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  1. Darko

    99 Mustang gt not starting, need help with diagnosis

    Hey guys. Been trying to figure out this issue for the past week. Two weeks ago my fuel pump went out. Replaced it and the car drove great for the weekend. Was heading to work the following Monday and the car sputtered and died in the middle of an intersection. Car was throwing a leak code. I...
  2. Darko

    1999 Gt EVAP issues (code P0445)

    Hey guys. Picked up a 99 gt from a buddy for shits and giggles. Cars fuel pump went out so I replaced it and car ran fine for a few days. Driving to work last week and car starts sputtering and died in the middle of an intersection. Car is throwing code P0445. From what I've found its an evap...
  3. Darko

    Gatorback Poly-V belt part #4080745

    Selling my brand new Gatorback ploy-v good year belt. Never used. Part #4080745 or 8PK1890. Selling on eBay as well. Don't need it. Make me an offer 74.5"
  4. Darko

    Redline Hood Struts BNIB

  5. Darko

    AEM Methanol experience (install/tune)

    I just wanted to post up my experience after installing an AEM methanol kit (#30-3000) and getting tuned. First off the kit is installed in the trunk (pump & reservoir), and I have the methanol spraying pre-throttle body. Secondly Im using a 50/50 mix. Boost Juice (50% methanol/50% water)...
  6. Darko

    Any mountain bikers in SoCal?

    Been hitting the Fullerton loop these last several weeks with a few buddies. Alot of fun, I also live next to Chino Hills so my backyard is basically a huge MTB playground. I wanna hit up some new trails and see if anyone else would be down to go riding. I just picked up a new Giant Yukon...
  7. Darko

    FS: 2004 Silver Metallic Coupe (SOCAL)

  8. Darko

    FS: Stock Power Steering Fluidl Resivor

  9. Darko

    AEM Methanol Kit

  10. Darko

    Fs: Like new aem methanol kit

    Mods please delete
  11. Darko

    Built sra for sale

    Posting this for a buddy. He would prefer a local cash deal but if anyone wants to cover shipping Im sure something could be worked out. If you have any questions please ask away, otherwise give Greg a call and he will be happy to answer any questions. Only selling because he just swapped in an...
  12. Darko

    Built sra for sale

    Posting for my buddy Greg. He is selling his built SRA "FOR SALE: I am selling my Built Solid Rear axle Set up with ALL Suspension goodies. This Rear End is BUILT with Auburn HD, Hardened Axles, and FRPP 3.73 Gears. This set up is BULLETPROOF. It was built to drive without breaking. Can...
  13. Darko

    Some day runs (5.0 vs KB 2V)

    5.0 Mods: Bassani cat back, short shifter, intake, hand held tune (Passenger) Curb weight is 3,605lbs + 2 passengers = 4,065lbs not including gas KB 2V GT mods: 2.1 Kenne Bell, TB, Intake, full exhaust and built SRA (No passenger) 3323lbs Both cars on drag radials. Enjoy :beer: -bpiPfOAKrY...
  14. Darko

    WTB: Billetflow supercharger hub

    I have a pulley, just need the supercharger hub. Would also like the bolts if you have them. Thanks :beer:
  15. Darko

    SVTP your my only hope!!!!! Car not firing

    Ok, so here's a break down of everything that I did recently. On 12/1/12 the day of the RET dyno day I replaced my alternator and battery. SInce then I put a new to me just pullied eaton on, all new idlers,stock MAF and CF RAI, Stock Tb & plenum, and stock lower. (Nothing electrical) Also...
  16. Darko

    WTB: Lower Caged Pulley

    Found one.
  17. Darko

    FS: Steeda 3 point Strut Tower Brace

    Looking to sell my Steeda 3 point strut tower brace (Steeda 3-Point Strut Tower Brace 03-04 Cobra - Strut Tower Braces - Suspension - 03-04 SVT Cobra). In great condition. Selling because it wont fit over my new JLT RAI . $150 shipped Would also trade for a MM one that would fit over a JLT RAI...
  18. Darko

    Strut Tower Brace that fits over JLT RAI?

    Just got a new Carbon Fiber RAI and my steeda 3 point brace doesn't fit over it. I had JLT's older model RAI and it fit fine, so I didn't think I would have this issue. Who makes a 3 point strut tower brace that will fit over these suckers? Worst comes to worst I'll fabricate a bracket to...
  19. Darko

    Reichard Racing Manual Tensioner

    No longer for sale, decided to keep it
  20. Darko

    Best tensioner???

    I just purchased a Reichard racing belt tensioner and dont like that you have to modify the bracket to mount it. Id like to know whats the best tensioner to buy for 03-04 cobras? Also whats the stock tensioner hp rated for?
  21. Darko

    Aftermarket battery cover??

    I just picked up a new battery from Autozone and its bright yellow. I was curious if anyone knows of any companies that make an sell some nice covers to help clean the bay up. Thanks
  22. Darko

    WTB: JLT Carbon Fiber RAI

    I know it's a long shot but didn't have the funds when the last one came up. I'd like to buy a JLT Carbon Fiber RAI. Don't care if it has a heat shield or not but would like if it came with a filter. Thanks PayPal ready
  23. Darko

    FS: Accufab SBTB an Plenum *$300*

  24. Darko

    WTB: Billetflow 2.76" S/C pulley with hub

    Lookin for a good condition 2.76" BF supercharger pulley with the hub. Looking for Blue. Thanks
  25. Darko

    WTB: Billetflow idler

    I'm in need of a 92mm blue Billetflow idler pulley. Could also use 3 100mm idler pulleys as well (color doesn't matter). PayPal ready And if anyone has one I also need a 2.76" BF s/c pulley with hub. Looking for blue as well. Thanks