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    bbk 90mm throttle body

    BBk Throttle body 90mm. Bought it and ended up not using it. 550 New. Make a offer. Willing to accept trades. I have a 2011 coyote so anything relating to that. Pm or text me at 910-260-1301 thanks. I dont need any exhaust or a tuner or any basic mods. I have a paxton on my 2011 so right know i...
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    34 spline 8.8

    As late as I am to discovering this, I have learned that the s550's 8.8 rearends come with a 34 spline differential (WOW) :eek: Which makes me wonder could the differential work for solid rear axles of the previous years? Yes I know your gonna need custom axles and yes that sounds expensive...
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    WTB OEM GT500 Driveshaft

    Need a driveshaft for my tr6060 swap in my coyote. I Need one located in NC or I can meet you in SC for mustang week. Text me at 910-260-1301 thanks guys.
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    03-04 T56 work with Coyote?

    Hey guys I have a T56 that I got on a deal a little over a year ago. Well my MT-82 crapped out and 3rd gear synchro is done. Well instead of rebuilding my mt82 I had a idea on seeing if my T56 will work. Has anybody used a T56 from a cobra and pared it with a coyote? thanks.
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    Vortech + NOS Good Idea or Na?

    Hey guys a friend of mine has a 2011 Coyote with a vortech Sc and he made 629Hp and 520lbs of torque on 8lbs of boost. Great numbers but he was kind of concerned on why centrifugal superchargers make great hp numbers but have a huge drop off on the torque numbers. I was wondering if he dropped...
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    WTB 03/04 Cobra or Modded S197

    Hey Guys I recently sold my 2010 mustang and was looking to upgrade to a 2011 GT or a 03/04 cobra In Nc or near the myrtle beach area. Im looking for something that has been modded. If you have a mustang your are intrested in selling that falls in the creteria hit me up. Im buying this car...