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  1. TBCobra

    Guess whos back

    Yall remember this video. I think about it anytime I think of 03/04 cobras. Dick thing to do to someone but still a good video for the Cobra. v=Ti5nA4nch0w&ab_channel=bjjbluebelt369
  2. TBCobra

    Rebuilding The Terminated Cobra1FAFP48Y43F309694

    So the op is lagging?
  3. TBCobra

    Looking to buy a roller what’s a fair price

    Don't you dare sell my car. lol
  4. TBCobra

    WANTED: 03/04 Silver cobra

    These cars look great in silver, especially the 04 color.
  5. TBCobra

    Bought a Dark Horse with the Ford Performance Whipple Kit

    Congrats on the new car! Post some pics once you get it!
  6. TBCobra

    I wouldnt say i was screwed over but....

    I bought a dsg Cobra from a guy on here. Just a couple weeks or so after buying it, it was smoking like a chimney. Knew something in the motor was hurt and I ended up selling it. One of the pistons literally had like a pizza slice piece of metal missing from it. Dude knew what he sold me...
  7. TBCobra

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Sonic blue and chrome. Name a better duo. Looks sick dude. How many doll hairs do you want for it? :)
  8. TBCobra

    New to Bronco Nation

    Dang, that's pretty sick. Congrats. Love that color too.
  9. TBCobra

    00R New Look

    Incredible work. Car looks fantastic.
  10. TBCobra

    Nbrac27's 04 SY Terminator

    Car looks great with the ccw's. Glad the issue seems to have disappeared.
  11. TBCobra

    SOLD: 2004 40th Anniversary Mustang GT 11k miles

    Wow, what a beauty! This was my first mustang! If only it was a 5-speed. GLWS!
  12. TBCobra

    FOR SALE: 04 Redfire Metallic Cobra for sale asking $28,000 obo.

    Sorry to hear about this. Anyone who has been excited to buy a car only to find out it's a piece, knows how terrible it feels. You just want to get rid of it as quickly as you can and move on. It's happened to me way too many times. But, I agree with the others, see what the shop says...
  13. TBCobra

    No longer FS 2003 DSG Cobra — $39,000

    Didnt this say sold yesterday or am I tripping?
  14. TBCobra

    WANTED: Oxford white/Sonic blue Tx

    Looks like loscar50's car.
  15. TBCobra

    Finally got one…after 20 years of waiting…

    Silver looks so good on these cars. Late to the party but congrats, looks clean.
  16. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Alright gentlemen, I spoke with @SID297 about what to do with the book. He offered to take possession of it and give it to John Coletti next time he sees him. How do we feel about that?
  17. TBCobra

    5000 mile CO vert on BaT

    4 owners? Did they all buy it and pay to watch it sit in the garage? lol
  18. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    I'm a fan of this idea.
  19. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Here I am! I have the book safe and sound. Should we keep it circulating?
  20. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    @LS WUT thanks for letting us know you got it. Just let me know when you finish it and I guess you can ship it to me and I can hang on to it until someone else needs it. And im happy to pay shipping.
  21. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Awesome to hear! @LS WUT you're up buddy. Send @Wings65288 your shipping info so he can send you the book.
  22. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    LIST UPDATED: Monster Mach-NO RESPONSE Robs1280-NO RESPONSE Wings65288-CURRENTLY HAS BOOK LS WUT-NEXT IN LINE @Wings65288 lets us know when you're finished with the book please so we can let LS WUT know. Thanks!
  23. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Please let me know once you receive it @Wings65288 . As far as what to do with the book after the last person has signed it or where it should end up, it's not originally my book. The original owner hasn't been on here in a while and I don't know what I think about just doing what we want with...
  24. TBCobra

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Did you receive the book @Wings65288 ?