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    Terminator surgery

    My motor took a dump about a year ago fell victim nd killed my #7 piston I've decided to go with MMR's 900s 5.0 stroker bottom end and ima go ahead and ship them my heads as well.. Also going with the kenne bell 2.8h any feed back welcome..
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    hey guys have a question does anyone know if that little elbow hose piece that plugs in back of the supercharger next to all those little red vaccume elbow come off in 2 pieces that part is cracked and leaking air can i get away with buying that elbow hose or do have buy to buy the whole thing
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    Exhaust sound ??

    I had some exhaust leaks i got them fixed what lead to it was that my car sounded like it was almost like it was missing sound coming outta both pipes i have a bassani and magnaflow catback ive changed my plugs they looked good at the time of me changing them after all the that my car sounds the...
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    Intercooler pump ?

    does the intercooler pump always stay running on the cobra or does it have a shut off period? or is it going out?
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    Cai ?

    Can a simple swap of CAI knock off a tune? I recently switched My JLt CAI to a Ram air JLT my car ran fine for a few days then started to notice that my car had a slight hestiation at start and at a 3rd gear wot theres plenty of whine but feels like its standing still.. could i just need a...
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    I just have a question are the 03 04 cobra's notorious for Smoking Alternators I've replaced 3 in the last 2 years does anyone have the same issue's ?
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    WTB Mach 1000 system

    anyone selling one ?
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    Deep dish 03 wheels

    Anyone on here have the 03 cobra deep dish wheels on there ride? pics anyone and what does everyone think of them.
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    Radio Humming

    My radio is humming like a freaking 8 track does any one know what the problem might be or has had this problem.:shrug:
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    Help! need

    I got a speeding ticket in the cobra 60 in a 45 the thing that worries me is that I have a class B CDL and I heard that when you geta ticket with a CDL they dont offer Defensive driving or probation so you are screwed is there any truth to that story any help would be good. If its going to stay...
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    Dynoed the Cobra!

    I put the cobra on the dyno for the frist time I just have exhaust mods Bassani catted X and a magnaflow cat-back The numbers were suprising It made 400rwhp my jaw droped cant wait to mod it up:rockon:
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    2 LS1's for lunch!

    I was washing the cobra when a group of Ls1's pulled in to the car wash each pointing as if I was prey, I finished up the cobra a turn around to circle there cars when they decide to give chase I get on the highway and SS comes frist we go from a 40 mph roll I pulled his panties down the whole...
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    What oil do you put in your Cobra?

    I recently purchased a 03 redfire cobra and its time for its oil change I am in the crossroads out what oil I should go with and sugestions :pop:
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    THere on there way!

    I just ordered my set of 17x10.5 for my cobra it was a pain trying to locate them but MRT sold me there last set, all other wheel shops are on back order 60 days + :banana: :D
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    What kit to go with?

    I recently purchase an 03 cobra and I'm wanting to lower it some what is the the best lowering kit for it :)
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    I just purchased a redfire 03 cobra I'm really happy with it current mods are bassani X-pipe and a magnaflow catback More mods comming soon:rockon: