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  1. biminiLX

    2024 NHL Playoffs

    Florida is good. -J
  2. biminiLX

    Old Gas Pedal Recall (06S43) what is involved?

    If you can’t find the bracket I just cut the carpet so it would lay flat but we actually had the throttle stick on the carpet while in the dyno getting its baseline pulls. Poor dyno operator needed new pants. -J
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    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    I’m your huckleberry :) Or should I say hucklebearer -J
  4. biminiLX

    WTB Whipple

    Good by me. -J
  5. biminiLX

    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    We definitely need a Detroit area meet this year. I need to see how the 315/50/17s hook up against these SS 345 steam rollers! -J
  6. biminiLX

    The wait begins...

    Didn’t realize they were in town! That would have been cool to attend. -J
  7. biminiLX


    D&D Performance near Detroit in Wixom MI is a great resource on Tremec: Good luck. -J
  8. biminiLX

    2024 NHL Playoffs

    Florida is good. Oilers over Stars. -J
  9. biminiLX

    Which mid pipe with Magnaflow streets

    MRT catless H is my vote -J
  10. biminiLX

    2024 NHL Playoffs

    I actually do agree with you guys. Panthers have been impressive. Would love to see a game 7 at MSG -J
  11. biminiLX

    2024 NHL Playoffs

    NYR will do it in 7 and Oilers are going to close at home. Either way it’s been awesome nightly playoff hockey -J
  12. biminiLX

    JLT Carbon Fiber 155mm Super Big Air Intake

    Supercar cams are the same as stock ‘13-14 cams and a good upgrade. So that helps but your biggest limitations are the stock blower and TB. If you’re not planning a TVS swap then you definitely don’t need the big JLT. Unless you’re planning a big power build stay away from the Super big JLT. -J
  13. biminiLX

    Well, that was humbling. BMW M4 competition.

    When I run a drag radial everything is off. I found the traction control more dangerous at least on stock tires. -J
  14. biminiLX

    Goals 750-800 rwhp

    Any reason not to coat? Whenever mine come out I’ll rework one tube for clearance and then do a ceramic based coating just for heat protection. My trans and tunnel get hot from the big pipes. I’ve used wrap before and it does work and I think it’s fine for a fair weather use never rain scenario...
  15. biminiLX

    Compression for boost

    What is your question? Lots of variables mainly fuel and boost levels but 11-12:1 is common now with many builds especially coyotes. -J
  16. biminiLX

    Something a little different.

    Badass. Nice work -J
  17. biminiLX

    AOD wont shift out of park

    T5 swap? What guys have already said should help you diagnose. Cool project good luck. -J
  18. biminiLX

    Trade F250 platinum for a new XL F250 and mustang GT?

    But for motivation the S550 manual was an awesome daily for me I’d definitely. Unfortunately I needed 4 doors. -J
  19. biminiLX

    Well, that was humbling. BMW M4 competition.

    E85 is like buying 110+ octane from the pump. Lidio also uses Boostane or octane booster in some cases. I’ve ran his pump game and mainly E85 tunes for years. Glad you like the gears. Those BMW and equivalent E85/auto/awd/turbo deals mean you need to be the right gear and bang out a couple...
  20. biminiLX

    FOR SALE: 2013 Shelby GT500 7231 Miles Origin al Owner

    And these are the comfy Recaros :) It’ll find the right buyer and the perfect ‘13-14 to buy if you planned to modify. I run the same drivetrain and it’s the best foundation. Good luck Dale. -J
  21. biminiLX

    Picked up an S197

    What fuel? How much boost expected? -J
  22. biminiLX

    2024 NHL Playoffs

    Going back to NYC. Boston not looking good but not over. -J
  23. biminiLX

    Post most recent Pics of your '20-'22 GT500...

    Kona blue? Nice combo -J
  24. biminiLX

    2024 NHL Playoffs

    Ride the hot goalie so I’m sure he’ll be in tomorrow trying to go home up 2-0. Damn good late 2 OT game tonight! -J