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  1. cozmo2806

    Engine/camshaft gurus in here please

    Hey guys, does anyone in here know how difficult it is to remove the comp limiters from the tivct actuators? My motor was built with comp stg 1 blowers cams and the builder used the limiters. I bought the motor 2nd hand so didn't know anything about them at the time. Now after I've had the car...
  2. cozmo2806

    F.S. DY-1185 oxygen sensor

    I bought this dy-1185 sensor because I thought I had one that went bad. My car ended up calling for the dy-1165 so I have no use for this. It is new in the package. $75 PayPal'd and shipped.
  3. cozmo2806

    F.S. VMP TVS 3.1 pulley

    I have a new 3.1 TVS pulley for sale. I bought it new just to have for my tuning session and never used it. $70 PayPal'd and shipped.
  4. cozmo2806

    Not a terminator, but a few pics of my build I'd like to share

    Finally got my latest project 99% complete. Felt like this one took forever but it finally came together.
  5. cozmo2806

    GT350 manifold on a 11-14 engine

    So does anyone know if the gt350 manifold can be adapted to our engines? Hopefully someone will try and make it work and have success.
  6. cozmo2806

    My caged lower pulley project

    Well a couple years ago, cj428mach (Mike) and I were talking about the 4lb caged lower pulleys. We both had some good ideas, and left it at that. About a month ago, I decided to attempt to make a version of what we talked about. I was able to locate a piece of 6061 aluminum tubing with a 8.5"OD...
  7. cozmo2806

    FS - BNIB walbro 465 fuel pump

    This is a new walbro 465 fuel pump. This pump I bought new from the link to ebay in the distillery section. Ive now decided against e85 and just going to stick with my twin 255 setup. I paid the $128 price on the link, so im looking for $115 shipped. Thanks.
  8. cozmo2806

    custom valve cover fastener kit

    I made a couple different styles to see which id like best. I ended up going with the polished ones so I have a set of the machine finish ones to sell. $60 shipped for a set with the stainless bolts included. Top right in above pic
  9. cozmo2806

    High quality or billet valve cover hardware

    Does anyone know where one could get some nice/trick looking valve cover bolts and hardware. At one point I thought there was a company making nice little billet inserts with bolts that fit in them. I can't seem to find anything nowadays. Hopefully this will turn something up.
  10. cozmo2806

    WTB: GT500 plenum for a TVS (GEN 1)

    I'm looking for a GT500 plenum for a TVS. I want one from a Gen 1 blower so I can remote mount the IAC. Probably be hard to come across but you never know. Thanks.
  11. cozmo2806

    WTB: 2 or 4lb caged lower pulley

    Just as the title states, I'm looking for one of those 2 or 4lb lower caged pullies. I know that it's a long shot, but you never know. Thanks!
  12. cozmo2806

    camshaft experts-comp limiters

    To make a long story short, I bought a motor that had the comp stg 1 blower cams with the comp limiters instaled in it. At the time I didn't know enough about the cams or limiters to mess with them. Now that im on the road with the car, it had developed an oil leak. Its definitely related to...
  13. cozmo2806

    Opinions wanted about my combo

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of making some changes to my car. I have a 1992 fox coupe with a coyote swap. The current combo is as follows. Boss 302 base motor with lightly ported livernois heads. They spec'd basically a comp stg 1 blower cam for this motor, and the guy I got it from installed the...
  14. cozmo2806

    FS - 03/04 Cobra T-56 bellhousing

    I have a mint t-56 bellhousing for sale. I bought this a month ago because I had a deal lined up on a transmission that came without the bell. Well that fell thru and I ended up buying a transmission that came with the bell. $250 shipped firm. Please pm your cell # for pics. Thanks.
  15. cozmo2806

    Flywheel weight

    Does anyone have a stock flywheel they can weigh or know how much a stock one weighs? When I assembled my coyote swap project, I had a stock 03/04 cobra flywheel I used. I now need to replace the clutch, so I'm thinking of going with a stock coyote flywheel. I would just like to know the...
  16. cozmo2806

    F.S. Polished 2.9 Whipple with inlet modded for Dragon TB

    Polished 2.9 Whipple with inlet modded for Dragon TB. This blower is like new with 700 miles on it. I bought it new from TPS motorsports in CA. It will come with the stock 3.5 whipple pulley, pulley in pic will not be included. Only reason it is off the car is because the car is stripped for...
  17. cozmo2806

    Looking for info on a TVS/15+psi set-up:

    Hey guys, Im looking into going FI. I have been fairly heavily involved in the 03/04 Cobra world for quite some time now. I have recently built a coyote swap fox mustang for a change in scenery. It has a studded boss motor with lightly ported livernois heads with comp stg 1 blower sticks in...
  18. cozmo2806

    Boss 302 IM

    I have a Boss 302 intake manifold for sale. I was going to use it on my coyote swap foxbody, but it's going to take a massive hood to make it work. PM me your cell # for pics. $350 shipped
  19. cozmo2806

    WTB: 03/04 Cobra driveshaft

    I'm looking for an 03/04 Cobra driveshaft for a reasonable price. Let me know what's out there. Thanks
  20. cozmo2806

    M-6675-M50BR oil pan

    Hey guys, I am new to the coyote/roadrunner scene. Ive purchased a boss 302 engine to swap into my foxbody coupe. The motor has this roadrace oil pan on it, which I will not be using. I see the list price thru FRPP is very high, like 1200 or something like that. Is there any interest for...
  21. cozmo2806

    SD 80's and Dragon TB

    I have for sale a set of EV6 Siemens deka 80lb injectors and a Dragon TB with the IAC for sale. Both have 700 miles and are just like new. Only reason for selling is I am switching to ID1000's and the VMP GT500 TB. $280 shipped on injectors $300 shipped on TB. PM your # for fastest pics...
  22. cozmo2806

    FS: Eaton and Whipple throttle bracket

    I have one of each of these throttle brackets. I believe they are both hard to find. $50 each firm.
  23. cozmo2806

    Another what will it support thread

    Hey guys, I need some opinions on what a fuel system will support on e85. It is what I am leaning towards changing too. Car has a built 03-04 Cobra setup with a screw blower. Return setup Custom tank and hat - 2) 255 lph walbros in the hat, 1) 465 walbro in tank. ID1000 injectors -8...
  24. cozmo2806

    Any interest in new Whipple pulleys

    As many of us know, it is almost impossible to get new Reichard pulleys. A friend (GMG VENOMOUS 04) and I searched forever to find the sizes we needed. After awhile, we just decided to have a local machine shop make us what we needed. This got us thinking, could we help out the community? Is...
  25. cozmo2806

    Got bored today-2.9 Whipple inlet mod

    I know this subject has been talked about a little bit, but there just seems to be no good evidence of results. Some say it helps, and some say there is nothing to be gained. A friend of mine had an extra inlet laying around so I figured lets do a little expiramenting. This inlet will be...