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  1. J

    Another Missouri Cobra!!

    Welcome. Car engine bay looks clean. You are going to have to post more pics.
  2. J

    New to mustangs and the USA

    My god that power curve looks like you're scaling Mt Everest! Welcome to the forum and the country.
  3. J

    Rebuilding MT82 with AMP distributing parts?

    Thanks for the update. It is good to know our options. It would be great if you could repost occasionally on how the trans is holding up. I assume you have the stage 3 rebuild kit because you mention the GT500 style input shaft. Is this correct? How much power are you putting through this trans?
  4. J

    Side pipes and Chambered exhaust

    I'm not sure, I got mine 3 or 4 years ago when the Boss was still sort of new and on manufacturer's radar. Even back then they were not always in stock. I got mine from a major vendor and it took them six weeks longer to get that to me than everything else in my order. If you know anybody...
  5. J

    Side pipes and Chambered exhaust

    I wouldn't worry about the side restrictors drowning out anything. I sent the kid under the car to remove them the day I brought it home from the dealership. They really do not make much sound unless you are accelerating. While my car is a little loud I am usually drowned out by everyone else...
  6. J

    Steeda Boss 302 Springs

    No Steeda springs here but you sure are making me feel better for choosing my FRPP T springs. Hope it works out for you.
  7. J

    New Boss owner

    I don't remember everything. Off the top of my head... The instructions online are pretty good but there are a few issues. -Upper radiator hose - Boss or GT, that thing is a hot mess. You must piece it together and it is easy to spring a leak. You will have to cut a hose off of a plastic...
  8. J

    Craziest Promotion stories.

    Ok I'll bite. I was in what they called the Seabee Vet program, a sorry little program which took Fleet Navy and other service vets and converted them into Seabee ratings. The final part of the program was to pass the advancement exam for the rate you were changing to. In my case I was an AO3...
  9. J

    New Boss owner

    Congratulations, nice looking Boss. The Vortech Blower works well with the car (I have the Paxton 2200, same thing). You may want to upgrade the clutch and other drivetrain parts first. I never experienced lockout issues with my trans until I put the blower on. Any weak links will show up then.
  10. J

    Drive shafts

    I am interested in what happened when you talked to Shaftmasters. Rating a product at a certain power level and standing behind it are two different things. I would like to hear your experience with their customer service.
  11. J

    What makes the Boss special to you?

    Why is my Boss special to me? I don’t know where to start. I have been into performance since high school. Every car that I have owned has been a compromise of one thing or another. My 92 Camaro was saddled with a TBI motor and the weak T5 trans. This meant that tipping the nitrous in had...
  12. J

    AM discount code

    Oddly enough the response for a past request (2015) is no longer in my inbox. Could you please pm me a code? Thanks.
  13. J

    Happy fricken New Year

    I am at work and have nothing better to do right now that post this right now. Happy new year.
  14. J


    Not sure if I'm "new", but I usually just look for tech advice since most of what I need to know has already been asked at some point in time. It's been slow at work this week though so here I am exploring other parts of the site. I've been around performance cars on and off since the early...