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  1. Cobra-O

    2002 Toyota Camry 4 Cyl

    2002 Toyota Camry LE for sale: $6500 4 Cylinder Engine Gray Leather Interior Automatic Transmission Side Airbags Cruise Control CD / Tape Player Alloy Wheels 130,500 Miles Very clean 2 owner car, we have had it since 55,000 miles and its been a great car. Growing family, upgraded to...
  2. Cobra-O

    What could you buy with the amount of money you are down from the Market

    Thought we could share some pain here. Market has destroyed me of lately, but I'm sure I'm not alone. I figure I could have paid off my boat, or my truck, or taken my wife around the world on vacation. :fm::fm::fm:
  3. Cobra-O

    Nassau - Bamamas Vacation advise

    Looking for some advise on travel to Nassau. We are taking a vacation in July for 4-5 nights, just us, no kids. I'm looking for a really nice place. I don't mind spending some decent money. I've been looking at Atlantis, and Sandals so far. I like the Sandals all-inclusive idea, but have...
  4. Cobra-O

    Gun Safes Anyone???

    With my firearm collection growing, I am in the market for a decent gun safe. I've got maybe $1500 to spend on it, I was hoping on a little less. I've got 3 - 12 Gauge Shotguns, a .306 Rifle, a small 22, and a AR15, along with two handguns, but those are in a safe next to the bed. I've also...
  5. Cobra-O

    Anyone have a Land Rover Range Rover (03-05)

    I came across a great deal on a 2003 Range Rover HSE with the BMW 4.4 motor, 65,000 miles. Thinking about picking it up for a DD, I drive about 10 miles to work and back, put on about 5,000 miles a year on a DD. Reading reviews, some say run away, some say it is a great car. I can get it...
  6. Cobra-O

    Polished Aluminum Bullitt 18" Wheels and Tires - 4500 miles

    Just picked up some take off GT500 wheels and I don't want these just sitting in the garage. They are the 18" Bullitt wheels that come with the California Spacial package. They are in perfect condition, no curb rash, no burn outs, no surprises. As far as I know, these will fit on any 05+...
  7. Cobra-O

    Whipple Installation complete. Amazing!

    All I can say is WOW. Fastest car I have driven. Faster than my stock 03 Cobra, pulls harder at any speed, just amazing. The computer showed up today, right on time and I was ready to add that and the coolant. Total time was 16 hours, which is pretty good I think. I had every tool you...
  8. Cobra-O

    Whipple Installation has begun!

    Well, I started labeling things on Saturday, but could not do much more at home, so I was only at it for about 30 minutes. Yesterday I was able to get some done after work, I got through about 16 pages of steps, the intake has been removed, plugs are changed, etc. This is what about 2.5...
  9. Cobra-O

    I bought my car a well needed present!

    Check it out. Yellow freight lost it for a month and screwed my plans for the install, so I have no idea when I will get around to installing it, but at least it is here and I'll be happy once it is done! :burnout: Oh, it is for a S197 08 GT. :pepper:
  10. Cobra-O

    2003 Mercury Sable DD - Houston

    I have this car for sale in a no reserve auction. it gets what it gets and will sell. Car is in Houston and is my current DD. Only reason for sale is I found a great deal on a Volvo as a new DD. Car runs like a champ and has the DOHC motor in it and is very quick for what it is. Leather...
  11. Cobra-O

    Anyone need any carfax reports?

    Just got a 30 day carfax membership. Let me know the VIN you want run and if you want the report e-mailed to you. Or you can PM it to me.
  12. Cobra-O

    PS3. What kind of cool things are you doing with it?

    I have a PS3 on the way with the Walmart $100 gift card deal. Should be here sometime this week, the wife ordered it on the net for Father's day. :banana: I have been reading up on it. The main reason for the purchase is to use as a Blu-Ray player. I just installed a new projector, shooting...
  13. Cobra-O

    Lottery for 09

    Found this on another site. Didn't see it posted here. To: All Ford Dealers Subject: EFC0200630DC 2009MY Shelby GT500 & GT500KR Dealer Certification Program Summary: We are excited to announce the return of the Shelby GT500 and GT500KR for the 2009 Model Year. Please review this...
  14. Cobra-O

    Fastlane Inc in Houston

    Looking for anyone that has used this shop in Houston. I am looking for someone to install an FI system on my 08 Mustang GT and I ran across these guys. Good experience???? thanks.
  15. Cobra-O

    1995 Cobra Hardtop Convertible

    Anyone know if these are starting to be worth anything? What about one in perfect condition / 36,000 miles. They only made 499 of them. I've always wanted one and wonder if I should look into this one. What do you think it is worth.
  16. Cobra-O

    Photoshop 2008 Mustang GT request

    I was wondering if one of the pros could add this stripe in black to my Mustang GT. Feel free to modify the stripe as I am going to have it painted on and won't be buying this exact sticker. I want the side stripes to be thinner and closer to the main stripe. I am also going to remove the...
  17. Cobra-O

    Photoshop 2008 Mustang GT request

    I was wondering if one of the pros could add this stripe in black to my Mustang GT. Feel free to modify the stripe as I am going to have it painted on and won't be buying this exact sticker. I want the side stripes to be thinner and closer to the main stripe. I am also going to remove the...
  18. Cobra-O

    Deal or no Deal

    Has anyone been watching this CF of a show? Can you say greedy? I bet 70-80% of the time, the FIRST offer is higher than what people actually leave with. This is my thought. $50 - $100K might not SOUND like a lot of money to some people, but try to imagine how long it would take you to...
  19. Cobra-O

    Lowering Issues

    I want to lower the stang, but I am afraid I am not going to be able to pull in my driveway. I have to ease it in as it is, or it will rub the front bumper. Anyone have a similar experience. I am thinking I could back it in, but that would get old quick with about 150 feet to the garage...
  20. Cobra-O

    Supercharging Experiences

    Hello All, I am looking for stories about self installation of supercharging systems on the S197. I am planning on getting the HO Whipple system after the first of the year and planning on installing it myself. I am wondering if people also upgraded other things at the same time, like the...
  21. Cobra-O

    Pic request - S197 Painted Black Roof

    I am looking for the S197 Mustang where the roof is painted Black making the car two tone. I think he posts to SVTP. thanks.
  22. Cobra-O

    My Color

    How do I know if my 08 Mustang GT has "My Color"? I have the ambient lighting, but how do I change the colors of the instrument panel if I do have my color? Nevermind, I found it. It is in the setup menu. Feel free to delete this post.
  23. Cobra-O

    What springs to lower a California Special

    I am trying to find out what springs I need to get in order to lower a 2008 GT with the California Special package. According to Ford lit. the CS package has a 1.5 inch lower ride height. I would like to lower it an additional inch and I think the stance would be perfect.
  24. Cobra-O

    Picked up an 08 GT/CS today

    Actually I will pick it up tomorrow. Let the modding begin. I had ordered a GT500, but had to bail because my wife is expecting. I got a GREAT deal on the 08 and my first mod will be a supercharger and exhaust. Anyone know the best supercharger to go with? Is there a way to get the stock...
  25. Cobra-O

    DirecTV High Def

    Anyone using the DirecTV HD channels through the package you have? I just spent 1/2 hour on the phone with the guy getting all the equipment ordered and installation set up for 11/20. Just wanted to see what people thought. I've had DTV for a LONG time and have been pretty satisfied. I've...