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  1. Emwun Garand

    03 Sonic Blue Cobra for sale (24,000 miles)

    I pm'ed a few weeks ago and it was 'pending sale this week'.
  2. Emwun Garand

    New Market Rules

    What happened to the "trader rating" that profiles used to show?
  3. Emwun Garand

    ISO: Clean SB Coupe. No race cars

    Willing to spend for the right vehicle.
  4. Emwun Garand

    ISO: Clean SB Coupe. No race cars

    Anyone out there hiding a nice Sonic Blue Coupe anywhere? I see once a year or so a nice low mileage garage queen pops up on here. Looking to get into another Terminator and not going to settle for anything but exactly what I want this time.
  5. Emwun Garand

    Some questions re:03 GT

    My boss just bought his son a 2003 GT 5 speed for his 16th b-day. I was hoping some of you guys could help me out with some questions he had. #1 being will a 10.5" wheel 17" diameter fit on the stock axle studs? He's got a 5/16" spacer on there right now but the 9" width wheel still sits too...
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  7. Emwun Garand

    FS: 04 Cobra Coupe/Black/Single Turbo

    Imgur Album of some photos Trying this again. Selling my 2004 Cobra #3311 of #3768 Reason for sale is quite frankly, I built this car to run hard but I can't afford to fix anything if I break it. :bash: I am looking for either cash to pick up a new daily and mod my IS300, or, a straight trade...
  8. Emwun Garand

    Serpentine belt

    Does anyone know if Gates makes an HD/Green version of the Motorcraft JK6941 belt for these cars? If so, a part # would be amazing.
  9. Emwun Garand

    Car dies when I engage clutch, thoughts?

    see post #4
  10. Emwun Garand

    Radiator leaking, replacement recommendations?

    I have a Mishimoto I bought over 2 years ago and the car sat for a while so it's leaking in two spots. I can't find anyone that carries the thing anymore and I don't have the original receipt so I don't think I can get a replacement from them. What does everyone recommend as the next best thing?
  11. Emwun Garand

    Alternator woes

    Turbo 04 Cobra here. Would you guys recommend TuffStuff, PA Performance, or Powermaster? What amp, 130, 150, or 200? I want to get an aftermarket one for the black housing, and the OEM one is on its last leg.
  12. Emwun Garand

    Alternator woes

    Turbo 04 Cobra here. Would you guys recommend TuffStuff, PA Performance, or Powermaster? What amp, 130, 150, or 200? I want to get an aftermarket one for the black housing.
  13. Emwun Garand

    Rear wheel hub

    Any IRS rear hub should work for 99-04, right?
  14. Emwun Garand

    Turbo Cams

    What did you guys go with? Right now I'm running Modified single Hellion kit with a PTE 7675CEA. (still has stock manifolds and crossover pipe, no forward facing stuff unfortunately) Increased the downpipe diameter, swapped to Borla Stingers mufflers. Roush ported heads HPP Sheetmetal upper /...
  15. Emwun Garand

    WTT: Billetflow TB

    WTS: Billetflow TB Ran out of patience trying to trade this, it's for sale now.
  16. Emwun Garand

    Various Parts for sale

    First off, getting rid of these parts because I no longer have the time for the project I was planning. Prices are pretty firm, willing to negotiate to some degree but not much. Prices include shipping. Here's an album link to the pics. T4 flange turbo blanket never...
  17. Emwun Garand

    ITT you will post Black SN95/NE/Terminator with black wheels

    aaaaaaannnnddddd go here's mine, shitty cell phone pic my body shop guy took, hoping to have better ones soon. Shaved the antenna and painted the hood underside, along with some other stuff fixed, small scratches, etc.
  18. Emwun Garand

    WTS: 18" GT500 Replicas

    *******************SOLD***************** I bought these wheels about 2 years ago from American Muscle. They're 2010 GT500 replica wheels, black with a machined face. They have the 94-04 offset. The wheels are in really good shape. Any white dots you see in the pics is just dust because I didn't...
  19. Emwun Garand

    FS: 3" Stainless Bassani mufflers

    I have a set of stainless steel 3" Bassani mufflers. I swapped mufflers to MACs. These have approx 100 miles on them or less. $150 shipped link to pics added
  20. Emwun Garand

    Back to Basics

    Trying to actually go reverse as far as mods go. I'm getting rid of the K member and Control Arms that I have and going back to stock. I'm also ditching the coil overs and going back to H&R springs. That said, the parts I'm putting back in the car are coming off a 113k mile Cobra with the...
  21. Emwun Garand

    Differences between

    Besides the obvious sidewall difference, will one of these outperform the other? Nitto Invo 275/30ZR-19 96Y XL B Nitto Invo 275/35ZR19 XL 100W B I've got a set of 19x9" front wheels and the previous owner has a 245 on it and it's stretching a bit. Getting ready to order tires from you guys...
  22. Emwun Garand

    Teksid guys

    What differences do I need to be aware of when swapping a 98 Teksid block into the car? Just trying to get an idea of what additional parts I'm going to need or might have to remove.
  23. Emwun Garand

    WTB: C-Head Cam Caps/Girdles

    or a set of junk C-heads. I need to replace 5 of the 8 cam cap/girdles as the ones on my heads are cracked. Ford doesn't sell these individually or even as a set.
  24. Emwun Garand

    First dyno

    Got bored and dynoed the car saturday. With the old blower setup it made 817/687 22* timing 21 psi boost 56* ambient temps with very low humidity With the new setup it made 695/580 16* timing 17.5 psi boost 92* ambient temps with very high humidity Not bad. A buddy and I were...
  25. Emwun Garand


    So I've got the Hellion single kit into a 3" catback. Was Bassani, hated the sound so I welded in some MAC mufflers b/c I had them when I was running longtubes and the blower. The MAC's did very little to change the note. It still raspy at lower rpm's and I cannot stand the farm truck sound...