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  1. StangsfeverFOX

    Kenne Bell 4.2 polished

    0 miles since complete rebuild by Kb new rotors/bearings , have the paperwork.. Comes with bunch of belts and 4 pulleys. Low vac boost bypass, Tb not included 4200 shipped obo
  2. StangsfeverFOX

    Belts, xcal & more

    Je custom pistons , stock 3.68 bore , 12.9cc dish , .063 wire loc-700 Xcal4 nib-310 shipped Mechman 6 phase 250 amp elite, basically brand new , sent in to them for a check , been sitting in the box since , used one weekend until i switched to a bow single drive belt setup Cpe fuel rails...
  3. StangsfeverFOX

    2.5 vmp 6 bolt hub pulley

    Selling my 2.5 vmp pulley! Text @ (724)600-5937 No longer need it as i have a 2.4 for my race tune along with a 2.6 for my street tune * 2.5 vmp pulley - 60$ shipped
  4. StangsfeverFOX

    TR6060 complete swap

    * prices do not include shipping , can ship or meet up to halfway to help with sell * Text @ (724)600-5937 Debating on selling my complete tr6060 to swap to a magnum xl t56! PRICE : 2700$ For entire swap ( 2050$ ) Tr6060 - zero issues , mobile 1 synthetic fluid , 10k miles on transmission ...
  5. StangsfeverFOX

    Dynatech 1 7/8” LTH - 3” off-road H pipe

    Text @ (724)600-5937 Possibly selling my dynatech set up, has roughly 2k miles on them This consists of: - 1 7/8” dynatech LTH - 3” off-road h pipe dynatech doesn’t offer a 3” off-road h pipe so i made a custom one with the 3” dynatech adapters! For this set up new with an x pipe is...
  6. StangsfeverFOX

    Ota and axlebacks

    LTH brand ota pipes , 2.75 no resonators, 2 piece 400 new-240 Have 2 dings , other than that they look brand new Magnaflow comp axleback 13/14 sold
  7. StangsfeverFOX

    Garage sale performance

  8. StangsfeverFOX

    Id1300s, balancer, misc

  9. StangsfeverFOX

    14 svtpp shocks/struts

    shocks have 3000 miles on them Struts have little over 5000, still in great shape. Pulled off for Vikings I’ll get a pic of the struts this week No idea what to price them at, new from ford would be around 2000, Asking 800
  10. StangsfeverFOX

    Jlt 148mm intake

    Selling my jlt 148mm intake! coupler included ( not pictured ). You can either paint strip the intake if desired or just clean it and respray a color of your choice! Price: 220$ shipped , add PayPal fees or gift Text (724)600-5937 if interested
  11. StangsfeverFOX

    6 piston brembos

    rotors , pads , calipers and lines 5xxx miles on the setup 850 shipped obo
  12. StangsfeverFOX

    1320junkie ported 2.3 trinity

    Selling my 1320junkie blackops ported trinity! Also comes with bps oversized ported elbow.. I have current pics of the set up on my phone I can text to you @ (724)600-5937 Price : 2100$ plus shipping and PayPal fees * note * - price is firm - blower is painted white and will need wetsanded...
  13. StangsfeverFOX

    Kenne bell 168 throttle body

    no electronics , came with a blower package I bought .. Asking 475 shipped obo
  14. StangsfeverFOX

    13/14 vmp boosta pumps

    Vmp plug and play boosta pumps 550 new , installed them then decided to go with a full fuel system , 10 hours at most .. 425
  15. StangsfeverFOX

    Wtb: 10% lower

    like title says , ready to buy a 10% lower in perfect working condition ! Text me at (724)600-5937
  16. StangsfeverFOX

    Iso: valve covers

    Need a set of 03/04 valve covers - will pay 100$ shipped , if you have a set and will take 100$ shipped let me know!! Text me (724)600-5937
  17. StangsfeverFOX

    Cpe fuel rails

    mocked up , never used , there 280 new , asking 215 shipped
  18. StangsfeverFOX

    1320 blackops ported trinity - 1850$

    Price: 1850$ Selling my 1320 junkie Performace cut and weld blackops ported trinity with 2.4 upper pulley! The last pic shows how the egr bump was cut out and welded to maximize performance! *add shipping and PayPal fees if you cant pick up* Text me at (724)600-5937
  19. StangsfeverFOX

    Iso: kenne bell blower

    Want a 2.8-3.2 whatever you have that is a soild deal ! Let me know, 724-600-5937
  20. StangsfeverFOX

    Iso: 148mm jlt intake

    Looking for 148mm jlt intake! Text me at 724-600-5937
  21. StangsfeverFOX

    Iso: 168mm mono / 75mm twin kb throttle body

    As af states - 168mm mono / 75mm twin kb throttle body! Text me at 724-600-5937
  22. StangsfeverFOX

    Iso: xba elbow

    Looking to buy an xba elbow! Text me at 724-600-5937 , thank you
  23. StangsfeverFOX

    Iso: 07-10 longtubes

    ARH, SW, or dynatech longtubes for 07-10! Let me know what you have. Text me at 724-600-5937 if you have something worth while , thank you
  24. StangsfeverFOX

    Wtb grabber blue 13/14 Gt hood

    Looking for a grabber blue hood in Good shape no scratch or dents, let me know location and price ..
  25. StangsfeverFOX

    Throttle body , oil separators , intake

    cobra jet dual 65mm throttle body with electronics - 500 Bobs ultimate oil separator 200 new - 150 Jlt driver side - 75 Jlt 123mm black texture- 275 Prices are shipped