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  1. L8APEX

    How you know your town is fairly safe.

    This is the top story on the local news. A guy has a 2-step on a Mustang, and the WPD want him after getting it on film and apparently 911 has been getting a few calls for gunshots lol. TL;DR Dumbass Kid with a 2-step is being confused with gunfire. Check the links below for the cop video. Guy...
  2. L8APEX

    Arecibo (radio telescope) is lost

    After having 2 cables fail they do not think they can safely repair the facility, and it is likely going to have a spectacular cascading failure if they do not try a controlled demolition. We have lost one of our best tools for studying space and it is truly a sad day. Arecibo radio telescope...
  3. L8APEX

    Mustang nav BR3Z10E899A or older numbers?

    Somehow a bubble has formed under the fuser in the middle of my factory nav screen, as a result the radio thinks only that spot is being pressed. Looks like that part BR3Z10E899A, im wondering if that's a new name as its not longer stocked? Can any 10-14 screen work? Is no longer made. Only...
  4. L8APEX

    Bubble in factory nav screen fix/replace?

    Somehow a bubble has formed under the fuser in the middle of my factory nav screen, as a result the radio thinks only that spot is being pressed. Looks like that part BR3Z10E899A Can any 10-14 screen work? Is no longer made. Only place I've found one was in Canada for about $1800us $2400 can...
  5. L8APEX

    Doc the B-29 Startup and Takeoff

    B-29 Doc | Doc's Friends | B-29 Superfortress | Restoring History Lost my grandfather and last parent last week and in the late 50's he worked on the Convair B-36 Peacemaker "6 turning, 4 burning" and the B-47 Stratojet when he was in the Airforce (neither still fly). As a way to get back to my...
  6. L8APEX

    Gas filler on the Mustang passenger side in NFS Movie?

    Kicked back doing work around the house and have NFS on in the background. I just watched the gas station scene with the trooper, and now it's sticking out like crazy, the filler door is on the passenger side on the mustang in the movie. Anyone know the reason? They just drilled a hole in the...
  7. L8APEX

    Good body shops in Denver

    My sister caught her fender backing out of the garage as the kids were fighting in her '17 VW atlas. Caught the passenger front fender. It's pushed in but most of the scuffs are rubber from the garage door. They were just going to take it to the dealer but down here the indy shops are much...
  8. L8APEX

    Why Ford’s Most Outrageous CEO Wrote The Best Letters And Made the Most Money

    Great Forbes article about Alan Mulally. Why Ford’s Most Outrageous CEO Wrote The Best Letters And Made the Most Money What makes a CEO outrageous? When he or she has the courage to try to change a company’s culture. This was the challenge facing Alan Mulally after he was named the new CEO of...
  9. L8APEX

    GT500 steering wheel installed.

    The stock all leather wheel had started to crack up on the top of the wheel after sitting in a hot shop for a while without moving. Was going to get the BOSS wheel all alcantara...but at ~$400 I was going to live with the cracks... Then I found the 2010-12 GT500 wheel... Mixture of leather and...
  10. L8APEX

    Bluetooth media from Note9-Android Pie not working SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

    I have a weird problem. My Note 9 connects to sync for phone calls and text caller info/ phone book with no issues whatsoever. Latest Version of Sync for '14 Mustang with Nav. DR3T-14D544-AG When I try to listen to any media over Bluetooth from my phone, the artist, track, and time info all...
  11. L8APEX

    DAREDEVIL Canceled

    Just read that Netflix killed Daredevil. With Disney+ it looks like season 2 of Punisher and 3 of Jessica Jones will be the last marvel shows to air on Netflix.... I hope Disney+ picks it up, but I'm not betting on it...
  12. L8APEX

    Stop the clock!

    After almost two years, (due to lots of personal tragedy) she's finally in for her "boost augmentation" procedure. CPR turbo time! Sent from my Note8 Thanks again Dustin!
  13. L8APEX

    Gordie Howe Dies at 88

    Goodbye "Mr. Hockey" #9 :( I've had quite a few Howe hat tricks over the years... he was one hell of a player, but a major force multiplier on the ice, like Yzerman decades later. But Howe would still score often and have as many assists, and he spent much more time in the box than Stevey Y...
  14. L8APEX

    I lost my mom, she was just 58 and my only parent.

    I've been dealing with this for about two weeks now, lost her early Tuesday morning on the 23rd. It was not expected at all. She had been having trouble keeping food down since November and the Dr's took their sweet time sending her to a specialist. They ran a scope though her GI tract in early...
  15. L8APEX

    Dilemma 2.9 whipple (front intake) or vmp TVS 2

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma and I hope some some of you can help me ease my decision. I've got a 14 GT/CS with the mt-82 and 3.73 rear. Only 91 is available for premium pump gas. AED will be doing my tuning again. The goal is 600+ rwhp on pump gas, with the stock block "safely". (Lots of...
  16. L8APEX

    Thinking of moving from Kansas to Florida

    As most of my close family has died/is dying and others like my only sister have moved to Colorado my family ties are dwindling here in Wichita. I'm 31, single and currently am the CIO for a regional trucking company which had been driving me nuts lately. Wichita is well known for being one of...
  17. L8APEX

    Post up your key chains!

    I've ordered a '14 GT/CS Mustang and I'm looking to see what key chains are out there. Here is the one I have on my Roadster I had this one on my Lightning What do you have?
  18. L8APEX

    My work caught fire.

    It hit the shop which thankfully is not connected to the office. It sounds like the fire originated under the hood of a tractor and spread to the ceiling. First responders called a second alarm and hazmat thanks to all of our... acetylene and propane tanks just being stored there. No injuries...
  19. L8APEX

    Attempted suicide car bomb attack at Wichita's Mid-Continent airport!

    Here is an excerpt from the letter he left. You just don't expect crap like this here... :nonono: The majority of terminal at ICT is elevated including the area the TSA screens people. During the morning rush so it would have been filled with hundreds of people. Conspiracy theory's...
  20. L8APEX

    How long will '14 Mustangs be built.

    I sold my SB lightning a year ago and have been missing it dearly. The new GT CS in DIB I feel could make a nice replacement, and since I'm not fond of the spy shots of the S550 I'm realy wondering when the cutoff is? Preferably I'd order the 14 mustang, (I've got a pic sheet allready filled...
  21. L8APEX

    Boeing 747 "Dreamlifter" landed at the wrong Wichita airport last night...

    Ever get stuck in the snow... I imagine this is worse. Imagine landing a loaded, heavily customized Boeing 747, designed to carry large sections of 787's, at an airport 8-12 miles from where you were supposed to land, oh and the runway is ~6,100ft long which is shorter than the 9,199 feet...
  22. L8APEX

    PHP: What program do you use?

    I've found that Dreamweaver and Expression/FrontPage don't allow much visual control when it comes to php. I'm not a big programmer or web designer so I have been looking for a GUI based program that makes using php easier to code and have had little luck. So what do you use/recommend?
  23. L8APEX

    Contour (action camera) owners

    In case if you haven't heard contour is apparently out of business. I'm starting to stock up on accessories since I'll be outa luck if I need something else in the future. Fyi Best buy (and I assume other retailers) have all of their contour cameras and accessories on clearance, and marked way...
  24. L8APEX

    Spending a week in Vegas

    My girlfriend and I are going to go to Las Vegas for a week in mid April (15th-22nd).:pepper: I have never been there so I figured I'd ask my SVTP brethren. I have no clue on where the best places are to stay for the money. Also since neither one of us are big gamblers what are some great...
  25. L8APEX

    The lightning is off to her new home...

    It has yet to sink in, the gravity of selling the truck I bought new loved, and sheltered for over 8 years. She is going to a great home in TX . Robbie (slingshot) Is getting one heck of a truck, I know ill never forget her. :beer: Sent from my EVO LTE