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  1. shb5007

    FOR SALE: 2004 Competition Orange Mach 1

  2. shb5007

    FS: Maisto 1:18 2003 Cobra DSG Diecast (In Box)

    Car in Mint Condition. Base in Mint Condition (Never Removed). Box in Fair Condition (Black Version). $200 + Shipping. Thanks!
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    FS: Garage Clean Out (OEM Cobra Brakes, MGW Shift Knob, 3rd Brake Light, and Car Show Sign)

    Storm hit today, cleaned out the garage. 1.) OEM Front Brakes (w/ Heat Shields) - [$550 Shipped / SOLD] - Very good condition, no paint, off car with ~25,000 miles, well packaged. 2.) MGW Shift Knob (Older Style) - [$90 Shipped / SOLD] - Rare, older style, mint condition. 3.) 3rd Brake Light...
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    FS: 2003 Cobra Coupe - DSG - 48K Miles

    2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe Dark Shadow Gray 1 of 851 48,000 Miles Posi Ported Eaton Dragon Performance Throttle Body Reichard Racing 2.90” Ultra Grip Supercharger Pulley Metco Idler Pulleys JLT High Boost Intake (Painted To Match) SCT BA2600 MAF DynoJet Wideband Commander 2 Base Unit...
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    Where Does This Part Go?

    Anyone know where this part actually goes in the rear seat? 2003 - 2004 MUSTANG 4.6 SVT COBRA COUPE REAR SEAT TOP BRACKET OEM SKU# Z389 | eBay
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    WTB: Rear Seat Parts

    Looking for rear seat parts (bars, bolts, brackets, screws, frames, belts, and buckles) to install the OEM seat back in my 2003 Cobra. I have the top and bottom actual seat, just need the other "goodies". Any help?
  7. shb5007

    Rear Seat Diagram

    Does anyone have a rear seat diagram? Have a rear seat delete care and trying to restore to OEM. Trying to track down parts, bolts, etc.
  8. shb5007

    2003 OEM Wheel Value

    What is the avg going price for a set of nice shape 03 cobra wheels? Non chrome and no tires.
  9. shb5007

    Dynojet Commander 2 Wide Band - Sensor Replacement?

    Hello, I am running a Dynojet Commander 2 Wide Band kit on my Cobra. I need to get a replacement sensor. Are these part specific? Any help with which replacement to get? Thanks!
  10. shb5007

    Trunk Hardware

    I looked at LMR, but does anyone have any idea where to find trunk bolts / push pins for these cars? I am looking for the push pins to hold in the trunk latch cover (plastic piece) as well as the hardware to keep the side carpeting fastened.
  11. shb5007

    SCT Codes - HELP?

    Using this "down time" to check out a few things on the Cobra. Car is running fine, but have been getting these codes off and on. Any tips of where to look? What to do?
  12. shb5007

    Brake Lines (Current Options)

    One of my winter projects will be to replace the brake lines on my Cobra... as they are getting some age on them. From what I can tell... there are currently 3 main options? 1.) Maximum Motorsports ($215) Maximum Motorsports 99-04 Cobra Stainless Braided Brake Line Kit 2.) J&M ($215) J&M...
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    CEL: p0152 / p2197

    My CEL is on, showing p0152 and p2197 codes. Car is running fine, no rough, missing, or overheating. Any tips on things to check? MAF? O2 sensors? Leak somewhere? I can answer any specific questions about the car / mods as needed. Trying to get this straight over the winter...
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    Intercooler Pump (Latest on OEM vs. Aftermarket)

    My car has been sitting a while, doing some maintenance and prep. One of the things I want to do is replace the intercooler pump (just a matter of time). I have been doing some reading, but a lot of the threads are old... and I don't really want to bump them. What is the latest consensus on...
  15. shb5007

    Radiator Fan (Car Sitting)

    Hello, just have a few quick questions here. Been busy and haven't posted around here in a while. 2003 Cobra which has been sitting (other than quick trips around the neighborhood) for the past 8 months (sad... but trying to fix that problem now). Noticed the fan wasn't running. Check the...
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    Widest Front Wheel / Tire Combination

    What is the widest front wheel / tire you can run on a 2003/2004 Cobra? Thanks.
  17. shb5007

    WTB: Rear Swaybar

    I am looking to buy an aftermarket (stiffer) rear swaybar for an IRS. Thanks.
  18. shb5007

    Rear Swaybar Installation

    I am thinking about picking up an Eibach rear swaybar, but I am worried about installation. Is there a "how-to" or "write-up" anywhere on this? I am guessing I will have to lower / drop the IRS which I have never done. How hard is this to do on ramps with a jack? Also, if I do decide (and...
  19. shb5007

    Bump Steer Kit Options

    I am about to order front and rear bump steer kits for my Cobra. However, I have noticed there are several options for front kits (Steeda, UPR, Maximum, Team Z, BBK, etc.). I have decided on the FTBR kit for the rear, but does anyone have thoughts / recommendations on the front? Thanks!
  20. shb5007

    Lugs with Forgestars

    What lugs are you guys running with the Forgestars? I am looking for something opened ended.
  21. shb5007

    Suspension Modifications (Including the Little Stuff)

    I know of the common suspension modifications for the 03-04 Cobra, including: Springs, wheels, tires, subframe connectors, and IRS bushings. I also know about caster / caber plates, as well as a proper alignment. My question is this, what are the other items you feel should be addressed...
  22. shb5007

    SCCA CAM Build - 2003 Cobra

    I am working on getting my Cobra set up to compete in local SCCA autocross events this year, in the CAM class. I have already made some modification, including: brakes (calipers and rotors), c/c plates, subframe connectors, a k-member brace, steering rack bushings, and springs. I am...
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    WTB: FR500 Wheels (2 or 4)

    I am looking for some (2 or 4) FR500 wheels. Anybody have any? Thanks!
  24. shb5007

    17" Wheels w/ Baer 6p

    I am currently running my OEM wheels with Baer 6p calipers. I am looking for another cheap set of track wheels. Are there any other options out there? Do the 17x9 FR500 wheels clear the Baer 6p calipers? Any other options? Thanks!
  25. shb5007

    WTB: OEM Cobra Wheels (or similar size) in Virginia

    Like the title says, looking for a set of wheels to use for the track. Located in SE Virginia.