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  1. jhonda

    Went to the tack

    So I went to the track yesterday and my best run ended up being a [email protected] Fbo e85 full weight with a drag pack. This was almost my worse pass but it was the only one I got recorded. I put lowering springs on it which hurt my weight transfer but I like to open track it too. Sorry if...
  2. jhonda

    Fbo 10speed vs widebody hellcat

  3. jhonda

    Dyno on drag radials question

    So I went to the dyno about a month ago after putting on my cat back system. This is on a 2018 mustang gt. I am showing I’m about 10-15hp down now from 6000rpms and up. I also know my fuel is only about e60 instead of the e84 it tested to the last time, along with running my new drag radials...
  4. jhonda

    Went to the track today

    Went to Rockingham dragway today. Track started off really crappy because they were doing roll racing. So my 1/4 mile times started off on the 1st pass was 12.2 second 12.9 third 11.9 fifth 11.8 then the track started getting some better prep cause my sixth pass was 11.63. Seventh was my best...
  5. jhonda

    need prayers

    I didn’t know where to post this but Just got some bad news. My cousin was in a bad wreck heading back from work tonight. All I know right now is he’s very bad off. Please pray for his recovery. He has two kids and a wife. He’s a great guy loves to hunt and fish. thanks yall
  6. jhonda

    Dynoed my stock 2018 mustang

    Got some baseline runs on my new to me 2018 mustang gt pp1 auto. Only thing I put in it was a drop in air filter. It was about 95 degrees that day. Dyno’s are in sae and standard
  7. jhonda

    2018 5.0 auto vs scat pack challenger vs s197

    This is all happened on a long closed course. I just got a 2018 mustang gt pp1 with the 301a package all stock for now. First race was with a 2019 challenger scat pack auto 8 speed (just has mufflers, 275 Michelin 4s tires and a hellcat airbox). Went from a dig we were both having a peddle...
  8. jhonda

    Looking for a video

    Can’t seem to find it anywhere tried searching. The video is a car on a road course that seems to lose its brakes. The video is from inside the car. I believe there is a woman driving it she whips it into a sideways drift through the turn coming close to the wall before she stops. Her...
  9. jhonda

    What's the reason for a dealer buy back

    I am looking into getting a 2018-19 mustang gt auto with the gt performance pack 301a and active exhaust. I have noticed some of the cars on their carfax that it says dealer buy back. What would the reason be for this. I don't know if it was almost a lemon car or if it had a lot of...
  10. jhonda

    What's it worth mach1

    My dad is thinking about selling his 04 yellow mach1. It's a automatic completely stock with just flow master mufflers installed. And only has 9000 miles on it. Perfect condition no flaws whatsoever. How much should he ask for it. He would sale it to me, I'm just not in a position to buy it.
  11. jhonda

    went to the rock vids inside

    Went to the rock Sunday. Does anyone know this mustang (was wondering what it had done to it)...I think its the only time I lost that day I had a passenger with me not that it would have helped...but my reaction time was way off due to showing my buddy the ropes(his first time down the 1/4)...
  12. jhonda

    want to trade slicks for drag radials

    Wtt 28/10/16 hoosier slicks C07s lots of tread for a set of drag radials in prefer hoosiers or mickey thompson. . Located north of charlotte nc
  13. jhonda

    Wtf is going on here

    What kind of car is this....and how the hell does this happen. http://
  14. jhonda

    Rockingham drag way march 2ed or 9th

    First open test and tune of the year coming up at the rock. Anyone going?
  15. jhonda

    Need alarm clock

    I was talking to my dad today and we were next to a truck with a lot of cam lope. He got to talking about how much he loved that sound and mentioned he wish they made a alarm clock that did it. Does anyone know if they make such a thing. I seen a dragster clock but I was looking for something...
  16. jhonda

    was going through some old pictures

    I looked at the thread about the head on collision and reminded me of the wreck I was in. And found a few old pictures of mine plus some extras. Sorry for the poor quality. Story was I was 16 at the time in passenger seat. My buddy driving was looking down to get a bottle of coke. We went...
  17. jhonda

    Rockingham dragway aug 3

    There is a event at Rockingham dragway on Aug. 3 coming up. Usually get a lot of runs in at these events. They are running from 6pm to 2am. I'm going anyone else wanna go? Rockingham Dragway Event Flyer
  18. jhonda

    WTB killer chiller for Ford lightning

    Im want to buy a killer chiller system any version for a reasonable price. I have a daughter so thats where most of my money goes and thats why I can't afford a new one. Let me know what you got, and as long as it is in good condition with all the parts maybe we can make a deal. Thanks Jason
  19. jhonda

    saw this on tv one model t two cobra motors

    Found this on counting cars looked it up on the internet and found this Double Trouble Hot Rod pretty bad ass
  20. jhonda

    Monkey with a gun

    .delete .sorry
  21. jhonda

    WTF is wrong with people

    They act like its no big deal Glad I live here in america
  22. jhonda

    Rockingham dragway OCT 7..Anyone?

    Is anyone going or want to go to rockingham dragway this sunday oct 7? Gates open at 10 racing starts at 11. They usually prep really good at these events. and weather as of today suppose to be high of 74 low of 52 with 10 percent chance of rain. Flyer...
  23. jhonda

    Win some lose some (Lose BAD)

    Was heading to work today down in mexico and came upon a red dodge viper gts. I got my reality check, I knew I would lose but didn't think it would be as bad as it was but it was from a roll of 80mph(not good) So we or should I say he took off and put about a bus length on me by about 120 so I...
  24. jhonda

    cryogenic treatment process?

    I have access to liquid nitrogen and dry ice for tempering and was wondering if anyone has a how to video or imfo on how to treat new brake rotors. I just bought new rotors for my lightning and was thinking about doing it...anyone?
  25. jhonda

    feeler trade mach 1 low miles unmolested for your

    Just putting a feeler out there for a trade zinc yellow mach 1 low miles unmolested for your 03 04 cobra as close to stock as possible. Mach 1 is a 03 with 8000 miles only mods are flowmaster catback and oil changes still has orginal tires no damage anywhere. anyone in the market?