM vs supercharged Busa

    They're making around 280hp from the top GP bikes...but also keep in mind, each of those bikes costs MORE than the Rimac :0
  11. Blackoyote

    Is my response too aggressive to a potential customer?

    Since this is what you do for a living, what do you think this would cost me? Nothing fancy, this is a cookie cutter vinyl siding spec home. HOA has given me approval to add on another garage to my house, rough scope is: 30x15 foundation/pad expansion Relocate utility meters from side of house...
  12. Blackoyote

    Utah dealer, too good to be true?

    Lol, how can this be taken slightly seriously. Clearly a scam to collect deposits on their 'super excellent' priced vehicles. Annoying thing, these are the comp prices dumbasses use to compare for real things, because they're delusional enough to think they're real vehicles lol.
  13. Blackoyote

    Ferrari says NO to EV’s

    For sure, but the article says 'Ferrari doesn't plan to go EV or hybrid any time soon'...or something like that. I was just pointing out they have definitely already done hybrid lol
  14. Blackoyote

    Ferrari says NO to EV’s

    But, they already have made hybrids lol...
  15. Blackoyote

    Took the Porsche 911 turbo S to the track

    SECKS. My current plan/goal is to be buying an early 991 Turbo S some time in the next 18-24 months, until then I just have to dream of the elegant violence.
  16. Blackoyote

    Ecoboost cam phaser rattle experts, step inside...

    From all of my research there is only the bandaid of replacing, it will happen again. I just got my truck back after Ford had it for over a month, got cam phasers done, trans rebuilt, and some work done on the pano sunroof. Glad I paid extra for that extended Ford Warranty!
  17. Blackoyote

    Teacher teaches his students best lesson

    Oh good god, the owner is a ******. $4k in damage from slowing down a few times from 160mph? And wore the tires down? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but at the mile events nobody is really digging hard out of the hole or doing burnouts but more progressively getting into it...
  18. Blackoyote

    Attempted high speed drift?

    It was an M3 from what I read...thinking he lost control going around that curve, lack of experience.
  19. Blackoyote

    Raptorize all the stuff

  20. Blackoyote

    The system is rigged

    Hmmm...I keep all mine paid down to $0 every 2 weeks and always get balance increases without asking. These are cards that are all in the mid $20k limit range, and I rarely see over $3k a month on them. I figured if they lowered a limit on anyone it'd be me since I pay them 0 interest and they...
  21. Blackoyote

    SpaceX starship...cleared to fly

    Pressurization issue they had to get squared away from what I saw
  22. Blackoyote


    God what a ****ing dick bag the biker is...get the **** out of the left lane if someone is behind you, period/thread/over. Driver is going to get the book thrown at them, but I understand the rage and why they did it.
  23. Blackoyote

    Silly question about a car I really want

    Haven't read every single post, but see a few mentioning how much of a PITA rear facing would be...I think it would be easier than the forward facing if you have one of the types that just click into the base. Literally swing that bitch in and CLICK! My son rides in the back of my Boss a few...
  24. Blackoyote

    Current New Vehicle Market

    I just bought an F150 from a Ford dealer (used), they couldn't match the rate of my Credit Union even with perfect credit (844, close enough). CU is 5.25% for 72, dealer couldn't get under 5.64% (I still used them for ease, and it'll be getting mostly paid off once my 4Runner sells).
  25. Blackoyote

    Vacation home rental?

    I've been on the hunt for a while for one as well, glad I waited. Prices have been steadily coming down since September/October last year - I'm also looking in SC (Myrtle Beach). I'm waiting for a smokin' deal, be warned...look into the tax rates you'll have to pay being a non-SC resident. In...