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  1. trxcobra

    FOR SALE: ‘87 LX notchback, low mileage ge

    I have floated this idea way too many times, but it’s time to let my 32k mile ‘87 coupe go. Absolutely love the car and consider it nearly irreplaceable, but I’ve only put a few hundred miles on it in the last two years and have other cars on my mind. Here is a brief description, shoot me a...
  2. trxcobra

    Freshly Built CR250 Motocross Bike (Mooch Pics/Vid inside)

    For the last year, I've been slowly rebuilding my old race bike from the ground up. Some short backstory - My dad helped me buy this thing brand new back in 2005 at the ripe age of 14. I was definitely the youngest kid rocking a 250 2-stroke at the time - luckily I had grown up riding quads and...
  3. trxcobra

    Purchased a clean low-mile Notchback

    Hey SVTP Made a pretty spur of the moment decision to pick up a fox body this weekend - little backstory: For as long as I can remember, my old man and I have wanted a nice clean notchback. With other priorities and other cars taking up our time/interests, we never made the decision to...
  4. trxcobra

    T56 Pro 5.0 Shifter w/ knob

    Selling a slightly used (<5k mile) pro 5.0 shifter for the T56. Comes with a solid black knob. $135obo Thanks - can also Call/Text Kyle 978-857-2492 Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr
  5. trxcobra

    Pro 5.0 Shifter + knob (T56)

    Selling a slightly used (<5k mile) pro 5.0 shifter for the T56. Comes with a solid black knob. $135 Thanks - can also Call/Text Kyle 978-857-2492 Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr Shifter by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr
  6. trxcobra

    03 DSG Vert for sale - 31k miles and mostly stock

    (SOLD) Selling my 2003 Dark Shadow Gray vert. Here are the headlines: - 31,1xx miles - Catless X Pipe - Flowmaster catback - Aftermarket alarm system - Upgraded double-din headunit w/ Bluetooth - Otherwise totally stock Some back story on the car: I found this car and its prior owner through...
  7. trxcobra

    Car & Driver Magazine - 4 years for $12

    For my fellow SVTP community... Discount Mags has 4-Years of Car and Driver Magazine on sale for $12 w/ promo code 12224
  8. trxcobra

    EG Cobra facelift & exhaust vid

    Hey guys, Posting some iPhone photos of my built N/A '99 Cobra from last weekend, along with two videos. I changed up the wheels this year, installed new brakes and finally upgraded to a nice stainless catback. Those few changes made the car feel new again! Untitled by Kyle Hatem, on Flickr...
  9. trxcobra

    In the market for some forged wheels

    Hi guys, Curious what might be out there for sale? Thanks
  10. trxcobra

    Peterson Auto Museum (Pic-heavy)

    Hey guys, Just came back from a little vacation in California, figured I would share some photos from the Peterson Auto Museum in LA. This place is pretty amazing, lots of priceless stuff in there. They were featuring a Porsche exhibit as well as a lowrider exhibit, but also have 2 other floors...
  11. trxcobra

    For those who like 90's Japanese cars

    Hey guys, Finally managed to get some New England Supra guys together last weekend for a meet/cruise. While relatively small, this was still the most Supras I've ever seen in one place and a very cool sight. Snapped a few pics, enjoy!
  12. trxcobra

    Anybody else raced a Hellcat Charger?

    Figured I would ask this question regarding a run I had this past summer in my supra. My car is on a very simple single turbo setup w/ stock long block and a built auto/3500 stall. I'm making right around 470whp, and I ran into the hellcat on the highway - assume it was stock or close to it...
  13. trxcobra

    Sct xcal4 bnib

    Selling a brand new, unlocked Xcal 4. Still in the unopened box. $300 + shipping Thanks Kyle
  14. trxcobra

    '95 Supra Original TT - built auto w/ 83k miles

    Name: Kyle Hatem Email: [email protected] Location: MA Phone: PM for details and questions VIN #: JT2JA82J9S0026842 Asking: $33,000 Been going back and forth with my plans for this car between leaving it alone, building or selling, and decided I should test the waters and see if I can...
  15. trxcobra

    BNIB SCT xcal4

    Hi guys, I have a brand new SCT Xcal4 tuner, unlocked for sale. Retail is $400 $375 obo Thanks! Kyle
  16. trxcobra

    HELP: oil spill on terminator seats

    Hi guys, I picked up a rear seat out of a terminator that appears to have had a slow, clean motor oil container leak while the car was being stored. It seeped into the drivers side rear seat. Mainly the butt-portion but also the lower of the back. I've tried cleaning with tons of clean rags...
  17. trxcobra

    Difference in rear seat foam?

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity to buy 03-04 cobra rear seat covers for my '99 however I am not sure if the foam is exactly the same. Any input? Are these an easy swap? Thanks
  18. trxcobra

    WTB 03-04 cobra parchment seats

    Looking for some for my '99. Need to be in great shape. Preferably in New England but let me know what you have
  19. trxcobra

    WTB 99-01 cobra coolant crossover with cap

    Please let me know if you have one lying around. No rusted up junk though please! Thanks Kyle
  20. trxcobra

    Do I need a new transmission?

    Hi guys, I had a feeling this day would come, as my stock t45 has over 100k miles on it but hadn't missed a beat until these last two days. The car shifts and drives fine, however on basically every shift, regardless of the gear, it will grind for a split second as I'm letting the clutch out...
  21. trxcobra

    Some non-mustang content

    Hey guys, Had my Supra out this weekend for a little fun and enjoyed the nice weather. My brother recently finished the custom paint job on his ~600hp Short bed 2500 dodge cummins, and I also hung out with a friend who has an '08 gallardo so needless to say I have a few pics! Hope you don't...
  22. trxcobra

    Festive Garage

    Hey guys, So I've kind of spoiled myself for the time being and kept the cobra and my supra. Figured I would post some pics of the two of them in my garage since they go well with the Christmas season! I know they're just crappy iphone pics, but hopefully will have some nice pics taken of the...
  23. trxcobra

    Put my Supra on the rollers!

    Hey guys, I took my new Supra up to Granite State Dyno Yesterday to check the tune and see what kind of power it has! Came home a happy boy haha. The car is running on pump gas and water/meth. There are three boost settings on the car, these numbers were from the low and middle setting...
  24. trxcobra

    Anybody regret selling their first car?

    Hey guys, So I've been trying to sell my first car ever, my '99 cobra for some time now and finally got a good offer on it. The offer is for $13,500 and I told the guy I will let him know by Monday, but as soon as he gave the offer I couldn't just say yes and have been feeling depressed just...
  25. trxcobra

    Finally picked up my dream car!

    Hey guys! Figured it was time to show off my new ride, a '94 Toyota Supra! I have wanted one of these cars for as long as I can remember and finally pulled the trigger and picked up the car yesterday morning from a member on here (CobraRacer). He was a great guy to deal with and built a...