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  1. ScreamMachine03

    04 comp Conv for Sale $35,000 OBO.

    I'm offering this 1-72 only produced low mileage 04 Cobra for sale. Let's begin with the body and paint it is a Custom one off paint it includes- Competition Orange with 3 coats, House of Color pearl paint code "Big Bad Orange" also 3 coats, and then covered in 4 coats of Dupont clear. This...
  2. ScreamMachine03

    Ever been beat by a Taurus? coyote vs SHO

  3. ScreamMachine03

    Kooks headers and 340lph pumps

    Kooks longtube headers and full exhaust boxed and ready to go!!! 1 5/8 and slp exhaust, mufflers are not in perfect condition the do have imperfections. They still do the job though $850 shipped, this is how the exhaust sounds 9_KoKOUcXM8
  4. ScreamMachine03

    Drunk neighbor crashes thankgiving

  5. ScreamMachine03

    2.8 mammoth Burnout 03 cobra

  6. ScreamMachine03

    03 Cobra with auto, first pass on new build 1/8th mile

  7. ScreamMachine03

    4.2L kenne bell gt500 and 800hp gtr, plus 900 hp corvettes

  8. ScreamMachine03

    WTB. AUTO MACH 1 pcm and transmission harness

    Please if you have these text me 678 710-4185. Thank you
  9. ScreamMachine03

    Hilarious Prank Call, Buddy and I made this video

  10. ScreamMachine03

    Kenne bell mammoth Cobra, auto, Cams

    Well finally back it my car it's been a long road to get here. With multiple injuries in the way of progress, a thief of a transmission builder taking my money saying one thing and doing another. Etc... After all of those hurdles I decided to have a buddy help me make a comeback video. It'll be...
  11. ScreamMachine03

    HELLCAT World Record? NO3x7hu-_-Q
  12. ScreamMachine03

    We be Cammin!! 03 cobra with Cams wrtgdTxBzUg
  13. ScreamMachine03

    Whose cobra is this???

    Whose cobra is this??? Nice Driving XedboZD67Ew
  14. ScreamMachine03

    Couple of runs last night 200+mph flybys

  15. ScreamMachine03

    Couple of runs from yesterday

  16. ScreamMachine03

    6r80 in a 03 cobra?

    I've called them all for pricing on 4R70W, TH400, 4L80E, but before forking out thousands for non overdrive units and ticking time bomb transmissions I thought I'd try. LAST DITCH EFFORT!!! If I can get any help with finding a transmission controller for a 6R80 to work in a 03 cobra I will...
  17. ScreamMachine03

    AUTOMATIC COBRAS Please help

    I recently had a local guy build me a 4r70w I paid the money for the upgraded parts and hardware that he said would handle my power. on the 2nd dyno pull it burnt my 3rd gear., ' new to big power and newer to an automatic transmissions i'm running custom ground cams, arp everything stock rods...
  18. ScreamMachine03

    233mph lambo 1/2 mile record

  19. ScreamMachine03

    Dash command app(anyone use it here)

    I'm new to the dash command app, and I'm looking to buy a OBD2 wifi or Bluetooth reader. Was just hoping that someone here has some experience with the app and which reader you went with. I'm thinking I want a Bluetooth reader so that I'm not using my cellular data while driving the whole...
  20. ScreamMachine03

    Another reason to get a Chevy Silver Ado
  21. ScreamMachine03

    Grudgeruns youtube

    Grudgeruns youtube (FIRE SPITTING GT500)
  22. ScreamMachine03

    More of the Matte black CTS-V and more...
  23. ScreamMachine03

    My buddy's CTS-V burnout
  24. ScreamMachine03

    Hate The Car Above You!!

    It's kinda of like Rate the car above you threads but this one is things you hate about the car above you. Rules are simple: 1. Say something you don't like above the car above your's(or something that could be improved on), then post your car so someone else can say something they don't...