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  1. sn95Cobrakai

    FOR SALE: 1998 BAB SVT Cobra

    1998 Bright Atlantic Blue Cobra for sale. 94k miles $17,000 I’ve owned this vehicle for the past 10 years and made it a point to modify/maintain with the best parts, fluids and brands available. Engine SCT tuner unlocked 3 tunes+stock 93 octane (Mike Post) Royal Purple HPS 5w30 (have extra)...
  2. sn95Cobrakai

    tire diameter effects

    What are the effects of running a shorter tire vs taller tire on track? A little background info. I have 17x9" wheels. New wheels are not in the budget this season. I have ran 275/40r17 r comp tires for several years. But I have been thinking of running 255/40r17 tires this season. Reasons...
  3. sn95Cobrakai

    Bolt in roll cages

    Hi guys, I have a bolt in kenny brown super street cage. I will be installing in in my 1998 cobra. The car is used on the street on nice days in the summer and for about a dozen track days during the season. The reason I am installing the cage is primarily for safety. My question is; should...
  4. sn95Cobrakai

    Pro 5.0 short throw shifter

    I have a PRO 5.0 short throw shifter for sale. Does not include handle, just includes the shifter base. $80 + shipping. email me for pictures at djbeatloaf@
  5. sn95Cobrakai

    B&M Pro Ripper short shifter T5/T45

    I have a B&M Pro Ripper short throw shifter for sale. Comes with shifter, handle, and Bullitt style 5 speed shift knob. $130 + shipping. email me for pictures at djbeatloaf@
  6. sn95Cobrakai

    SPEC stage 1 Clutch NEW

    I have a Brand new still in packaging SPEC stage 1 Clutch. 10 spline count. $230 + shipping. email me for pictures if needed at djbeatloaf@
  7. sn95Cobrakai

    Powerstop Drill/Slot Rotors and pads NEW

    I have a Front and Rear set of Powerstop Rotors and Ceramic pads for sale. They are Brand new never used or installed. Rotors are drilled and slotted and zinc coated. Fits 94-04 Cobras/Mach 1 or GT with PBR 13" front brake upgrade. Firm at $300 + shipping. email for pictures at djbeatloaf@...
  8. sn95Cobrakai

    PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    I have A lightly used PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for sale. Its fits 94-04 GT/Mach 1 and 96-98 Cobras. (anything with 31 spline trans output shaft and SRA) $460 + shipping. Email for pictures at djbeatloaf@
  9. sn95Cobrakai

    Bassani catted X-pipe for shorty/stock headers

    I have a used Bassani Catted X-pipe that fits 96-04 4.6 mustangs/cobras. Fit Stock manifolds or aftermarket shorty headers. $180 + shipping. Feel free to email me for pictures at djbeatloaf@
  10. sn95Cobrakai

    Bassani Mid-length headers w/catted x-pipe

    I have a set of Bassani Mid-length headers and Catted X-pipe for 96-04 4.6 mustangs/cobras. Headers are fresh with Jet Hot Coating for 1200+ degrees, X-pipe is un-coated. Comes with Bassani stainless steel header gaskets. $500 plus shipping. Feel free to email me for pictures at djbeatloaf@...
  11. sn95Cobrakai

    What would you pay?

    Hey guys, I have a chance to buy a 1998 Bright Atlantic Blue Cobra. It has 85K miles, and the paint is in good condition. A scratch here and there and a cracked side skirt. Upgrades are: Smoked headlights, smoked taillights, 8k hid headlight kit, 35% window tint, and American...
  12. sn95Cobrakai

    Hawk DTC-70 Corvette/Camaro/Firebird

    I have a set of HAWK DTC-70 rear brake pads. Part# HB112U.540 They are NEW and in the box. Never used or installed. Fits 88-97 Camaro and Firebird And 85-96 Corvette $130obo
  13. sn95Cobrakai

    94-95 Passenger Taillight (WHITE)

    I have a white taillight for a 94-95 mustang. No cracks but paint isn't perfect. $35 obo Also have taillight harnesses
  14. sn95Cobrakai

    Koni Double Adjustable Shocks 79-04 SRA

    I have a pair of Koni Double Adjustable Shocks for sale. Have low miles. $280 obo for the pair
  15. sn95Cobrakai

    FS: Pair of KONI Double Adjustable Shocks

    I have a pair of Koni Double Adjustable REAR shocks for sale. Very low miles Fit all 79-04 Mustangs with solid rear axle adjustable rebound and dampening coil-over compatible $280 obo
  16. sn95Cobrakai

    FS: 99/01 Cobra coolant crossover tube

    I have a Coolant Crossover tube off a 01 cobra. Will also fit a 99 cobra with no problems, will fit other years (96-98) but those years have 2 bungs for sensors. O-rings is good condition. Paint is fairly good, clean enough to bolt right on. Comes with crossover plug as well. $70 obo +shipping
  17. sn95Cobrakai

    FS: Stock 94-95 Mustang Taillight (White)

    I Have a Passenger side Taillight off a 94-95 Mustang. Horizontal Taillight. Taillight is White. It is in pretty good condition, normal aging as expected. $40 obo + shipping.
  18. sn95Cobrakai

    Feeler: FS Koni D/A shocks, Detroit Locker, 3.73

    I have a pair of Koni Double adjustable rear shocks. Shocks can be used with coil-over kits or springs in stock location. Fits 87-04 SRA. Low miles, less than 4k $300 +shipping Fox rear axle set up w/ A Detroit Locker differential, 31 spline. 3.73 gears Moser 31 spline axles w/extended...
  19. sn95Cobrakai

    Going N/A what options are out there.

    Here is the scenario. Money is not a huge option in this situation. My GF's uncle has a 03 Mach 1 w/a Vortec making 550+rwhp on 93 octane. He is in need of a motor rebuild and is debating loosing the Vortec due to heat and some other issues. He pretty much only tracks the car and drives it to...
  20. sn95Cobrakai

    Need some help choosing coil-over spring rates

    Hey guys, I am putting together my new coil-over setup and need help choosing spring rates. I have Maximum Motorsports MM3 struts and shocks. The fronts have 475lb springs. What would be a good spring rate for the rear? 350? Are there any resources that you guys haw access too for...
  21. sn95Cobrakai

    Idle or shut off after track sessions?

    After track sessions (20-30 minutes) do you guys let you cars idle for a few minutes before shutting them off? or just turn them off when you get back to the paddock? Any ill effects of shutting it down right away? Thanks guys
  22. sn95Cobrakai

    WTB Composite IMRC plates

    I am looking to purchase a pair of Composite IMRC plates off a 98 Cobra. Must be in good condition, NO cracks. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks
  23. sn95Cobrakai

    Used Vortech Aftercooler kit 80% complete

    I have a Vortech aftercooler kit that is mostly complete. Has around 5K miles on it. This kit is $1900 new from summit. Its is missing the coolant pump, aftercooler to throttle body pipe, and the rubber hosing (hose is cheap and can be found at a hardware store) the other couple parts are...
  24. sn95Cobrakai

    FS: Steeda 3 bolt CC plates 94-04

    I have a set of Steeda 3 bolt CC plates for sale. PART# 555-8094-3 Fits 94-04 Mustangs V6/GT/Cobra Very low miles, used on a designated track car for a few seasons. (maybe 3 events per year.) I took them off when doing a BOSS swap and switched to coilovers with different CC plates...
  25. sn95Cobrakai

    Worth upgrading to delrin FCA bushings?

    Hey guys. I am in the process of upgrading my suspension from Steeda race springs, tokico illumina struts, and Steeda 3 bolt CC plates. New Front suspension setup is MM 4 bolt CC plates, MM3 coilovers 475lb springs, Steeda bumpsteer, X2 balljoints, and stock 03 Mach A arms/bushings. With this...