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  1. Gallows

    IRS swapped SN95's

    I did my IRS swap last year and am having an issue with the drivers side tire hitting the fender lip. I am running the FTBR IRS package, red H&R race springs (came with the IRS) and 18x10 FR500 wheels with 315/30/18 tires. I rolled the fenders and am still having the rubbing. What are you...
  2. Gallows

    OOS BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW NT

    Hi Travis, Looking for a pair of BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW NT 295/35R-18 99Y BSW but they are out of stock. Any idea when you would be getting an order?
  3. Gallows

    Evolution of a 97 Cobra

    I bought my 97 Cobra in April of 2005 and started off with a stock car other than a K&N air filter and 98 Cobra wheels. I added a Hurst shifter, 4:10 gears , Flowmaster American Thunder catback, custom H pipe and Eibach lowering springs and wider [at the time] 275-40-17's for the rear. Life was...
  4. Gallows

    WTB Pro 5.0 long shifter handle

    Looking for a long Pro 5.0 shifter handle. The shorty isn't working for me anymore and the MGW adjustable handle is a piece of crap.
  5. Gallows

    radio swap in 97 Cobra

    I am looking at a 6-pack cd player out of a vert. It appears to be a standard sound setup and I was curious if it will work with the Mach 460 system in the Cobra or will I have issues?
  6. Gallows

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I don't find any of it funny and scroll though the pages until I find something that reflects the title of the thread.
  7. Gallows

    Aviator swap completed

    My crown jewel FR500. I need some other mods to get the most out of it but it looks sweet sitting there now. It's nice to be rid of the s/c, intercooler piping and actually have some room to work again. Last pic is how low the ARH headers and cats are.
  8. Gallows

    American Racing Headers

    Is anyone running American Racing Headers on a 96-98? I spoke to the owner and he said the 1-5/8''s have been discontinued and they are only making 1-3/4'' now and with our trans cross member the X pipe isn't a direct fit. I am curious on how low the setup is.
  9. Gallows

    96-98 Cobra short runner & IMRC deletes

    F/S 96-98 Cobra short runner SOLD!!! I have a 96-98 Cobra short runner done by na svt f/s Asking $525.00 shipped. Paypal only and buyer is responsible for fees. What you get - Upper lid - lower short runner These pics are from when I got the SR from Todd and the intake is off the car and...
  10. Gallows

    Aviator swap?

    I spun a bearing on my 97 Cobra last weekend but was not going to do a build next year or possibly longer. Tonight, a friend of my fathers offered me a 2003 Aviator 4v complete from intake to oil pan with 6500 miles for $1500. Life would be to simple if it was a direct swap so I assume that I...
  11. Gallows

    What are you guys doing for spring mods?

    I had big plans for mine but my wife has been off of work for medical reasons so all it is getting is a new set of rear tires and maybe if I stop procrastinating I'll install my catch can that I bought last year.
  12. Gallows

    Name change please

    When someone gets a chance could you please change my user name to Gallows.
  13. Gallows

    Struts and shocks for a 97 w/IRS

    I am pricing parts for my IRS swap and for a primarily DD what struts and shocks should I be looking at for a 97 w/IRS and red H&R lowering springs?
  14. Gallows

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    ROFL that is awesome!
  15. Gallows

    New reply notification

    Is anyone getting New reply notification emails from SVTP? I haven't gotten one all night and when check the boards there have been new replies to the posts.
  16. Gallows

    I don't know whether to title this my lucky day or FML.

    Had a steady day at work and was just getting finished up when my wife called to say she thought the house was on fire. I asked if she called 911 but she said that I was the first call she made. I flew home in the Cobra and found the laundry room full of smoke. The FD arrived and we found it was...