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    Foam Cannons worth it?

    Are foam cannons worth the price/hassle? I'm waiting on my 22 F250 to someday make it in lol, I wanted to take a little better care of the vehicle, I won't horrify my old washing ways but have a few things from Adam's but was curious if I should buy one of these or not.
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    Chuck Anderson Ford ( 13COBRA)

    What's up guys, I'm not a big poster here, but I have to give another shout out to Nick @13COBRA. With all the emissions BS talk especially in the diesel community I reached out to Nick about selling my truck ( 13 F250) After endless questions he gave me a deal I couldn't pass up. Drove down...
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    Would you debadge your Tremor

    Simply put, would you take off the Tremor sticker on the back for a more stealthy mode or would you keep it to show it off proudly?
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    2015 Grand Cherokee Help ACC/FCW Unavailable

    Hey guys, maybe you guys have ran into this issue, I've done some research and it seem across quite a few vehicles in the Jeep lineup. It comes on shortly after driving but turns off just as quickly, I've read it is the sensor that isn't aligned properly or it's super expensive to replace the...
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    Does anyone still use a clock radio or traditional alarm clock

    I just had a random thought and was curious am I about the only person that still uses a clock radio/alarm clock instead of using their phone?
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    Concrete cleaner and tool degreaser

    Hey guys, I've been doing some work on the daily driver in garage and got transmission fluid and some grease on the ground, any recommendations on a cleaner to use? Also what could I use to clean my tools with like my sockets and wrenches/ratchets?
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    2007 Escape CV Axle help

    Hey guys, I'm replacing the drivers side CV axle on my 07 escape ( XLT V6 model), I'm a bit confused because the axle I bought is roughly 4'' shorter than the one that came out. But in my research I'm seeing the same everywhere the length is "compressed". On the RockAuto website it says " 3/4...
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    2007 Escape Front End Grind

    Hey guys, title pretty much states the problem and was hoping to get your opinion on the matter. It's pretty much all original equipment ( minus new control arms with new ball joints) with just over 127K miles. When I make right turn I can hear a grinding noise and some minor research says it's...
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    Cleaning Headliner

    What do you guys suggest on cleaning headliners? I tend to ride with the windows down so I'm starting to see discoloration on my headliner in my F250.
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    Dorco/ Dollar Shave Club Blades

    Just like most of everyone, I'm tired of paying for the Gillette razor blades, my question is on these other blades, do you guys get multiple uses out of them or are they a one and done? I'm referring to the Pace 7 cartridges not the disposable razors.
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    Downgrading Truck

    So after skimming through the SCT/EPA thread it got me thinking if I should look to "trade down". Currently have a 2013 6.7 Powerstroke and was thinking of the 2003-2007 Cummins trucks ( really want the 6spd manual). Any thoughts from you guys?
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    Weed Eater/ String Trimmers

    What is everyone using? I currently have a corded Black and Decker that didn't last more than a few years. I'm thinking about going to the battery powered ones but wanted some opinions/views on them. I don't mind messing with the cord, and I don't really want a gas powered one as to me it's a...
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    Chevy commercials

    Am I the only one that is sick and tired or seeing all their stupid commercials? To me I feel like they're trying way too hard to make Ford look bad or whatever and most of the commercials are just not logical?
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    IPhone 7 pricing

    Just looking for thoughts and opinions, do you think the price will drop on the 7 and 7+ when the IPhone 7s comes out? I've been wanting to get the 7+ but I can wait if the price will drop some.
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    Tire recommendations

    Hey guys, needing tire recommendations for my dad's GT500. He's running 18x10.5 black chrome FR500's, with a pro kit and the rear fenders rolled and no other suspension mods. I was thinking a 305 or a 315 tire out back. Would either tire work without any other modifications? We've decided on a...
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    05-09 only drag setups please

    Hey guys, I was hoping you guys could post up your 05-09 mustang drag setups. My dad is looking for something different for his GT500. If you could please post wheel/tire sizes and backspacing. Also if you had to grind the calipers. I don't care if it's on a V6 or any other model just prefer...
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    Car selling tips

    What's going on guys/gals? So my dad and I are about to put his 09 Shelby up for sale and was wondering what's realistic when it comes to rides and just other things in general? I know we will say no joy rides but do you guys not let anyone drive your prized possession unless they show money or...
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    What's it worth, 2009 GT500

    What's going on guys? My dad is considering selling his 09 GT500. It's a black on black factory stripe delete car with sub 9,XXX miles. Factory HID lights and Nav system. Mods include 3.4 Whipple Kit, Kooks long tubes, high flow catted X pipe into a Borla Stingers catback. Also has black chrome...
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    EcoDiesel foums?

    My buddy just bought a Grand Cherokee with the Ecodiesel in it. Do you guys know of a good forum or site to find some good information on these motors?
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    Emblem removal

    I'm thinking about debadging my truck, but I don't have a heat gun. Could I take a piece of say fishing string and get behind the emblem to remove it that way? Also what do you recommend to get all the tape off the paint without damaging it? I don't want to break the emblem in case I decide to...
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    Help me price these neons please

    I've never used these and looking to get rid of them. I was thinking $150 for each, what would you guys be willing to pay?
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    Kooks Catted X pipe 100 miles

    I have a catted x pipe from Kooks with about 100 miles on it. It came off a 2009 Shelby. Would like $200 local will ship on buyers expense.
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    Runners please come in

    Can you guys give me a good recommendation on a good running shoe? Currently using some 2011 AirMax but was told to change my shoe.
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    Best time to wax?

    So I've had my truck for a little over 2 years and its my daily driver. Got some vacation time and thinking about at least compounding the hood and roof since the truck sits outside. I've always waxed in more of a shade environment and let the wax slowly dry to a white haze but my buddy says he...
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    Could use some tire help

    Car is a 2009 with a 3.4 Whipple on 18'' Black Chrome FR500's with a prokit installed and rolled fenders. I was hoping at least a 315/30 would work? Tire choice will be a drag radial only as the car is a toy. Any help is appreciated!