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  1. Daron

    2001 cobra rear bumper

    White rear 01 cobra bumper. Great condition. No dents.
  2. Daron

    Vortech bypass valve

    Works great. Barely used. $220 [email protected] Com
  3. Daron

    Vortech bypass valve

    Hey i got the beloved bypass valve for sale. Irs super clean . Basically brand new . Message me for pictures i guess . Can't figure it out. $220.00 [email protected]
  4. Daron

    i need a helping hand. turbo 2001 precision cea 76 making 450hp

    Would it be crazy to ask someone from our group that would be able to tune my car and maybe willing to teach me a little bit on the rhe software. My car has...
  5. Daron

    Cobra needs some attention.

    Would it be crazy to ask someone from our group that would be able to tune my car and maybe willing to teach me a little bit on the rhe software. My car has...
  6. Daron

    turbod cobra in NEED OF TUNE. help please. I'm dying.

    Would it be crazy to ask someone from our group that would be able to tune my car and maybe willing to teach me a little bit on the rhe software. My car has...
  7. Daron

    turbod cobra in NEED OF TUNE.

    Would it be crazy to ask someone from the SHOW US YOUR MUSTANG group that would be able to tune my car and maybe willing to teach me a little bit on the rhe software...
  8. Daron

    2001 Cobra tranny tr3650 , driveshaft, centerforce 2 clutch,adjuster,quadrant ,cable

    Hey everybody I'm going with a th400 swap in my Cobra. So I'll be selling a complete tr3650 swap. With 2 ford racing cables, centerforce stage 2 clutch, flywheel, adjustable fire wall thing, aluminum quadrant. It's still in my car and runs flawlessly. If interested let me know...
  9. Daron

    Racing Gauges 5in tach , speed, oil,wat, volt, fuel

    Hello, I have a set of gauges I bought and they are used but in fantastic condition. $220 takes them all. tach 5in, speedometer 3 3\8 water temp 52mm fuel level 52mm oil and volt meter are 1.5in Thanks for lookin!
  10. Daron

    Brand new Racing seats

    I got these seats in trade, they are brand new and come with the sliders. Need brackets. They say Sparco but I cant find them on the sparco website. $650+ shipping
  11. Daron

    fs: FMIC

    Nice Intercooler off my turbo'd 01 cobra. $130
  12. Daron

    Pro Flow maf with housing and 01 4v factory coil pack

    Stock Coil packs. Very clean and no rust inside or around springs. $70 Pro Flow maf with housing. Offmy novi 2000 01 cobra set up. maf says "96 s/c gt" $100
  13. Daron

    Pro Charger Red race blow off Valve, brand new

    I got this Procharger Red race blow off bypass valve.Comes with aluminum flange . NEW $360 shipped
  14. Daron

    Black Racing Seats FS

    Got these and don't need them. Brand new with sliders. looking to get $650 plus shipping.
  15. Daron

    Procharger Red race BOV, stock 01 coil packs 4, PRO FLOW maf with housing

    Red Valve with aluminum flange new - $360 Stock coil packs off 01 cobra - $ 100 PRO FLOW maf with housing calibrated for a s/c 42lb injector. Nos bottle brand new 10lb -$150 Thanks for looking
  16. Daron

    Parts for sale . Sparco seats, procharger RACE bov, 01 Cobra bumper, coil packs -->

    Hey guys I have a few things sitting around that I don't need so Im parting with. I have a pair of Sparco seats I got from a friend, brand new never installed includes new sliders. I cant find them on the internet for pricing so make offer. Procharger big red race bov. brand new with...
  17. Daron

    76mm 2001 cobra

    hey guys, heres a short video. thought it sounded cool! car made only 610 on 15lbs. . seems a lil low. didnt get a chance to use the meth kit yet. how much psi and fuel are you guys running with this combo. 76 bb turbo forged race d.s.s level 20 block. stock heads 76mm turbo 2001...
  18. Daron

    Diablo Sport M.a.f.i.a and Pro Flow maf sensor and 3.5in housing

    Hey guys, I upgraded to a hpx maf and housing so i have some parts for sale. Just a diablo sport mafia extender. Used this for a while with my novi 2000. Was making 520whp on level setting 3 with a 90mm maf and 42lb injectors. looks like they retail for about $180 new so Ill take 130...
  19. Daron

    RC 42lb Injectors

    Hey guys i have 42lb RC injectors out of 2001 cobra. was making 520whp, brand new filters and o rings on each injector. 8 Reason for selling. Thought that they were 60#'ers And i went turbo. So I bought 80#'ers. They even come with the adaptor's to eve6. $350 obo retail ? RC 42lb...
  20. Daron

    2001 cobra tranny and rear end . how much can it hold !?

    hey guys, quick question. I'm going to get my car tuned this coming weekend, I hope. just curious to what number you guys have made with your 2001 cobras under boost. im turbo'd . :) so ya. max I should go with my stock IRS, stock tranny, and a stage 3 clutch masters . :read: thanks...
  21. Daron

    wtb 80# injectors for my 2001 cobra

    Hey everyone im looking for 80# injectors that will plug n play for my cobra. Its getting tuned as soon as I find a home for my 60#'ers and get new 80's. Help please Daron
  22. Daron

    Who has made the most power on 60# injectors?!?!?!

    yo guys ive heard so many opionons on how much power can be made on 60# injectors on a cobra motor, turbo. What's the most any of you have had with your set up. numbers please thanks!
  23. Daron

    AM I READY ?! tying to crack 750whp on turbo 4v

    hey everybody, time to tune my 2001 turbo Cobra . Im making this post hoping to hear some feedback on set-up and what I can expect from tuning. And If im ready to get my goal. My plan is to make 750whp ish. Later, after I learn how to drive this car I will throw race gas in with...
  24. Daron

    My oxford white 4v turbo ftw

  25. Daron

    My 76mm bb turbo 2001 Cobra build. Gonna be 1 of kind.

    Hey svtp guys, I have my 2001 White Cobra that I decided to go to turbo with. The car previously had my Novi 2000 system on and ran fantastic for over a year. Though it was never beat on, my fuel wasnt enough to keep up with the power. The car made 550whp on a mustang dyno at the hp ranch at...